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Nov 25, 2021
I know there are people here that need to hear this:

Please tell those people around you to stop swallowing antibiotics like it's a snack. "AMORZLIN" does not cure headache. It's not for Ìbà (Malaria). Tell that auxillary nurse that "PAROZKAM" is not for all cases of fever or body pains or whatever. Stop giving these people these meds with reckless abandon. Encourage these people to go to a Hospital, seek out a Doctor and save them from themselves. Apart from the fact that these medications can cause serious internal bleeding in people,
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Nov 24, 2021
I remember early years on here btw 2012 and 2017, really admirable handles here, heavy intellectuals that made people love Twitter as a unique app. Their threads were always intellectually above the bar. Up there. Great writers like The Mother Confessor, Kelvin Odanz, The Script, Certain (Brilliant) handles in the Government of Goodluck Jonathan (can't remember names), The American Writer: Joyce Carol Oates, Teju Cole and some Nigerian handles i cannot really remember now. Many long gone, few still here. They made our years here. The Nostalgia.
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