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27 Jul
Just come out of a (remote) hearing at Manchester Family Court. I asked for, and got, permission to report the following:
This was a case in which @TamesideCouncil
removed children from their family, and placed them in LA care: there were issues with the manner of their removal which means the LA now needs to apply to a court to regularise that ongoing separation from their family.
At a hearing earlier this month, the children's Guardian agreed that an interim care order should be made, but she did not believe the children should be separated from their family...
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9 Jun
Really important family court appeal, successfully brought against a deputy district judge's ruling, and highlighting his many and awful mistakes in deciding not to make findings of domestic abuse. bailii.org/ew/cases/EWFC/…
The appeal was brought by a mother with @DrProudman acting as counsel. Original advice from a silk had been 'don't bother trying.'
A notable sentence from the start of this appeal judgment by HHJ Ahmed: "In this case there was a constellation of failures in the judge's consideration of the domestic abuse issue, including whether certain conduct constituted abuse."
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7 Jun
You might remember that a couple of months ago, I started a crowdfunder to get the book by @JMoncktonSmith "In Control - Dangerous Relationships and How They End in Murder" out to all 381 Community Safety Partnerships in the country. CSPs commission Domestic Homicide Reviews...
Within not very much time at all, £2,800 odd had been generously donated by lots of people, some of whom, I learned through messages we exchanged, had been bereaved as a result of domestic homicides.
So the crowdfunder was going really well. And then the book's publisher, @BloomsburyBooks, landed a bombshell. They were going to send out all 381 books for free. Postage and packing. The lot.
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27 Apr
Morning all. Am getting ready to live tweet the @HfdsCouncil Extraordinary General Meeting, starting at 10am, following the judgment of Mr Justice Keehan in a case where the council has apologised for comprehensively failing a family... #herefordEGM
..., and, amongst other appalling social work/management failures, a child's life support was withdrawn thanks to wrong legal advice + a DCS who chose to exercise shared parental resp to give permission for the child to die before her mother could reach the hospital #herefordEGM
Current set up - three screens needed! #herefordEGM
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26 Apr
Gearing up to livetweet the Herefordshire Extraordinary General Meeting at 10am tomorrow, which will discuss the *fourth* excoriating judgment by Mr Justice Keehan in three years, re its latest children's social work catastrophe - and that is not too strong a word #herefordEGM 1/
Anyone interested in attending, it's a remote EGM being livestreamed here: #herefordEGM 2/
Here is the latest judgment for anyone who has an hour and a very strong stomach: councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s500… #herefordEGM 3/
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16 Apr
Absolutely massive uplift in cases reported by Cafcass in its monthly figures for March 2021 - headlines: 30.7% or 1,472 more cases than March 2020. Highest ever number for March on record.
Comparing the quarter ending March 2020 with this year, there are (for 2021) fewer public law, or care cases, and more private law cases (parental separation with child dispute).
Figures are: An increase in total case demand (3.9% / 612 cases);
• A reduction in new public law cases (5.4% / 233 cases);
• An increase in new private law cases (7.5% / 845 cases).
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14 Apr
I've just launched the 'Prevent Domestic Homicides crowdfunder to get @JMoncktonSmith's vitally important book 'In Control - Dangerous Relationships And How They End In Murder' to all 342 Community Safety Partnerships across the UK. bit.ly/3wUC9qk
With huge thanks to @BloomsburyBooks for heavily discounting the book and covering postage/packing. So good of them. Would be v grateful for a RT @caitlinmoran @RachelRileyRR @basialcummings @Dontlookback198 @LDNVictimsComm @VeraBaird @nicolejacobsST
Thanks to @Julie_Aunger1, who told us about her daughter Katie Wilding who died in 2016, in the flat of her abusive ex partner - Julie's 4-year battle to get her local Community Safety Partnership to agree to do a Domestic Homicide Review inspired this crowdfunder.
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12 Apr
Coming back on this morning because I’m still feeling raging, upset and shaky about something that happened to me yesterday when I went on a run.
15 or so minutes into the run, so just about past the pain barrier and when it’s starting to feel tolerable, a guy I later see is wearing a yellow dayglo jacket cycles up behind me. “Coming through” he calls. I move to the left.
As he cycles past he makes what to him I imagine sounds like a complimentary comment on my “figure”.
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1 Feb
I am pretty fed up to have been told today that the Transparency Review oral evidence is going to be heard behind closed doors.
This is the Review instigated by the President of the family division of the high court examining whether the family justice system should be more transparent in its workings - workings that have come in for sustained criticism for years. Workings that go on behind closed doors.
I discovered, completely by chance, at the end of last week, that the panel the President had convened would be taking oral evidence on the issues that arise when an arm of the stage takes draconian decisions in secret which change people's lives forever.
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27 Nov 20
Finally got myself a minute to put up the judgment on the rehearing of the notorious Tolson appeal case from I think Jan/Feb this year. It was heard by Mrs Justice Judd. I attended most of it - judgment here bit.ly/3fJZmmA
Recap on thread from earlier today: the two rape allegations that Tolson dismissed in such outrageous terms were found to have happened. All the mother's other domestic abuse allegations but one were also found as fact.
None of the father's allegations against her were found.
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27 Nov 20
Right, I just had a massive panic that I couldn't link the judgment I was just tweeting about to 'that' notorious Tolson appeal. But I can. So here goes. Again.
Remember that Tolson 'rape isn't rape if you don't fight back' (paraphrasing) appeal case? I wrote about it here: theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
Both allegations of rape that Tolson found hadn't happened have now been found as fact.
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19 Aug 20
So... it appears that Southampton City Council has just apologised for 'failings' in children's services’. 1/ dailyecho.co.uk/news/18662130.…
I have some things to say about this. This was the council that @Andy_Bilson's research showed adopted the highest proportion of 0-5 year olds in the country 2/
It was also the LA which was shown by the Court of Appeal to have applied for a child to be placed for adoption on "the slimmest of evidence". They were successful. It was only the mother's courageous battle to overturn that placement order that meant her child is with her now.
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