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14 Sep
I feel very compelled to call out something that came out of the Tennessee Republican caucus this morning.
A Democratic candidate was accused of rape right before Election Day. It sucks for many, many reasons, but most of all for the accuser. Normal people want to see people who assault women brought to justice.…
The first and best thought the House Republican staff and representatives had today was that this would be an excellent chance to accuse Gloria Johnson of being soft on rape. It sounded almost celebratory.

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13 Sep
Tennessee's legislature is yet again talking about criminal justice reform.

But the only way that can progress is for pro-reform candidates to defeat @ltgovmcnally and @WilliamLamberth in Republican primaries.
Someone, anyone, with a little agency in Republican circles, who cares about criminal justice reform, dislodge these two cops from power.
Without Officer Krupke and Kid Supercuts, better minds like @JeremyFaison4TN could corral some more of those dummies into the Koch/AFP lane on reform.
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3 Mar 20
We interrupt today’s disaster recovery to bring you a hearing on banning abortion and getting rid of gun permits.
The chairman just prayed for God’s help to restore order, and I’m not sure what he thinks Nashville is doing out there.
Our first expert on getting rid of gun permits is married to a gun profiteer. You can’t make this shit up.…
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