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DV survivor, CPTSD, I'm a sarcastic mofo, but.. #DeppFam!! 🤜🤛 #IAmJohnnyDepp #WeAreJohnnyDep #MenToo
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OK, Team! Here.. we.. go! Please follow my 🧵 re. findings my from the UK trial. I'll keep adding as I find more, but here we are. Happy to answer any questions in the thread or in private. Also PLEASE SHARE and get this out.
#JohnnyDeppDeservesAnApology 1. First off, a little background about myself so you don't think I'm blowing smoke out my arse. I've got almost 30 years of professional IT experience and 22 years of graphic design/print experience. I've also been shutting down as many scammers as possible since 2008.
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Stumbled upon a pretty interesting tool on teh interwebz today. I won't be sharing it here as it can be used against us, but if you'd like to know just drop me a DM. Anyway, it's brought up some very revealing stuff about our friend Chris Bouzy 🧐 Let's begin!🧵
#JohnnyDeppWon Christopher E. Bouzy is the world's biggest internet troll, and he's been doing it for YEARS. He's also proven crypto-scam-artist. Let's get this out there so MSM stops taking him so seriously. Here's a SubscribeStar post from December 2020 showing his abusive nature.