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19 Mar
no one mentions that receiving good love can actually make you very very angry
it can make you push away, be self defeating or just absolutely fucking pissed. why? because it challenges your identity identity, all of your ego and every core belief you’ve ever had surrounding love.
everything everyones ever shown you about yourself and shown you about love is challenged. others challenging what you know is infuriating, especially when it relates to your core wounds and beliefs
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18 Mar
you know whenever you’re really emotional or experiencing triggers and you just want to shutdown or lash out? that’s not just something you feel. that’s something literally happening in your brain that makes it very difficult to communicate and process
have compassion with yourself when experiencing a trauma response. have compassion when you come down from one. feelings of guilt and shame, wanting to push the stress response into the shadows, often wash over you. it’s hard to control, so be easy on yourself.
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18 Mar
when you’ve been silenced your whole life, it’s absolutely enraging when people shut you down and push you to stop talking.
i talk to be heard and understood.
i talk to defend myself. i talk to validate myself. i talk to engage instead of shutting down. i speak my perspective to express what i mean.
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21 Feb
aquarius, gemini, libra 🦋✉️

the energy around you is very fertile right now. your life can manifest any way you want it to but with all the mental energy going on, it’s important that you’re clear with your intentions and desires moving forward.
your gifts are coming to you but you have to trust and believe. i see you moving between being very faithful and not having much faith. being anxious is very real, just try to be aware of how you respond to the nerves. relax on any trauma based impulses. you desire to know
and to have all the answers but right not you’re being asked to steadily walk forward. have healthy boundaries with yourself and others. allow yourself to flow. i’m seeing to get where you want to go you’ll have to have courage and let go of any fears, worry’s, and doubts
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21 Feb
taurus, capricorn, virgo 🔮💜

it’s your time to connect and express yourself to others. rn you want to be seen, heard and understood more than anything else. use this season as a time to connect with others on a more vulnerable level. allow the inner emotions to flow outward
use this time to strengthen your connections and everything in your close environment. the communication will bring you closer to people around but it will also bring you a lot of clarity. let yourself be open and raw.
as you’ve been awakening to deeper emotions and continue to do so, you’re awakening to deeper emotional healing. it’s easy to project those feelings. it’s also easy to detach and try to escape them. you’re being asked to find balance & take a different action than you’re used to.
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21 Feb
scorpio, pisces, cancer 🧚🏾‍♀️💚

life is about to get real spicy for you. a lot is about to rapidly occur. you’ll be taking an active role in your life path, making more decisions & expressing more of your desires. prepare to take the reins as you push through situations head on.
you’re going to see a lot more of who you are by interacting with others, relations and connections around you. people have a lot to teach you right now. one thing you need to learn through others is how to let go.
in order for your heart to heal, you have to accept what was in the past & let it go. a lot of your emotional pain has come through your relationships, but there’s a part of you that hasn’t truly accepted the realities so you’re stuck there. acceptance will heal your heart.
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21 Feb
aries, sag, leo 🕊 🤍

right now you’re in a space of learning and growing. it’s ok to take a few steps forward, back and all around. it might feel like you’re energy is scattered everywhere while simultaneously waiting to go somewhere new. that’s okay. you’re awakening
to a new energy right now. right now you’re climbing the stairs towards your life purpose. a lot of clarity is arriving to you soon. you’ve already released a lot which is helping bring in this clarity but i see there’s some fear or anxieties you still have to let go of.
this season of your life is going to push you to get out of your mind and into your heart. it’s your time to pursue your deepest desires. the old is out of the way. you will succeed moving forward. trust that.
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9 Jan
the elements over your 4th, 8th and 12 houses show things within that can make or break you. these energies show how you can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend.
using whole sign house system, this would mean

scorpio, pisces, and cancer risings worst enemy can be their own mind, their social interactions, their ability or inability to communicate/express themselves.
water risings can be their own best friend by tapping into their creativity, their innovative ideas, their individuality, and ability to flow in different situations! they can be their own best friend by expressing themselves and being open.
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7 Jul 20
virgo, cap, taurus. ✉️🦋

i’m seeing you’re about to step into money. you’re stepping into a new creation, new ideas and working diligently. you are about to receive a blessing monetarily. sometimes i hear value which can be self worth but this is just clearly money.
i also see fertility and birth of something new. this word “new” is standing out. it’s shiny and flashing. something new is going to jump out at you. it feels very unexpected. you’re beginning to connect more with others and it seems like people have this to offer you as much+
as you do them. it feels very community based. this sharing and generosity of resources on your part will be reciprocated and returned tenfold. embrace these blessings. the more you engage, the more you receive the support & resources you need. claim it.
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7 Jul 20
sag, leo, aries ✉️🦋

you have a few more weeks until the major expansion and life change happens. i’m hearing the end of july and august. right now you’re coming to an end and wrapping things up. think of right now as endings, transformations and internal work. +
think of this as things wrapping up. you’re coming to an end of a cycle. towards the end of july and beginning of august, you’ll see a lot of moves and changes or at least plans aligning in order for you to. i see this being moved in location, in jobs, in finances, in relations
i see a completely new blue wave coming in, bring you peace but it can be overwhelming at first. it seems to be rushing in quick. i see the transition may feel very rocky and you may dip before you rise but the initial change will be very relieving. you’ll feel a sense of freedom
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4 Jul 20
cap, virgo, taurus ✉️🦋

