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7 May
If this is the case, then why the talk of schism?

Bp Bätzing:

“It is absolutely clear that there are matters that we can only discuss at the level of the Universal Church. We will contribute from Germany with our reflections.” 1/

Are the pope's critics afraid of discussion?

“The binding implementation will, depending on the topic, be up to the Holy See and/or the local bishop. I repeat again: the Church in Germany is an integral part of the universal Church." 2/
"In Germany and in other parts of the Universal Church there has long been a discussion about how to further develop the Magisterium with sound arguments - on the basis of the fundamental truths of faith and morals." 3/
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7 May
Catholics on the right seem to be trying to divert attention away from their own schismatic rhetoric and acts, and towards the German Church. They're declaring the German Church to be in schism, although they're not (yet).

Beam, meet splinter.
It's amazing that the group that has been so actively working to harm the Church over the last 8 years is accusing someone else of schism.

They don't recognize the patience the pope has had with them, and certainly aren't extending it to others.
Despite it all (dubia, defiance, libel, slander) Pope Francis hasn't excommunicated or formally disciplined anyone for schism.

Not Burke, not Schneider, not Strickland, not Vigano, not Gracida. I don't think many past popes would have tolerated a single one of them.
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6 May
At least according to @CatholicNewsSvc, @Pontifex is creating a third permanent lay ministry: Catechist. This will be added to the other two official lay ministries of Lector and Acolyte. 1/

"Pope Francis’ decision to formally institute the ministry of catechist seems to be a response to those calls." 2/

"The move follows the pope’s decision in January to open the ministries of lector and acolyte to women." 3/
"While in most dioceses women already served as readers and altar servers at Mass, they were not formally instituted in those services on a stable basis." 4/
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5 May
This follows their removal from YouTube earlier this year.

"Facebook cited an article posted on April 10, 2021, headlined 'COVID vaccines can be deadly for some.'”

Apparently conspiracy theories are more important to these guys than defending the unborn. Image
Note they were not banned for their pro-life news coverage or advocacy.

Nor were they banned for their (increasingly unhinged) religious views.

They could've continued with no penalty. But they hitched their cart to quackery and pseudoscience, risking who knows how many lives.
They decided that putting forth false and harmful medical advice (an area far outside their expertise), and they sacrificed a sizeable chunk of their social media presence over the promotion of fringe scientific views.

It's astounding.
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4 May
Pardon me if I am late to this discussion, but this is the first time I've heard anyone raise this point. Is it possible that the only person with the authority to bar President Biden from communion is Pope Francis? 1/

I mean this seems pretty clear:

“It is solely the right of the Roman Pontiff himself to judge in the cases mentioned in canon 1401: 1) those who hold the highest civil office of a state…” (canon 1405 §1). 2/
Screenshot of Canon 1401 3/

(The relevant canons in context)
vatican.va/archive/cod-iu… Image
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2 May
Why do so many Catholics on the left think pro-life conviction on the Catholic right is insincere?

Are conservative pro-life Catholics exploited? Certainly.

Can they be blind to other evils? Absolutely.

Do most of them TRULY believe it's murder and want to save lives? YES. 1/
I'm in total agreement with those who point out that some Catholics have a very myopic view of abortion, and neglect (and often reject) other vital social issues.

But it's also wrong to downplay the gravity of abortion, which @Pontifex has compared to "hiring a hit man." 2/
Failing to take abortion seriously is a betrayal of a consistent ethic of life.

Working to build a home for future generations that is more just, more peaceful, that serves the poor and needy, that respects human dignity, and has a healthy ecosystem is not optional. 3/
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1 May
I haven't finished reading this yet, but thus far, much of it needs to be said by Catholics on the left and the right.

It's a shame that it has to come at a time when we are so polarized and politicized in the Church and in our culture.
It is a shame that the Catholic voices of those who speak out most strongly on behalf of the unborn are typically the most Trumpified, Burkified, and Viganized in our Church, and have aligned themselves with schismatic conspiracy theorists against the Church and human dignity.
(And I'm only about halfway through, so I'm saying all this while acknowledging that it might get weird later on.)
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30 Apr
Video of the new Wilmington bishop-elect, Msgr. William Koenig, preaching his farewell homily as the rector of St. Agnes Cathedral last year.

2010 Facebook video of then-Fr William Koenig talking about faith formation.

And here's the Cathedral's YouTube channel.

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7 Apr
This isn't a flippant question, by the way. I believe that both Küng and Burke, at their core, were ideologically motivated to reject traditional Catholic teachings on magisterial authority on doctrine and discipline. Both developed theories of authority to justify that dissent.
Obviously, Küng's theories were much better developed and were written over a longer period of time, but Burke has developed his own sort of "Theology of Disobedience" in the last several years, most comprehensively articulated in a 2018 speech.


"If, a member of the faithful believes in conscience that a particular exercise of the fullness of power is sinful and cannot bring his conscience to peace in the matter, 'the pope must, as a duty, be disobeyed'"
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6 Apr
It's not just liberals and progressives who should be challenging the increasingly reactionary views of Archbishop Chaput. His public statements have, at many points, put him at odds with Pope Francis and in certain cases have clearly sought to contract the pope's mission.
He tries to put forth a public image of support for Francis, but anyone who was watching closely noted his dissenting view of Amoris Laetitia, attempts to cancel the youth synod, and support for Viganò (and absence of support for the pope) in Aug 2018.

