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25 May 20
Cummings' story doesn't add up pscp.tv/w/cZqx5DFtTUVQ…
Gah - and I forgot the bit about why can’t Mary drive... or why is it ok to agree to his 17 yo niece taking care of a child with a “deadly” virus, but not any professional in London.

So, so many holes. The whole thing stinks.
Write to your MP — and add all your local friends in CC/BCC.

Cummings’ story has more holes than Swiss cheese gunned down by the mob.

We are not complete mugs. #EyeTestFuckOff
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25 May 20
Oh, good God...

I just tune in to the BBC to see the Cummings speech...

...and they have Tom Harwood, a pure political spin chatterbox and not in any a legal expert, opining on the legalities of Cummings. My eyes, my eyes, my country. 😞
*in any sense.

(I really shold proof-read tweets better)
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22 May 20
Look at this behaviour by @bbclaurak.

- Firstly she subtweets @PippaCrerar’s story to undermine it.

- Secondly she comments on the story to undermine it.

Based on? Anonymous “source” in Gov who feeds her lines.

This isn’t responsible public journalism- it’s working for No10.
It’s very telling that Kuenssberg went into attack/rebuttal mode so quickly after that tweet went out.

She clearly 1) has hotline & 2) wants to support Gov.

Would she engage in such rapid-rebuttal behaviour for the Labour/LD/SNP/Green leader?

Time to question BBC impartiality.
How to make a complaint to BBC

Online: Make a complaint
Phone: 03700 100 222* or 03700 100 212* (textphone) *24 hours, charged as 01/02 geographic numbers
Post: BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR

Online link: bbc.co.uk/bbctrust/conta…
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18 May 20
I've read your report.

It's utterly bogus. The lion's share (£176bn) of your £380bn comes from, according to your own report - instantly slashing "Working Time Directive, Climate Change and Renewable Package" etc - with £132bn coming from instant FTAs.

- the report's a joke.
If anyone else wants to read the hot, delusional fantasy mess that is this report, here it is:

The authors are also claiming that their polling data show Brits don't want an extension, whereas their own data show more Brits than not think it beneficial:
Further, the report sings up the benefit of trading on WTO rules (25 mentions in doc) - without a single mention that the WTO is utterly broken, in financial trouble, chief just resigned, US pulling out & with no capacity left to enforce said rules.

See: yorkshirebylines.co.uk/wto-on-the-bri…
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11 May 20
What the...? This gibberish is reminiscent of Trump’s bleach & light blatherings.
What Boris Johnson was *trying* to say (in a hurried way)...

... is that Covid-19 can be detected in wastewater (not water supply), meaning that if you monitor wastewater from all towns, you get a clever early indicator of outbreak & can swoop in local lockdown measures.
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30 Apr 20
Know what? I think Govt are going to hit their 100,000 tests mark.

Here's how. First, on April 28, Govt opened up the testing to 65+s (millions of people).

Then next morning at 11am, Hancock emails the Conservative Party membership (124K members, many over 65) to apply.
Why is that email important? Because not a lot of people watching the news the day before would know how to go and apply or take the action...

...emailing a database with a big "Apply Now" button does the trick.

A Conservative Party database will have additional reason to act.
This isn't illegal, of course -- everyone should be notified.

However, did the Govt put similar effort into outreach for care home residents and staff, arguably much more important to test - but who were made egible on the same day?
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21 Mar 20
This piece fits with what I have heard.

A clique around Govt designed a high-risk ‘herd immunity’ strategy...

...that was shielded from peer review/ outside advice (arrogance about ‘the science’).

Then they realised they screwed up and pivoted hard. buzzfeed.com/alexwickham/10…
Science is an international team game.

🌍 🧬 🧫 🔬🧑🏽‍🔬👨🏿‍🔬👩🏻‍💻👨🏼‍🔬👨🏻‍💻

It is not a nationalistic “we’ll prove we’re smarter than you” game.

🧪 🖕🧐
The big question for me is... why did the UK *and the US* pivot at the same time on the same finding of a single (outlier) modelling group?

Were the US & UK sharing a “we’re cleverer than @WHO & world” strategy? If so - who were the link people connecting this arrogant approach?
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21 Mar 20
Pub closures, pay compensation, testing & why Govt need a Covid-19 “war room”. pscp.tv/w/cUR9DjFtTUVQ…
Gah- it’s an RNA virus, not a DNA one. Apols for that error.
Also, some are saying I shouldn’t suggest the term “war room”. Probably right.