it’s the imperfections in the system that is bugging you. it’s the bugs, the ticks, the small nuances and small blockages that hold you back from seeing the possibilities of the world. it’s getting stuck on the details. see the bigger picture.
everything will unfold and transform once you let go of the tiny shortcomings, let go of anxieties or worries, then you’ll see the transformation. something is bugging you and it’s harnessing your joy. release the fear. release the doubts. +
it’s okay to feel worried at first but it’s important not to multiply those fears, those worries and let it overrun you. just look at the inconveniences and let them go. recognize them as a factor of life. things just are as they are and you’re moving regardless.
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27 Jun 20
virgo, cap, taurus ✉️🦋

it’s like one foot in happiness. one foot in triggers. one foot in one door. another in the back door. everyday is different for you. try to focus on calm. focus on the big picture. focus on where you’ve come from, everything you’ve accomplished.
give yourself slack and be your biggest hype man. you are THAT one. process the shit that really fucked you up as a kid. your inner child is on full display right now and they want to talk to you. imagine your inner child. talk to them. comfort them. rn you need comfort
that comfort doesn’t have to be external tho. it is good to lean on others which i definitely recommend. reach out. also remember these triggers, anxieties and fears that arise are there to tell you something; to show you something that was hidden in your subconscious
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22 Jun 20
virgo, cap, taurus ✉️🦋

you’re about to make a come up. again, it feels very value based. you’ll be seeing more recognition, your soul tribe entering as well as finances getting right. i see you’ve been making smalll advancements and moves.
these decisions might seem very isolated but they’re all coming together and you’ll see the flow soon. i see this summer, like now to three months, being very significant for you.

all of the pieces are falling together. it seems like you’re staring at the puzzle right now
trying to figure it out. you’re in this place of awareness and strategy. you know where you’re at and where you want to go. it just seems like you need reassurance and confidence. you’re a bit too blinded right now and need to recognize the power and everything already yours.
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17 Jun 20
i was just re reading one of my astrology books and it said the house Pluto is in shows you can best help human evolution and help transform the group consciousness. it’s like your role in the revolution. it makes so much sense.
pluto is what’s invisible on the underworld so it’s like pluto in sag is learning about what’s invisible and traveling to a new place in order to establish truth. it expands and is generous outwardly. the book very clearly stated that if Pluto is in a masculine sign+
the energy will be dominating, outgoing and positive. If in a passive & receptive force that is feminine, it allows itself to be used. this is why pluto in scorpio (fem) was used to reveal. they experienced and pluto in sag (masc) is supposed to take information & run with it.
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13 Jun 20
scorpio, pisces, cancer ✉️🦋

i see so much energy around you. you have so much going on. you have your personal life goals and things you’re striving towards but i see you feeling like it’s time to start over or start a completely new path.
i see you literally walking a new path. especially with a person. you outgrew this person or the relation just shifted completely and you are not eye to eye. it feels like you’re on a higher box than them. it’s like this could be but it just isn’t. there’s situations +
that COULD be but it just isn’t. you have a new path like a new LIFE coming to you. and i see a lot of feeling happening. there’s so many windows. windows of opportunities, things clear as day but you seem to be behind the windows, like you’re looking at it. go get it. grab it.
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21 Apr 20
let’s discuss how being the “golden child” put on a pedestal with high expectations and a lot of responsibility can be positive but also extremely detrimental.
to impose that standard upon a child breeds perfectionism, anxiety, and fear of loss or failure. it can build a kid who doesn’t know how to rest, who is afraid to ask for help or step outside of societal rules & seek their own truth. a child who is defined by what others think
and when the inevitable moment comes where that child falls, no one is there to catch them or understand them bc everyone only supports the child they expected them to be, not the child that they are. now the parents don’t know their child and the child doesn’t know themselves.
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11 Apr 20
scorpio, pisces, cancer ✉️🦋

i see a heart chakra breakthrough coming. i see blessings and smiles. i see you enjoying time or energy with those closest to you. i see you embracing others. that only comes when you embrace yourself though.
it’s not here yet but it’s arriving. pure joy & happiness, blessings, ALL OF IT. i see you getting closer to friends & family. a lot of communication will be coming in. reach out and call. i’m hearing you need to embrace yourself more though right now.
focus on personal value, releasing resentments & clearing anything you need to get off your chest. this message came quick and left quick. it’s like a weight is being gradually lifted off of you.
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10 Apr 20
virgo, taurus, capricorn ✉️🦋

your energy is insanely dormant. it feels like an intense hibernation under blankets in a dark cave and you don’t want to engage. you guys are turned inward completely. if you’re not, this is what you need. it’s time to turn into yourself.
serious reflection. i see a light in the dark. you’re coming to realizations and truly navigating yourself. the energy is paused as you’re about to set on a new path. trust this path. you’ve decided to switch modes and you’re finally taking strides to that new path.
solitude and paused energy is still movement towards that path. this is good for you earth babies. choose you. you dodged a situation that wasn’t good for you. it might have hurt deeply but this was for your highest good love.
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1 Apr 20
scorpio, cap, leo ✉️🦋

embrace & enjoy the love around you even if it seems like the love you want isn’t going your way or coming. there are people who love you. they would like to show you but i sense that you’re unknowingly pushing away. you are deserving. you are good enough.
release yourself from any traps your mind has you in. i feel a hint of pain. there is divine love and comfort for you. you must open you arms to receive it though and release what you’ve been holding onto. it seems you’re holding onto old patterns or a past relation.
they may have led you on or you made, what you think is, a wrong move. you’ve experienced one person who cannot reciprocate or give the love you need. remember, that doesn’t mean no one else can give you love. there are people who wish to love you so don’t give up hope darling.
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