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9 Apr
The Story of Anne Frank: A Thread

Anne Frank is the well-known victim of Holocaust during World War II.
Why is Anne Frank so well-known?

Anne Frank is the most-known Jewish victim of the Holocaust due to her book, "The Diary of A Young Girl" which was discovered and published by her father, Otto Frank, after her demise giving details about their life in hiding.
Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany in June, 1929 to a Jewish Family. She had an elder sister. They migrated out of Germany in 1933 and reached Amsterdam, Holland, where they lived till 1944. They went into hiding in June, 1942 and were caught in August 1944.
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8 Apr
This isn't really a fun fact, more a life story I think?

So my great grandfather was a polish soldier in ww2, and he was half Jewish. When my great grandmother got pregnant by him he had too leave due too the war being almost over, and freeing more people. He didn't know she +

A few months later my grandfather was born and my great grandmother remarried someone else, we didn't know till recently that our family was polish and Jewish.

We also have family in New York! He married someone else and had kids with the woman, so I have cousins +
In New York city!
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8 Apr
tw / the holocaust

as one of the admins who is jewish i thought i’d tell you a story. my grandmother lily escaped auschwitz. this is the story of that.
so she started off in the warsaw ghetto, and was transported to auschwitz, she never told me the story how she got out out the actual camp but did tell me the story of her trip to england.
so she was a child. they were on a cargo ship, the people in charge of the boat had the children hide with the fish, in case the nazi’s searched the boat (which they did) luckily they didn’t find the children.
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8 Apr
tw // holocaust
Yom HaShoah begins today at sundown (april 7th) and continues until thursday night (april 8th)
this is a day of commemoration and remembrance for the six million Jews and five million others who were murdered in the Holocaust during 1941-1955
what is the holocaust?
the holocaust was the genocide of Jews and others by the Nazis during world war two
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7 Apr
Few Historical Events That Happened on This Day (April 7) - A Thread
1348: The first University in Central Europe, The Prague University was formed by Charles IV in modern-day Prague, Czech Republic. Image
1521: The World-famous Portuguese Navigator, Ferdinand Magellan's fleet reached Cebu, Phillipines. Image
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6 Apr
fun facts about the roman empire, a thread 🪡: Image
tw / drowning , abandonment

the romans believed that rome was started in 753 BC by the brothers romulus and remus, twin sons of the god of war, mars. the twins were raised by a wolf, and lived to defeat the king of alba longa, who left them in a river to drown as babies.
tw / murder

the twins successfully killed the king and founded their own city. the brothers couldn't agree on the name of the city, so they fought to death about it. romulus won the fight by killing his brother and became the first king of rome, named after him. ImageImage
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