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Data science, psychology and running engineering & product teams. Previously Senior Director of Product at KAYAK, OpenTable, SPO 🏨🛫🍽️
Apr 11, 2019 13 tweets 3 min read
My thoughts on the DETOUR act: First of all, if it passes into law it will have real consequences, not just another EU cookie/GDPR message to click through. It calls for Independent Review Boards and an empowered industry association that will put in place AB-test regulations 1/x It only regulates large online operators (100 mill monthly users+), which means it will *not* clean up the general ux mess online. I'm not sure what I think about that. On one side I think this is a terrible law, but on the other hand I wish it at least solved that 2/x
Mar 20, 2018 12 tweets 3 min read
The Facebook + Cambridge Analytica thing is a trainwreck on multiple levels, but the impact of psychological profiling on the election is overblown. Let me break down the numbers and show why: 1/ One of the few open sources on persuasion profiling (Matz et al, 2017) showed uplifts in conversions up to 50% with personality based targeting of ads. Whether this is predictive of performance on voting behavior is unclear, but lets work with this number for now 2/
Dec 1, 2017 26 tweets 14 min read
Conscience Accounting

After violating a moral norm, people have an increased likelihood to act prosocially. Can you provide an outlet for the good behavior? Can you remind people of previous bad deeds to encourage a good deed?

#Convert2Good #advent 1/24 Vicarious Moral Self-licensing

We see our actions as more prosocial if we regard ourselves as part of a group with a good prosocial record. Even onlookers do. Be careful about how you talk about group membership.

#Convert2Good #advent 2/24