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4 May
NEWS - Giuliani allies have been pressing for Trump team to have Trump's legal defense money cover Rudy legal bills Ben Protess and me…
The tensions over Giuliani's unpaid legal work - and mounting legal bills stemming from Dominion and Smartmatic - have uncomfortable echos for some Trump allies to the situation with Michael Cohen…
Giuliani advisers believe that Trump is not the one to blame for why Giuliani's fees haven't been covered, and blame his advisers. But people close to Trump say that, so far, Trump has been adamant about not paying Giuliani…
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29 Mar
Worth recalling from how reliant folks were at the time on the available data and not the possibility the data was simply inconclusive
A lot of folks who are now openly talking about how hard they were fighting/how messy it was we’re denying real-time reporting that it was messy. Important theyre talking now, but there are real-world impacts from saying the media is wrong when it isn’t.
A lot of stuff also gets elided now. There’s no one who fought harder against mask use than Trump, with more pronounced consequences. But when the public was told early on masks don’t make a difference and health experts later said ... 1/3
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26 Mar
Trump’s orbit has become a diffuse group of satellites, with certain people overseeing specific projects, but nothing like the infrastructure he once had as president and there are some visible signs of it.
One key area where that’s so is fundraising, where there are a number of people involved in his political entities But no one person running his fundraising role.
Trump has assigned Lewandowski to handle his new super PAC and c4. He has two other linked entities. But there are other related projects. Among them, Meadows is having an event for the group he’s part of, CPI, around the time of the RNC winter meeting.
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12 Mar
In the first year of a new term after a historic election, a Democratic president's aides, sick of the constant scandal from NY's governor, asks him to not run for re-election. That's right, it was Obama and David Paterson…
Paterson resisted. But eventually he relented, opening up the way for Cuomo to run for governor and Schneiderman for AG.…
When Trump was president, the situation was reversed in the sense that Republicans could not stand getting asked about his tweets/investigations/impeachments/ but most never said he should go. This may be sustainable with Cuomo if Biden never cares and if no new stories
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27 Feb
Most presidents give their successors a grace period before they start re-emerging publicly. Trump is planning to deliver a cpac speech tomorrow that will criticize President Biden's 5 weeks in office and make clear he still has a grip on the GOP…
Aides say Trump is happy without his Twitter feed. Yet he's a politician with only a handful of moves, and one has been trying to inject himself into news of the day for decades. So he's commented on Limbaugh and Tiger Woods.…
"Mr. Trump’s false claims of voter fraud have already gotten a boost at the gathering; a panel titled 'How Judges & Media Refused to Look at the Evidence' was conducted on Friday."…
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13 Feb
McConnell, who voted to acquit, is excoriating Trump for a "disgraceful dereliction of duty." "There's no question - none - that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day."
McConnell says the issue is not only Trump’s language, his endorsement of Giuliani’s “trial by combat,” but also the sense Trump created of “looming catastrophe.”
“This was an intensifying crescendo of conspiracy theories” by a president who seemed determined to overturn the will of the voters or “torch” institutions on the way out, McConnell says.
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11 Feb
With @noahweiland @MarkMazzettiNYT and @anniekarni, Trump had "infiltrates" on his lungs and officials believed he would need to be put on a ventilator before he went to Walter Reed with covid last fall…
His blood oxygen levels fell significantly. And he was told by aides that he should go to the hospital while he could still walk out instead of being carried out by the USSS if he got sicker…
The effort to obtain Regeneron for Trump and the former first lady began on Oct. 1, with a call from deputy WH counsel Pat Philbin to FDA head Hahn. Philbin did not identify the patients, and Melania Trump turned down the treatment…
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3 Feb
This is clever but this isn’t now getting into the White House works, even during the Trump administration. Folks at White House have firm theories about who waved the group in that Friday night and Powell again 2 days later, when she got in but was blocked from seeing Trump.
Powell had been at the campaign offices and at the White House in the days leading up to this meeting. It wasn’t just some pop-up meeting.
Some left that meeting on Friday close to tears because it was so intense and because Trump was clearly still thinking about hiring her, well into Saturday morning. Byrne is, in that clip, treating it like it was comedy performance art.
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2 Feb
New - Trump team files brief with the House, arguing lack of constitutionality and the Trump speech was protected by first amendment. Also argues the House articles were improperly drafted.
More details coming shortly.
"It is denied that President Trump incited the crowd to engage in destructive behavior. It is denied that the phrase ‘if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore’ had anything to do with the action at the Capitol as it was clearly...” 1/2
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31 Jan
And here is a statement Trump has made to advisers almost verbatim >
The actual statement is that he could do it himself and save the money.
But no he isn’t going to the senate well, aides say
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31 Jan
Confirming CNN report that Bowers and Barbier, two SC lawyers hired with fanfare, are no longer on his team. A person familiar with the situation called it a "mutual" decision.
