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Off this fascist website until Elon is forced to sell. Find me on Bluesky or Threads with the same @. Please boycott X!
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Mar 7, 2023 6 tweets 4 min read
In the past hour, Elon Musk has retweeted three pieces of pro-Jan 6th conspiracy theory propaganda.

He's gone full MAGA. Elon joins Tucker Carlson in pushing vile pro-Jan 6th insurrection conspiracy theories.

The big difference between Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch is that Elon is younger.
Mar 7, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
Halli is an award winning designer whose company was acquired by Twitter.

Halli was born with muscular dystrophy in a working class family. He chose a higher tax rate for the sale to pay back into the Icelandic social system.

Today, Elon Musk publicly mocked and fired him. Halli seems like an absolutely amazing dude. He was named Iceland's person of the year in 2022. Just look at all the incredible stuff he's accomplished.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, is not an amazing dude. It's just despicable to treat people this way.

Mar 6, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
Elon is such a good engineer that he broke the links on twitter, and such a good businessman that he lost more than 60% of ad revenue.

Billionaire oligarchs aren't abnormally smart or good, they're just rich and powerful. This is what I get when I click a link on Twitter.

It turns out workers produce the value of products and services. Someone tell @elonmusk! Image
Jan 3, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
I spent some time looking into SBF's political giving and what I found was pretty shocking.

SBF was collaborating with AIPAC and Trump supporting billionaires to stop the growth of the squad and the electoral left.

maxberger.substack.com/p/sbf-and-the-… The Injustice Democrats consisted of five billionaire-funded PACs that worked together to defeat progressives in primaries.

Overall, the five groups that make up the Injustice Democrats spent $44,454,111 on outside expenditure this cycle to defeat at least 24 progressives.
Nov 9, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
I think this election result feels so surprising and buoying because it's one of the first times in my adult life that Republicans seem to have paid a significant electoral cost for their extremism. If MAGA Republicans significantly underperform regular Republicans, it vastly improves the prospects of defeating fascism electorally.

The results in Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin governor races are huge cause for optimism.