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8 Apr
The character intros from the upcoming drama, Youth (revealed in an article published in October). Translated by our translator @macaromee

Please note that these are fictional biographies pertaining to the drama and that character names have been changed.
Kim Seok Jin : A young boy who seems to have it all in the shadow of his father but has trouble showing his emotions. The son of a Congressman, Seok Jin has been raised to be kind and live, not for himself, but within the +
constructs of his father’s life plan. Transferring to a new school brings Seok Jin a group of boys through whom he learns to face the feelings he’s avoided and kept inside himself his whole life.
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7 Apr
Jungkook and the Cat have been connected since Notes 1. At the time of his accident, a voice asks him, "Living would be more painful than dying. Do you still want to live?" This was the cat speaking to him
This was confirmed in the BTS Universe Game Trailer. The cat was shown at the site of Jungkook's accident, waving at him. In Notes 2, he also mentions headlights changing to green and blue lights which are the color of the cat's eyes
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