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Irish guy in SF Bay Area, California. Internetting since 1987: it's been a long, strange trip. Not in Germany but trying to cut down on Nazi/alt-right crap.
Apr 1, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
"Compared with an eight-person control group, the subjects who meditated for more than thirty minutes per day experienced shallower sleep and woke up more often during the night. The more participants reported meditating, the worse their sleep became."… "Mindfulness training had an arousing effect on PSG sleep profiles ... there was a significant positive correlation between the amount of MM practice and increases in arousals/awakenings and stage 1, and decreases in SWS."…
Mar 31, 2021 29 tweets 10 min read
This sex crime investigation begun on Gaetz by Trump's DoJ is hardcore, and him trying and failing to get Tucker Carlson to give him an alibi live on TV is to die for. They're turning on each other.