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Constitutional attorney serving the state of Michigan. "Tough as Hell" and "feared by the legislatures."
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10 Jul
1️⃣ This is an interesting thread that everyone should read, and it has obviously gone viral. I don’t agree with everything he writes, but 14-19 are particularly true. It is particularly salient considering false stories by @jonathanoosting in the last few days.
2️⃣ Recent articles by @BridgeMichigan (and others) contain false information designed to feed the narrative of a totalitarian government. @jonathanoosting knows this, but he still pushes his one-sided propaganda.
3️⃣ These recent article by @jonathanoosting promoted a fascist and unconstitutional agenda calling for prosecution of people who call into question the 2020 election results. Mr. Oosting failed as a reporter in part because he has refused my invitation to review evidence.
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24 Jun
1⃣ @dananessel Remember the Flint Water cover-up designed to shield members of the progressive Democrat-Republican Party, including B. Schuette and R. Snyder?

While @SenEdMcBroom has been writing fake reports about the election, we've continued to investigate Flint Water.
2⃣ @dananessel why aren't you doing something about the lead? The company Michigan hired to replace the pipes (and were paid) left the difficult to reach pipes. The Feebs were investigating but @dananessel said "let me do it." No charges to date.
3⃣ 3807 Center Rd is the Richfield Public School Academy.

Anyone who tells you the residents are safe is lying. This school checks in at 0.037 total lead, exceeding the maximum contaminant level (0.015).

We're doing @SenEdMcBroom's job while he's on summer break. 🌴
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9 Jun
1. We have been lied to.

The Antrim County election management system (EMS) was REMOTELY and successfully logged into anonymously on 11/05/2020 at 5:55 PM and again on 11/17/2020 at 5:16 PM.

Yes, that is correct . . . REMOTELY
2. Those dates are significant because they correspond directly to the dates the county and SOS were trying to correct the intentional computer problems that subverted the election.

These logons appear to have escalated privileges at the time of logon.

Again . . . REMOTELY
3. But we were told there was no internet connection.

In an accredited system, an anonymous user should not be authorized by the accreditation authority, but would instead be required to enter a specific user name and password to utilize the system.
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15 May
1. In July 2020, counties across the state of Michigan received a FOIA from Michigan Election Reform Alliance asking for “scanned digital ballot images.”

This was similar to a FOIA sent in 2016.
2. Many county clerks engaged in a multi-layered discussion of how to respond, which included copying the Michigan Bureau of Elections on the discussion.
3. The counties appear to have understood that disclosure was required under Opinion No. 7247
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8 May
1. Nearly 100% voter turnout in ages 65-80 in Antrim County
2. more . . .
3. more . . .
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4 May
1. We can flip votes from top of the ticket to the bottom. We can flip only selected races. We can flip all. We can flip just a few precincts in a county and shave 5% from one candidate. Want a constitutional amendment to pass or fail?
2. Michigan elections happening today. Do you think putting your intent on a ballot matters? Machines convert data and data can be manipulated.
3. Imagine if someone wanted to move Michigan from red to pink and then run the media narrative that people just don't like Trump. I can show you how to switch 160,000 votes at the precinct level.
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12 Jan
1. Yesterday in Antrim county, Judge Elsenheimer largely overruled SoS Benson objections to discovery and ordered her and her office to produce large amounts of information regarding the 2020 elections.
2. Michigan's state-run media ignored this part of the hearing, but instead declared victory for Dana Nessel. Having now reached out to several reporters, I have learned that the document production issue was not deemed news-worthy (i.e. must be hidden from public view).
3. #totalitarianism "a form of gov't that prohibits and restricts opposition and exercises a high degree of control over public/private life. Political power is held by autocrats who employ all-encompassing campaigns in which propaganda is broadcast by state-controlled media."
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