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9 May
Is homelessness really so mysterious? My friend said they don't get the inner workings of it like it's some kind of complex conspiracy theory. I don't have a safe place to live. Therefore I have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to avoid sleeping outisde. Which is illegal.
I'm normally pretty patient explaining things to privaleged people but I have zero patience today. My kindeys hurt. My skin condition is being exasperated by the freezing wind and cold. I'm itchy and tired and thirsty af. And I don't think it's rude to not want to waste
Emotional labor on people who aren't going to actually help my situation. It's stressful enough just exsisting, having to be away from my partner. Carting around everything I own. I don't wanna explain. And why Is there no warming center open? I know it's may but it's COLD AF
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3 May
Hey y'all, I promise I'll get to my DMs and text messages really really soon, been trying to figure out stuff with my mom is taking a turn for the worst, my bio mom has been need my help everyday all day and now I also have to clean out the old house we were staying at just a lot
Going on, didn't mean to ignore you you know I love my Twitter fam. ❤️
Between trying to trying to handle the crisis with Mom and Dad. Helping my bio mom move things, care for my ever declining mental and physical health, I haven't had a moment to relax! My poor partner,
Barely sees me and I'm fucking drained. Not to mention the fortune that I've spent in Uber fees if anyone has any Uber credits gift cards Amazon gift cards cash LOL to help with any of these mounting expenses I'd be grateful!! love you all I'll check in to
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18 Feb
Hi! Here's my get to know you thread.
I'm a Disabled, #genderfluid #woc and her #trans partner, Mae. Trying to re-enter society and recover from homelessness. the only support we have is my Twitter fam. If you can help with a 1 or 2 dollars and a retweet I'd be grateful! Image

I am 31. I was raised in a high demand groups (formerly known as cults) I was a victim of childhood sexual assault from ages 8-11. I never received medical care or schooling that I didn't provide myself.
I taught myself how to read, write and a bit of math. I still can't do some basic math. But I managed to struggle through medicalAssisting school and got my CMA. I worked for 4 years as a nurse and then I got severly Ill. I started passing out and randomly bleeding at work.
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7 Feb
Omg omg omg so I got a call from one of the apartments i had inquired about. They have 1 bedrooms for 587 all utilities except electric paid and that INCLUDES INTERNET. The lady so nice i was honest with her and let her know I was staying at a motel and she was like GURL
That is WAY TO EXPENSIVE. She said she had driven by and saw the 375 a week. And I was like it's actually more than that after tax. She gasped lol. She was like well it says you're looking to move in asap we need to get you in here! If you come in today and your app goes through
We can get you keys by tomorrow!
She said my deposit would depend on my credit. But im guessing it's going to be the highest one which is 500 plus first months. So 1,087? I have 426 because some amazing souls sent me 500 last night. I woke up and just started at my phone
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24 Dec 19
Dear santa,
I feel like I'm on the naughty list with now the last few years have gone. I'm homeless again through no fault of my own. I wish for a motel all warm and filled with light. That I may not be cold on christmas eve and night. either way thank you and happy x-mas.
Haha hey everyone. I'm so grateful for ya'll showing up for me everytime this is my last wish of the year. We made it to baes hometown for chrisrmas eve. Got blessed with a room last night. (Thank you!) Its a little more expensive now but this one is available down the street
With 1 room left that's 10$ cheaper. So that's my christmas wish . I know the holidays are hard for everyone honestly I wish we could just crash with family. But they are at capacity because times are hard for everyone this time of year. And sleeping in the Walmart parking lot
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19 Dec 19
Guess who finally has good news! So my partner reconnected with that old friend last night, he one who thought he could get him in at his job. He submitted his resume and application today and his friend told him he would do everything in his power to get him in.
He gets a huge bonus if he does get hired so theres incentive there!. And my partner has the perfect experience for the job. We got his phone on (thank you for that) and now we wait. Idk if we will hear back before christmas but if he gets this job we will be GOOD FOR LIFE.
Like it's a 1 income kinda job. And with my credit and his paycheck AND MY paycheck we will be able to not only survive but thrive. I have never wanted anything so badly in my life. I know it's not guaranteed but I feel so good about it. Baes whole demeanor has changed
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