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I am an environmental Activist of Mi'kma'ki and Acadian roots focusing on water, rare species, aquifers, public participation, policy, economics & compliance.
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31 Jul
@CBCIndigenous We were recognized until certain folks thought our population was growing to big. They use Provincial lines of Canada to deny us transparency to Indigenous repository records to Gerrymander but we still know exactly who we are. We are les Premier Metis ici.
@CBCIndigenous The Queen was our Kin who illegally deported us.
@CBCIndigenous We are the Metis who sealed the deal with Vatican to form the Roman Catholic Nations. We don't forget who we are.
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28 Jul
@lisapodcasts That was the very function of those videos. It's like prohibiting the bullet of a murder weapon. You have to see that content to understand how Kompromat was used.
@lisapodcasts The videos may show a clear intent to set up the material to use for black mail. Behaviours of participants can reveal if people were willing or not willing to rape, it can show how organized the effort was to entrap.
@lisapodcasts The issue isn't about sex. It's about objective, intent and exploitation and criminal behaviour. This isn't fun. It's sick behaviour and victims deserve actual justice. She is being convicted. This isn't a peep show. It is child exploitation.
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23 Jul
@AlanDersh if a thief steals an item from another thief, it does not mean the new owner is the current owner.
There are those who practice law, there are those who actually follow it. My view, they are not the same thing.
The simple truth is the foundational story of America is a kin vs. kin war that was never legal to begin with. Merits are proven here. 1755.ca/perrin/perrin.…
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21 Jul
Back in 2004 Lawyers for Hollinger raised concerns in court that Kroll has "certain potential conflict of interest issues." Sources close to Hollinger said Kroll had previously worked for individuals associated with the company.
It was Kroll working as lead
forensic inspector appointed to lead the probe against Conrad Black. theglobeandmail.com/report-on-busi…
Black’s dealings with Trump included a 2001 deal with Trump to develop a skyscraper at the site of the old Chicago Sun-Times newspaper building and a complimentary Trump biography published last year titled “Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other.” 
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21 Jul
Roy Den Hollander claims he was married to a "Russian Mafia Prostitute, used to be a mistress to a Chechen war lord". It was featured on the Daily show five minutes into this video.
He downloaded a two page document called Mafia and Marriage at academia.edu/39709926/Mafia…
Here are quick screen shots I took of his report.
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16 Jul
@jebrittan2 And Canada is FUNDING IT via CPPIB theglobeandmail.com/report-on-busi…
@jebrittan2 Why do the wealthy not see this is all a trap for their kids?
@jebrittan2 CPPIB boasts about how diversified their assets are but when I look at beneficiaries they are always the same. Gulf Bank mainly. Microsoft, Vanguard, Blackrock etc. Anyone can go to Nasdaq and simply look at Institutional holders. They back all the oil and pipeline companies.
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16 Jul
@jebrittan2 Here's some architecture for ya. bbc.com/news/world-eur…
The role of the bailiff as head of the judicial and legislative branches of government strengthens the "negative perception" of the island they say. bbc.com/news/world-eur…
Meanwhile in Canada our Prime Minister's Office sits at the top of the RCMP Chain of Command. Our Premiers the head of Provincial Police for each province except in BC where the RCMP act as both Provincial and Federal Police body. Image
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14 Jul
Transmountain pipeline delay was said to cost Alberta $80/day but numbers vary... parklandinstitute.ca/media_fact_che…
This article suggests the transmountain delay would cost $40 million. That's half the price of Alberta's estimation. Why is that? edmonton.ctvnews.ca/mobile/trans-m…
The cost of Transmountain supposedly jumped up 70% to $12.6 billion dollars in 2020 and Finance Minister Bill Morneau insists the Liberal government still plans to sell back to the private sector. 😐 business.financialpost.com/commodities/en…
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11 Jul
SNC Lavalin obtained at least $2-billion in loans from Export and Development Canada over two decades. $800-million and as much as $1.7-billion provided after RCMP alleged corruption at the company in 2011.
I witnessed corruption with Enbridge Line 10 at the NEB. They approved a 20 inch pipe to replace a 12 inch line. They approved it to run at Max capacity even though it only attaches to a flow coming in from a 12 inch line. Pipe later bought by Trump supporter Catsimatadis.
The engineering work on Line 10 was done by SNC Lavalin to install the pipe. The lands had no Environmental Assessment at all. The project was to replace the line where the old pipe was. It was too close to other oil and gas lines to dig up so they abandoned it.
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10 Jul
@ohreallytruly @VRSVirginia @BradEdwards_Esq @ArtisticBlower @lisapodcasts @jebrittan2 Andrew was "friends" with Saadi Gadhafi, Ghislaine & Epstein. Common sense & statistics would assume finding one pervert that extreme, as a friend, would be an extremely rare event but three people clearly indicates something systemically wrong here.
@ohreallytruly @VRSVirginia @BradEdwards_Esq @ArtisticBlower @lisapodcasts @jebrittan2 The question needs to be asked: where is the list of Prince Andrew's friends.
@ohreallytruly @VRSVirginia @BradEdwards_Esq @ArtisticBlower @lisapodcasts @jebrittan2 20 years divorced yet still living together. What did that arrangement fiscally do. I know the Isle of Man Scheme in Canada was rooted to policies regarding divorce laws. I read of it years ago. cheatsheet.com/entertainment/…
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7 Jul
I am Mi'kmaq Acadian. We had tales of beings like them. We called them Windigo. Not only do they eat people, they steal shadows. Our shadows are the spirits of our ancestors that walk with us. A gift given by the creator grandfather sun. Don't let them steal your history.