Bowers has been noticeably muted for someone leading a Trump defense, choosing not to talk to most reporters. The person familiar with the situation said there was no chemistry between Bowers and Trump.
Josh Howard, an NC-based lawyer who had been reported as joining the effort but who was never confirmed by Trump advisers publicly, is also not on the team, per a second person familiar with the situation. Unclear who is on the team.
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24 Jan
Lots of reporters tried to talk to Birx while she was there. She was not interested. And when she spoke publicly early on, she appeared in lockstep with a president whose questioning of the science was true beginning in March 2020.
Here’s an example…
Given the rationales defenders of Birx and Fauci offered for their public statements being that they thought it was better for them to stay inside the government, it would be good for an interviewer to ask them what are concrete examples where their staying made a difference.
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24 Jan
Trump is facing a second impeachment but doesn't have a leg affairs director whipping senate votes for him/anyone on his final WH staff w strong senate GOP ties. So he is making feints about primarying people but with no actual apparatus to scare folks with right now.
Instead he's mentioned to a very few advisers - meaning almost none of them - the notion of creating a third party, which he told advisers couldn't help win a presidential race in 2000 when he didn't seek the Reform Party line.
"He's golfing," said one adviser when I asked how rigorously he's focused at the moment on candidate recruitment against the 10 House GOPers who went against him.
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18 Jan
SCOOP - Trump poised to grant clemency to dozens of people, including Sheldon Silver, the disgraced assembly speaker in NY @kenvogel @danarubinstein and me…
The list includes L'il Wayne, who Kushner is said to have pushed for, but does not include Trump family members, Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani or Trump himself (this could all change but isn't likely to)…
There have been days of meetings about the pardons, with the president beginning to call people on Sunday to tell them they were getting them. Kushner has focused on a group of people working with Alice Johnson. Ivanka Trump has weighed in.…
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18 Jan
The president has continued to tell advisers and allies he really won the election, with less than 48 hours to go before he leaves office. On the current GOP rift, the president's anger is with every Republican who voted for impeachment but singular for McCarthy, aides say.
Associates who've spoken with Trump say he's used the same vulgarity he used about Pence to describe McCarthy, saying he bowed to pressure with his House floor speech.
McCarthy did NOT support impeachment, but that’s hasn’t mattered to the president, according to people who spoke with him.
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16 Jan
I got a bit more information about the Lindell meeting. It was a brief meeting, Trump sent him upstairs to the WH counsel's office to be escorted by an admin official sitting next to Lindell in the meeting. That official, according to another official, was Robert O'Brien.
Once up there, he insisted on meeting with Cipollone. It got contentious, in part bc supposedly on the blacked-out part of his notes was something about how Cipollone should be fired.
Lindell tells me that he was carrying the notes for an attorney he's been working with to prove the election was really won by Trump, wouldn't say who it was. Said some of it related to reports Trump is now unable to see because he doesn't have Twitter.
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14 Jan
Confirming @jdawsey1 on Trump wanting to stiff Rudy, and a few new details - White House officials blocking Rudy calls to Trump; Trump said repeatedly on AF1 yesterday about the election: "I won;" Pence/others had to convince Trump to do the video today.…
Even after Trump recorded/released the video, he had to be reassured by aides that it was the right thing to do…
The president is furious with McConnell but deeper anger is at McCarthy, people close to him say. Felt like McCarthy betrayed him by condemning what he did/checking support for censure…
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5 Jan
"Earlier this month, Mr. Giuliani said he had no interest in attending the Republican National Convention in San Diego in August, prompting the state Republican chairman to say he did not want the Mayor there, either."…
"That was about the same time that the Mayor lamented Mr. Dole's support for legislation that would restrict Government aid to immigrants, calling the restrictions "a terrible, terrible mistake."…
Also. Here’s an AP photo from 9/10/97
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3 Jan
"She's known all over the internet," Trump says of a woman he's claiming rigged the vote (whose name is not bleeped over at the beginning of this audio, but is later)…
Trump keeps talking over Mitchell midway through the tape when she says anything that strays from what he claims.
The president keeps pushing a conspiracy theory that Dominion machines internal parts were secretly replaced. A GA official misses a few beats before answering, appearing to be stunned.
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23 Dec 20
On House GOP conference call taking place right now, @GOPLeader said he spoke to POTUS and POTUS hasn't committed to a veto of the stimulus bill yet. Still deciding.
McCarthy, per person on the call, said that Rs need to address the president's concerns and keep parts of the bill they think are good, but that POTUS hasn't committed either way.
“This bill has been tainted,” McCarthy said per person on call.
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23 Dec 20
Some men just want to watch the world burn.…
"...current advisers have described a daily struggle to keep Mr. Trump from giving in to his impulse to listen to those who are telling him what he wants to hear."…
"Mr. Barr, whose last day in the job is Wednesday, has told associates he had been alarmed by Mr. Trump’s behavior in recent weeks. Other advisers have privately said they feel worn out and are looking forward to the end of the term." @nytmike and me…
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