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9 Jun
Insurers are practicing medicine in these instances - legal precedent to hold then accountable. In peer to peer I document name and contact information of md denying service so the patient can reach them for next steps ➡️ 100% success rate on approvals.
Legal precedent here are cases re “curbsides” during which md’s giving on the fly advice re patient care have been found to have established a patient md rlsp with liability attaching despite not meeting the patient.
Bc those docs had reason to believe their advice would be followed they were responsible for the consequence. Similarly here insurers have strong reason to believe their decision will affect patient care and are responsible for outcome.
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16 Mar
So proud of our publication in Green Journal today. For those who might not have easy access here's a run down of argument presented. Would love feedback. 1/?

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Article title: "Double Discrimination, the Pay Gap in Gynecologic Surgery, and Its Association With Quality of Care"

What is "double discrimination?" you ask .... let me tell ya 2/?
The gender wage gap is fairly well documented. Congress passed Equal Pay Act in 1963 but women in US are paid
82% of men’s wages. In medicine it's worse: female physicians/surgeons paid only
71% of what their male counterparts are paid. (cites in article or please request)
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27 Mar 20
I’ve been countering a lot of claims that COVID is “just a bad flu.” It’s not but I can understand why we would wish it so as we see the pain and suffering in NYC - or out of fear if not of getting sick then of facing destitution which is very real for many Americans. 1/
This is a great summary to explain why COVID is so much more dangerous. I’ll summarize below. 2/ npr.org/sections/goats…
First the R0 (Rnaught) “Data from China show that each coronavirus case seems to infect about 2 to 2.5 additional people. That's higher than the flu. The average patient spreads the flu virus to about 1.3 others.” 3/
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24 Mar 20
Let’s assume we did as is being suggested here and potentially suggested by our president. Everyone back to work. Allow the virus to do its worst 1/
Protect our elderly and immunocompromised by indefinite isolation - essentially jail them in their homes 2/
And ignore for a moment the need to to care for all of them somehow without breaking their isolation. Ignore those at risk who can’t isolate - the homeless for example. 3/
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