Furthermore, he inexplicably praised giving an award for Catholic lay witness to Bill Barr at the National Catholic Prayer breakfast, received during a 1-day break between Federal executions Barr scheduled.

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12 Mar
"This crisis calls for concerted efforts by all to take necessary steps, including an equitable distribution of vaccines for everyone." @Pontifex in Iraq last Friday

Address to the UN, Sept 25, 2020 by @pontifex

Address by @Pontifex to Diplomatic corps, Feb 5 2021:

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11 Mar
The Gospel of MAGA - Fr. Frank Pavone via @YouTube
2. This movement has captured the imagination of so many formerly conservative Catholics and pro-life activists.

3. Fr Pavone is far from the only rogue US priest who is not being held accountable for spreading sensational and apocalyptic conspiracy theories.

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11 Mar
Milo is quitting the alt-right and white nationalism? I didn't pick that up from the interview...
The bishop referred to the "culture" he was leaving. I see no indication that he has been working to change anything except a few aspects of his behavior.

As far as I can tell, however, his "culture" (white nationalism & alt-right) remains the same.
I mean, he got himself kicked off PARLER less than a month ago. (how is that even possible?) Great that he is trying to live chastely but he doesn't seem interested in the faith in its fullness.
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11 Nov 20
Realities are greater than ideas.

@Pontifex keeps saying this and I think his understanding of this is something that sets him apart from his immediate predecessors.

This is why his papacy is so necessary right now in this messy world where we live. 1/
The #McCarrickReport, which likely wouldn't have been commissioned (and certainly would never be made public) by his predecessors, shows an institutional Church and 2 popes who placed an idealized vision of Catholicism over the reality of the abuse by leaders in the Church. 2/
I accept at face value the explanation that John Paul II fell prey to the lies of predators like McCarrick & Maciel, and thought they were innocent.

He certainly wouldn't CONDONE abuse. But he clearly placed his trust in clerics over the people of God. 3/
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10 Nov 20
The greatest TV dad of all time, and I am just realizing it now.
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9 Nov 20
Letter from the pastor who replaced the now-excommunicated priest abuser Fr Jeremy Leatherby in the Diocese of Sacramento.

"It has been a long journey, but I believe that the events that have unfolded now lead us to bring this saga to an end. I do believe that much healing has already taken place for many and still much more is necessary."
"Those who followed him separated themselves from the Church which became a source of great scandal and wound that was inflicted upon all of us."
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9 Nov 20
If anyone didn't have time to read Archbishop Vigano's most recent letter, or if you had trouble understanding what he was saying, here is a diagram that may help explain it.
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8 Nov 20
Highlight from Viganò's latest:

"Covid and Biden are two holograms, two artificial creations, ready to be adapted time and time again to contingent needs or respectively replaced when necessary with Covid-21 and Kamala Harris."
Yes, and...?

'the contemptuous comments responding to my words about the “children of Light” and the “children of darkness,” as if my “apocalyptic tones” were the fruit of a ravingly mad mind and not the simple observation of reality.'
"fraud that they have plotted against President Trump and against America will not remain standing for long, nor will the worldwide fraud of Covid, the responsibility of the Chinese dictatorship, the complicity of the corrupt and traitors, and the enslavement of the deep church."
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7 Nov 20
I'm 89% certain that Mr Davis of @CrisisMag (1) didn't read the Vanity Fair article closely, & (2) is clueless about the contributors to @Where_Peter_is, many of whom also have big families, homeschool, and attend the EF, BUT happen to be in full communion with the pope as well.
This part where he mentions @rightscholar killed me though: Image
In other words, "The forces of evil have propped up three of the most important figures in the nation's capital: the President-Elect, the Speaker of the House, and the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington, DC... plus this guy Dave from Ontario who blogs in his spare time."

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19 Aug 20
Once again, with feeling:

The reactionary, anti-Francis movement that is poisoning the Catholic Church is divorced from reality, history, human decency, common sense, cultural progress, civil rights, the common good, and God's will.

No, the title is not satire (as I'd hoped):

"any sober and dispassionate mind must conclude that giving ladies the right to vote was the single greatest catastrophe in the history of our storied republic."
Oh it gets worse:

"Does anyone—conservative or progressive—believe that our laws have become more sound, and our government more useful, over the last one hundred years? If not, we should do one really sound and sensible thing: take away women’s right to vote."
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20 Jul 20
I've been coming across a lot of posts on Facebook in various Catholic groups I belong to. What I see is horrifying.

Stuff like claims of "demon worship" in the Vatican, to Francis being a false pope, to people bragging about how their pastors mock wearing masks. 1/
These are posts with hundreds of likes and supporting comments. Most appear to be real people, not anonymous trolls like on Twitter.

I also hear from a lot of @Where_Peter_is readers from families and communities where this kind of thinking is dominant. 2/
This is the "postmodern" direction that traditionalism has taken. This anti-intellectual, fear-based conspiracism is beating our Church down. 3/
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