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Building an audio course called "How to Advance at Work" for @growthpathlabs 🎧 | SF Native 🌁 | Moderate Liberal ⚖️
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Aug 11 9 tweets 2 min read
Do not read this if you are easily grossed out.

Last night at a party I met a woman who left San Francisco after her dog walker told her the dogs were getting addicted to meth-laced feces.

Apparently they were running around the parks looking for it and then getting high. This woman shared her story to a small crowd, so someone piped in.

"I left San Francisco after my second child got punched by a homeless man wielding a liquor bottle."

The third person in the group said "we left San Francisco after my business got robbed the 15th time."
Aug 10 5 tweets 2 min read
Seeing a concerning trend but perhaps still too early to tell.

Of all the people I've asked to guest star for @GrowthPathLabs ~80% of the women I've asked have said no (all cited being too busy with personal life), and ~80% of the men have said yes. Guest starring requires ~2-3 hrs of work.

It can be a great way to share your expertise, build your personal brand, and pay it forward.

I wonder if women are typically more hesitant to offer support to colleagues... That may explain some of the mentorship gap.
Aug 10 15 tweets 3 min read
This is why more companies are going to be leaving SF.

Advocates call it a "tiny half a percent".

I call it $39 million that could be given back to employees and shareholders. It's easy to say you "believe in higher taxes."

I too "believe in high taxes."

But facts don't care about your "beliefs."

And the fact is, company leaders have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders...
Aug 9 25 tweets 5 min read
Controversial POV:

I think middle managers are the most undervalued employees in an organization.

They are the butt of jokes, people think they just want "more meetings" - but they are actually the bones & muscles of any functioning organization.

Do you agree? Name me a high performance organization - big or medium-sized - that functions without a strong set of middle managers.

People say that housing is a human right. Healthcare is a human right. Good jobs are a human right.

Think about housing for a second... What makes housing?
Aug 8 11 tweets 1 min read
Is the left anti-capitalism? Is the average Democrat anti-capitalism?
Jul 19 22 tweets 5 min read
Astounding numbers just dropped from the San Francisco Board of Education.

See "ready for high school" vs "chronically absent" and graduation rate. Image Also, this.

Source: go.boarddocs.com/ca/sfusd/Board… Image