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3 May
Thrilled I can now talk about one of the most exciting projects I've worked on in my time at MARTA – the forthcoming all-new CQ400 railcar fleet! A quick🧵about what the project means for riders, and how you can be involved in the design process...
First, some history/background – MARTA currently has 3 generations of railcars: the CQ310s & CQ311s (the tan seat cars) from the 70s/80s and and CQ312s (blue seats) from the early 00s. With the earliest cars now 4 decades old, it's time to start replacing them with all-new ones.
In November 2019, the MARTA Board approved a $646 million agreement with Stadler Rail to purchase 254 new railcars. The new 'CQ400' cars are scheduled to be delivered beginning in 2023, eventually replacing the entire fleet.
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