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21 Jul
How I Built a Gaming Company from ZERO & Sold it for 8 Figures

- PART 2: Hollywood & Celebrities -

But despite the rats and all the "no" answers, we kept at it.

Soon, we had lined up a some game development work as subcontractors.

It wasn’t making us rich, but it was paying the bills.

I was so proud I was when I saw our first game being promoted next year in London.
In the Spring, I got the ‘brilliant' idea to try to get some Hollywood celebs involved.

Since I had worked in LA for a while, I knew how to start that.

This set us down a path that would help define everything that happened afterwards...
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21 Jul
How I Built a Gaming Company from ZERO & Sold it for 8 Figures

- PART I: Rats and London -

(A story about a lot of hard work and a bit of luck)


It started when I was VP of Marketing for a game company (not my own company)...
I honestly didn’t know much about games at the time, but I had just sold my PR company, and I was out of work and bored.

It turns out producing video games is not all that different from producing movies or documentaries or TV, which fortunately I did have some experience in.
Concept is the same, it’s just the tools that are different.

At some point, the head of game development in Buenos Aires, Matias, called me and told me he was quitting, and wanted to start his own game company.

And he asked if I was interested?

To be honest…I said “No”.
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7 Jun
Once I was working in the Cotopaxi mountains of Ecuador, in the Andes.

At nearly 6,000 ft, it was one of the highest in the country.

It was also an active volcano.

There, I met a family living just as their ancestors had lived for 1,000 years...

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We were visiting an Andean tribe, documenting how they raised goats for wool.

The Cotopaxi is called a "Sacred Mountain" by the locals, the water from the glacier at the top feeds the village's crops every year.

But sometimes the volcano erupts...
Though not a large eruption by historical standards, a recent eruption a year or so before had caused the summer glaciers to melt...

...and that flooded their farmland, and meant their goat herds died...

But the villagers at Cotopaxi got lucky...someone gave them new goats...!
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