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15 Jul 19
So much to think about! @arapahoe415
Adnan Khashoggi
Saudi ArmsDealer
Triad Center Salt Lake City
Howard Hughes
LDS Church
Iran Contra Arms
Marcos Art/Millions $
Trump Yacht…
Adnan Khashoggi Big Financial Distress In Salt Lake
Sheraton Corp.
Edgington Oil Company, Long Beach
Skyhigh Resources, Vancouver
Donald Fraser/Walter Ernest Miller Iran Contra
Vertex Finances F.A., a Cayman
Finances B.V.
Euro Commercial…
Shri Chandra Swamiji Maharaj
Sultan of Brunei
Mobutu Sese Seko
Walter Ernest Miller
Donald Fraser
Margaret Trudeau
King Hussein
Prince Hans Adam
Elizabeth Taylor
Roland Rowland
Mohamed Al-Fayed…
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19 Jun 19
Is it merely coincidence that all three priests, McCloskey, Rossi, Bransfield, credited with converting Newt Gingrich to Catholicism have been recently revealed to be sexual predators? Wat say Ming? @MingGao26 @ninaandtito @ericgarland
“Year by year, I was drawn in by the work of rectors Msgr. Michael Bransfield and Msgr. Walter Rossi”…
“McCloskey was previously known for having helped convert a number of people to Catholicism, including Newt Gingrich, Sam Brownback, Lawrence Kudlow, & Dr. Bernard Nathanson”…
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22 Apr 19
Here’s an interview with Matthew Fox with some interesting commentary on the Catholic rivalry between Opus Dei/Cardinal Burke/Steve Bannon’s theofascism versus a more moderate Pope Francis.…
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20 Apr 19
Mueller’s scope was limited. Impeachment trial wouldn’t have same constraints. Report showed DT’s gross incompetence, complete moral bankruptcy & pathological drive to undermine rule of law/constitution. Haul all of them before Congress.

9,000 & Counting Lie Gate
Attorney General Barr Gate
Kislyak/Lavrov Oval Office Gate
Trump Tower Moscow Gate
Putin Helsinki Gate
Security Clearance Gate
Acosta Epstein Gate
Deutsche Bank Gate
Kleptocracy Gate >
Bannon/Mercer/Brexit/Cambridge Analytica Gate
Inaugural Fund Gate
Khashoggi Gate
Ben Rhodes Black Cube Gate
RNC Finance Chairs Gate
Rocket Man Gate
Nunes Gate
Burr Gate
Moscow 4th of July Gate
Stormy Gate
Apollo Group Gate >
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10 Jan 19
Wow! A powerful 2011, Mathew Fox article on Mel Gibson/fascism/Opus Dei. “Opus Dei constructed an $81 million edifice in Manhattan.” Includes summary of fascism by Dr. Lawrence Britt, reads just like a Trump playbook. Also “religion as necrophilia” quote!…
Summary of Lawrence Britt’s fascism characteristics follow:

1. Powerful & continuing nationalism employing constant use of patriotic slogans, symbols, songs, flags. 2. Disdain for the recognition of human rights because security needs outweigh human rights which can be ignored.>
3. Using enemies as scapegoats for a unifying cause. 4. Supremacy of the military. 5. Rampant sexism including more rigid gender roles and anti-gay legislation. 6. Controlled mass media. 7. Obsession with national security driven by a politics of fear.>
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29 Nov 18
OPUS DEI Newsweek article 2001-Speaking of Robert Hanssen, the FBI agent turned Russian spy “Hanssen's haughty attitude, expressed in his letters to his KGB handlers, was characteristic of Opus Dei's sense of superiority, say the Opus Dei bashers.”…
This article begins “‘We are here to keep Catholics from living double lives,’ says Father C. John McCloskey, an Opus Dei priest. In the case of Robert Hanssen, the FBI agent accused of spying for the Russians, Opus Dei apparently failed spectacularly.”
But that’s just the opening sentence of an article addressing Opus Dei’s influence in DC. This is the spring before 9/11. "Our faith is personal, not political," says McCloskey. Hmmm. Funny that Father McCloskey set up shop on K Street in DC to be “personal not political.”
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17 Nov 18
Oh, look who was on RT! It’s Natasha Walsh, the wife of the head, Brian O. Walsh, of America First Policies, started by Gates, Ayres and Parscale. This seems very un-America First. Photo taken from her FB page, 2011
From FB posts, it seems Natasha was born in Soviet Union. There are comments on another photo, likely taken on the same day, saying “what a cute Russian baby” she was. Here she’s pictured with, perhaps, her father? Photo posted June 13th 2011 at “Moscow Russian Federation.” @FBI
This from her FB page. Hmmm.
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4 Oct 18
OK guys, I’ve found another can of worms, but this seems like it might be profitable: ultra-right wingers who gave $15 MILLION TO TED CRUZ PAC, that I’ve never heard of until today. The story starts with Ben Schapiro newsletter being from Cisco, Texas. Where?!?! Weird. >
Cisco, TX, is 100 miles west of Fort Worth, pop. 3,899 & home to Wilkes Bros., who are doling out BIG money to Radical Right, especially those looking to unseat moderate Republicans.…
Dan Wilks and Farris Wilks

Sold 70% Frac Tech, in 2011 for $3.5 billion.

Anyone know anything about Assembly of Yahweh Seventh Day?
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30 Sep 18

One of many conservative publications Mark Judge writes for is Liberty Island, which is featured prominently in one of his sexy, girly right-wing propaganda videos. Did he get cash for product placement?
Another shot from this video. Girl in shower. Sweet.
Also in the video: saucy girl on bed reads The Big Bang from writer, Roy M. Griffis. Is this more product placement 💵💰 for Mr. Judge or does Judge own a slice of this “literary” pie already?
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24 Sep 18
MARK JUDGE THREAD: Why is Mark Judge making sexy videos with Anti-Obama RW propaganda covering naked(?) young woman? One article is written by Micheal Leeden, husband to BARBARA LEEDEN of Sen. Leahy’s stolen emails and Chuck Grassley’s office fame! What is this? Links below.
Watch Mark Judge’s video through links in tweets below. What exactly is this content created for? I find it hard to believe this is the end product and not an advertisement for something else.
These are iBooks from Encounter Books Broadside

Is Mark Judge sexualizing Anti-Obama propaganda? Why?

Some authors:
#DavidGratzer #BetsyMcCaughey
#AvikRoyMichael #MichaelLeeden
#PeterFerrara #RichardAEpstein
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