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9 Dec 18
@LilyPlum2 At 11 years old it is not likely that I understood or was fully aware of the ramifications of baptism. I was not discouraged from it either by anyone. The frontal cortex is responsible for impulse control and is not fully developed until your mid 20's.
@LilyPlum2 I was thinking about this the other day and I think this was actually a cry for attention on my part. My mom had recently remarried and I now had a step brother who was troubled, having been subjected to physical abuse by his mother who had died shortly before his dad remarried.
@LilyPlum2 He was acting out and was demanding a lot of attention along with picking on me non-stop which was not addressed by either parent, leaving me feeling isolated and defenseless. By getting baptized I fully believe I was trying to say "Hey, I'm the good kid, what about me?"
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23 Nov 18
To #JehovahsWitnesses: it seems that many feel @LeahRemini's show was an attack on their religion. Understand that not once was any criticism of their doctrines called into question. People can believe what they want. The POLICIES are the problem. #exjw #jw #jworg /1
A policy that results in the separation of a person from their family is inhumane and wrong. It is nothing more than emotional blackmail. It is a tool of manipulation. No scriptures IN CONTEXT support this practice. #exjw #jw #jworg /2
A policy that results in the LOSS OF LIFE over the embellishment and misinterpretation of a dietary restriction does not show respect for life. Let that sink in. Suicide is not respectful of life. Neither is allowing you minor child to die. That is murder. #exjw #jw #jworg /3
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