Honor your grandmothers. Honor your children and the kids of the future. Honor your mothers and think of the legacy you wish to bring forward before walking the path. You will reach what you envision. Be thankful, honor your relations and make them proud. You are all wonderful.♥️
There is a hard line between your destiny & theirs. They yanked you off your path. To find your way back, find simple joys each day in little ways. Time will pass. Not only will this journey be fun, but your positive strength will grow. You will overcome any challenges with love.
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27 Jun
Mega projects that qualify for CPPIB are often linked to SNC Lavalin. Site C was no exception. thenarwhal.ca/the-secretive-…
SNC Lavalin was involved with the Muskrat Falls Boondoggle cbc.ca/news/canada/ne…
SNC Lavalin was involved with TransMountain Pipeline issue and this speaks of Frank Iacobucci's roll in this. buffalochronicle.com/2019/03/11/pol…
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26 Jun
This site states Canada didn't write the British North America Act. It was drafted by Lord Thring at Treasury and arrived to Canada in 1876. It is not a constitution for it constitutes nothing. Read here. quora.com/Is-Canada-a-co…
So from what I see, your house of Canada is lacking a foundation. In part because you deported the actual Nations from Acadia to Standing Rock. Which was complete illegal. Lawsuit of Warren Perrin vs. Queen here: 1755.ca/perrin/perrin.…
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21 Jun
Bribes between SNC Lavalin & Gaddafi go back for years. Why is Canada letting these repeat offenders off the hook all the time? We need to dump #PrinceAndrew and end deferred prosecution and non disclosure agreements that are used to cover crime. Check this thread for details.
Prince Andrew attended parties with Andy and Patty Wong in Hong Kong with porn actress Koo Stark and in 2001, we see private Yacht photos with topless women. Then later on, we see him with Epstine molesting kids. This is Canada's Colonel in Chief. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
Prince Andrews ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, was recorded in 2010 offering to sell access to Prince Andrew. He went to school with Gaddafi's son and went to and from Bahrain with junkets. This is Canada's Colonel in Chief. Why is this not deemed a National Risk?
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13 Jun
Orange Order were Prime Ministers and Premiers in Canada and yet the same group worked with KKK. View film 52 minutes in. nfb.ca/film/tintamarr…
And Prime Ministers and Premiers sit above police in the chain of command. The problem of racism was at the top. They formed racist policies. Diefendbaker was Orange Order and formed NEB that ignores FN Consultation. Sir John A Macdonald was a member who killed many by policy.
My family story here.
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10 Jun
A story of two creation stories here. This is the story of Sky Woman who decended to earth on the back of of a goose to land on Turtle Island. A creation myth of North America.
From Indonesia we have this creation myth: Brahma, symbol of creation on the back of the Garuda on top of the sacred turtle representing the Earth.
The Dutch East India Company, officially the United East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie; VOC), was a megacorporation made their wealth from the spice trade buying at local prices and selling high to bringing the seasonings around the world.
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7 Jun
@Nahanni_ @Pontifex God is love and love is all encompassing and my people took that word as such. We never dived God from any aspects of nature or humanity. It is everywhere. It is the devil who manipulated people's egos to create a view of divisions in the universe. It's a false view that hurts.
@Nahanni_ @Pontifex The belief in evil created evil basically. The world is all good but when we see division of life forms and nature it brings about master and slave aspects that made so many suffer.
@Nahanni_ @Pontifex If we are humble to nature we remain in God's world. If we take more than what we need or oppress others for self gain it inflicts pain.
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28 May
In June 2019 Prince Andrew was involved with the creation of face mask designed to filter out air pollution. cbc.ca/news/world/roy…
The Pitch@Palace program is linked to Bahrain. the-sun.com/news/74242/pri…
Press release from 2013: Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation supports the International Peace Institute's launch into Bahrain.prnewswire.com/news-releases/…
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24 May
Climate change was not an accident. The fraud evident with Imperial Oil in Canada. Majority owned by Exxon. The Holland Report here and the Climate denial from Imperial Oil's Rob Peterson and the funding shown here.
Alberta's tar sands was to provide for the US not Canada. The price point had to be reached so they did the Gulf War, a war based on rumor of weapons, to achieve the price point needed to expand operation.
A killer named Ira Einhorn crafted Earth Day and murdered his girlfriend while running sex cults in Hollywood CA. He was friends with Steven Seagal who is linked to the Gambino family and Michael Ovitz. hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/at-tri…
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24 Apr
@NorthbcC @TheTyee Canada never had nationhood. It was a Dominion. Treason was when they took the nations illegally. Queen apologised for the deportation. It went from Acadia to Standing Rock with Jeffery Amherst. We have Vatican made First Nations recognized internationally.
@NorthbcC @TheTyee I offer you the legal merits of the case that won the Queens Apology. View them here.
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24 Apr
@TheTyee This is the actual letter used by CAPP: Canadian Association of Petrolium Producers to ask to delay the implementation of UNDRIP: The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People due to #Covid_19.
@TheTyee @OilGasCanada My family were illegally deported, kept illiterate, raped by priests, murdered, kept in poverty, excluded from life saving laws, subject to environmental racism for 300 years. I was molested, lost my language and stolen by Canada. Meanwhile CAPP plays a victim?!
@TheTyee @OilGasCanada Your sector isn't even solvent.
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