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21 Nov 20
This afternoon, the @cityoftoronto put these notices on the foam domes in encampments, stating that they are unsafe & must be removed. Just a reminder: thousands of people are sleeping outside; the City’s winter plan only accommodates a few hundred. What abt everyone else? [1/7]
The domes are the safest options for 1000+ people to stay warm as the weather gets colder. Ppl don’t have to light candles for heat; it’s safer. each has a carbon monoxide detector. Without them, ppl are just outside with a sleeping bag. Rmbr the storm we just had? [2/7]
The City says: go to a shelter - there are many beds, & they publish data online that indicates a 70% capacity. But I call several times a day and am told “Try again in an hour”. There are no beds available. Don’t believe me? Watch this: vimeo.com/480618151 [3/7]
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3 Nov 20
today City workers showed up at an encampment to move people to the Better Living Centre: the giant space on the Ex grounds. this space is one of the City’s winter plan for those who are homeless: 100 beds here & some extra spots for Extreme Cold Alerts.

as of yesterday, a colleague had seen the space & it was not set up. today they were moving people in.

people were expected to pack everything today, without choice of warning.
there is a two-bag limit. [2/6]
upon arrival, residents were mandated to take showers; there was no hot water. showers are in an outdoor RV set-up: 2 mens, 2 women’s. lights are turned on at 7am; out at 11pm. [3/6]
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