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Jan 12 77 tweets 14 min read
Watching the Douglas County Commission meeting to discuss extending the emergency mask mandate. Three deputies are visible on screen.
Here, people appear to be signing up to give public comment, while some give nazi salutes.
Mandate background: When that emergency order went into effect, the 14-day average number of new daily COVID cases in Douglas County was 96.5.

Today, that stat hit 231.29. A week later. And there were 916 new cases reported since Monday.
Aug 18, 2021 88 tweets 17 min read
Meanwhile during #DgCoComm: Public commenters refuse to allow "nazi takeover ... or whatever's happening" Naturally we did not send a reporter to this meeting because we don't want our folks to die, so I don't know how many maskless people are packed into this room, but they're sure shouting a lot, and I can see people standing along the wall behind the county administrator.
Feb 10, 2021 19 tweets 8 min read
I never would have expected such an outpouring of love right now, and I truly cannot thank you all enough. It means everything. ✨

Now that I'm long out of the office, I should clarify:

I'm not going anywhere, at least not right now.

🧵part 2 ... You've all inspired me to move forward with my next project, and I'll get to that a few tweets from now ...

In the meantime, please read this piece by my former (/future?) colleague, @ConnerMitchell0.

I think it will explain a lot ...