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6 Oct 19
The reason why the US has never, and likely in its current configuration will never, have a socialist revolution is because political lines are drawn on race/culture/worldview and not $$$. Black wealthy elites are Democrats. White workers more likely Republicans
Given the history of this country, Black working class and Black professional class have far more in common (historically and same contemporary interests and values) than Black working class and white working class.
The entire “We’re going to force the Dems to be a working class movement” is a farce anyway. The Bernie/Warren left is driven by college educated whites upset they aren’t as wealthy as their parents, not HS educated working class construction workers
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19 Jul 19
Stoller being drawn to Hawley’s speech isn’t surprising. The Bernie left’s and the nationalist right’s anger at “elites,” is dangerous because it isn’t all that different. We’ve seen socialist parties in Europe adopt right wing nationalist points on immigration for example.
It isn’t impossible to see the followers of Bernie primarily who focused on the white working class and hate identity politics forming a union or agreement with the nationalist right who has rhe same greviances. They want to return to a bygone era
An era where the common white man had more economic and political power, where the elites were not multicultural. Much of the talk about “elites” is really bloviating about multiculturalism. Disdain for an era where average white people actually have to compete in the economy
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19 Apr 19
Impeachment is not about public opinion, it is not about "Did he get to serve a full term," it is not about political fears of base retribution. It is about whether or not the President is above the law and deciding if any crimes can be committed without fear of prosecution.
If impeachment is about "fairness," or a political calculation, or about opinion polls, then the President is above the law and things are about to get MUCH, MUCH worse in this country as Republicans figure out how much more power they have to commit crimes at the executive level
Imagine treating Black people on the street who commit petty crimes with this level of legal deference. Imagine DAs and legal scholars fighting over themselves to appease the Black community by saying Black people who commit crimes can't be prosecuted. This **** is absurdity.
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29 Mar 19
The "coastal elites" narrative is complete bs. Its a fake narrative created to drum up sympathy for conservative Trump voters. People in cities have to learn and respect rural culture? Why don't rural Trump voters ever get told to learn and respect the culture of urban diversity?
Part of the disingenuousness of the "coastal elites" narrative is that it includes the largely nonwealthy POC demo as elites, while the white rurals who are more wealthy than them are considered "real Americans." This is a highly racialized argument masquerading as class/culture
The argument is also often wrong because it insinuates that people living in cities always have more political power. This is clearly false. Many southern states have decent size cities with large Black populations, Black mayors, and white rural still dominates state legislature
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3 Mar 19
30 mins into Fyre Festival and this was the most obvious scam ever. These conmen are always the same, make a big promise that is obviously a lie, and repeat it until the gullible believe it & buy in big. Fyre, Trump, Bernie, crypto ICOs in 2018, credit card scams, same concept.
People are desperate to believe that it is easy, that they can be rich or have the time of their lives while giving nothing. Reality is its not easy, but the dream is like a cheap high. Once you shoot up you don't want hear "no." You think they're jealous or weakwilled.
Its why people fall for marketing scams, its why they lose everything gambling, its why fringe politicians in countries fading from prominence can lie about what's politically+economically possible and get massive praise for it. Nobody wants to eat their vegetables. Just candy
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3 Dec 18
The case against Bernie has always been clear:
1. Anti identity politics
2. Refuses to call out white racist voters
3. His WWC 1st politics doesn't flip red seats
4. His constant ****ing on Dems helped Trump win
5. His plans are as realistic as Trump's wall
6. His fans are toxic
7. History of voting with the NRA
8. His hypocrisy around on his wealth
9. His failure to enact any of his pet legislation in a 40 year political career
10. Failure to build any kind of political coalition with actual accomplishments
11. The insinuation that any opposition to him or his ideology is from "paid actors"
12. His naivety in thinking Republicans will vote for him and his candidates (proven wrong from 16-18)
13. No serious foreign policy agenda
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25 Jul 18
The "establishment vs anti-establishment" and "populist vs elites" dichotomy is utterly meaningless. If you include Black people in your political analysis you see how silly it really is.
Black people are among the poorest demographics in America. Are they ever referred to as populist? Never. "Populism" is a euphemism for white people. Almost for white greviance politics
The elite/populist establishment/outsider narrative is meant to exclude minorities. Its how you get absurd analysis like "Trump is an outsider for the working class" he represents the most entrenched white racial interests and upholds the elite social order!
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10 Jul 18
The crazy thing is we all know Republicans are gonna get way more extreme as the demographics continue to shift against them. Trump is only the beginning. Hell 15 years from now Cernovich and Richard Spencer could be running
Ideally they'd be overwhelmed by demographic shifts and become a regional party but with their open embrace of authoritarianism its not like they're just gonna sit back and let that happen
So as demographics continue to change Republicans must become more extreme and disenfranchise more people, suppress more votes, gerrymander more, steal court seats or else they can't compete. Literally if they can't cheat and change the rules in the future they won't win.
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26 Jun 18
The thing is Trump isn't an aberration. He's the logical next step of the southern strategy. He's revealed that for Republicans and their base, it was never about democracy. It is about upholding white supremacy at any cost. The entire GOP is eagerly moving to authoritarianism.
Republicans stealing a Supreme Court seat is just the beginning. What's to stop them from, when in Congressional power, never holding a vote for a liberal judge ever again? Nothing.
Here's a future scenario. Republicans decide never to hold a vote for a liberal justice again. By threats or other means, Republican minorities in bigger liberal states create new states "Northern New York," "Inland California" to create permanent GOP Senate majorities.
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