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Dec 22, 2021 75 tweets 39 min read
Cheater Cheater Christmas Special: A Mangoballed Christmas!
↳ A DNF socmed AU extra
The boys are ready to spend their Christmas at home with their families until a blizzard destroys their plans and forces them to spend the holidays together on campus! Read the original if you haven’t first. This is just a little holiday special!
Nov 28, 2021 136 tweets 67 min read
Cheater, Cheater
↳ a DNF socmed fanfic AU
George is heartbroken when his boyfriend, Sapnap, cheats on him. What he doesn’t expect is to start falling for the guy he got cheated on with.
Tags: slight Snf, slight Dreamnap, nsfw.

don’t take it seriously i love all members of dream team ❤️ this is just fiction! [First slide was a preview Btw!]