Give me your better suggestions below. 👇🤓
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14 Mar 20
I’m a scientist.

Science is for all of us. I want the public to love & discuss science.

But it irks me when political journos preach about who is on the side of science... and feign that they are its champions.

That aggressive posturing is NOT how scientists discuss science.
In the science community, conversation is full of curiosity.

“I don’t know”, “that’d be fun to investigate”, “we should ask X”, etc...

Is common in science.

I wish journalists speaking *about* science would do so with a similar curiosity & recognition of their own limits.
Oftentimes we don’t know in absolutest terms. We apply our best guess...

But we point to the data & models from which we derive those best guesses... and invite others to look at the data and contribute their takes. It’s a collegial & open approach.
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27 Feb 20
I don’t think even @JuliaHB1 believes this from Davis.

1) The EU27 can also do other trade deals -and it’s easier for them to replace 7% of their exports to us, than for us to replace 45%

2) There’s a reason why deals are all different. Canadian financial regs are not a threat.
Furthermore- which trade deal (NZ, Japan) is the model for our fishing arrangements?

Which one (Canada, South Korea) is the model for our relationship with the EU science programme? (Those countries don’t have what we need).

It’s diff agreements for dif circumstances.
Finally, if we did have all the cards and a massive upside even from walking away... then explain the last 3 years.

EU have just beaten Davis, May & Johnson hands-down on setting terms of negotiation (incl sequencing), getting £39bn, protected MFF and keeping NI in SM/CU.
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26 Feb 20
This piece is unimpressive.

It’s all teenage attitude without pragmatics.

Simply put, if we’re 100% not going to go lower than EU standards, only higher - why would we not sign a guarantee on that to settle EU27 nerves and get deeper access to the huge market next door?
Furthermore, saying no ECJ whatsoever is again petulant and not pragmatic.

Look at the EU science programme. If we sign up to be a country whose institutions can receive & distribute money from the EU kitty, who oversees that legally? Clearly the ECJ - the Swiss do it that way.
If you are a coordinator for an EU science project, you receive all the money and you are responsible for managing the budget and distributing to the other (multinational) partner institutions.

If there is any legal/financial dispute between partners, the ECJ sorts it.
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15 Feb 20
“Until now, British drivers have enjoyed access to all EU and EEA countries ... without the need for any extra documentation. But starting next year, UK drivers will need an international driving permit to use their cars in most European countries.” telegraph.co.uk/cars/advice/dr…
“There are three types of IDP, however, and not all are recognised by every country. The two you’ll need for European trips are known as the 1968 Vienna Convention IDP and the 1949 Paris Convention IDP, which last for three years and twelve months respectively.”
“Each version of the IDP costs £5.50, so if you need both you’ll need to pay £11. A 1968 IDP lasts for three years, while the 1949 IDP will need renewing after just one year. Not having an IDP in a country where you need one could land you with a fine.”
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2 Feb 20
“The Chancellor has ordered ministers to identify savage cuts to departmental budgets - despite promising before the election that "no department will be cut next year"”

This is why people switch off from politics. Pledges & promises are meaningless. mirror.co.uk/news/politics/…
I have an idea.

Any time a politician wishes to make a pledge - it goes into a register alongside a personal punishment if broken (sacking, substantial fine, etc)

No agreed register entry? The pledge is not official.

The terms of the pledge are written in a contractual way...
...and the Register is overseen by an arms-length body.

This way, a pledge has legal & contractual meaning, clear to the public. The severity of the punishment chosen indicates the seriousness of their commitment.

This is how politicians could be held genuinely to account.
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20 Jan 20
I still don’t really know what “woke” means.

I see Piers Morgan and Spiked magazine get all flustered, triggered and angry about ‘wokeness’.

It seems to be the ‘right’ getting all leftie about lefties - or something equally important. Anyone?
Is it just a trendy new replacement for “PC”? I’ve not heard that term in a while. Or is there a difference between being ‘woke’ and being ‘PC’?
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15 Jan 20
No. I’m a scientist.

The scientific method is about proof or disproof of hypotheses. But only in maths do you have irrefutable proof. In the world of experimentation, we use a significance threshold. Usually at 5%.

How is that threshold determined? Scientific consensus. /Thread
To repeat in clearer terms:

The scientific method itself is formed by scientific consensus...

...on what works to strip away truth from false understandings.

We agreed together over time what statistical tools to use and tested their robustness over myriad examples.
There are still huge problems in science... with the publishing of false positive, non-publishing of true negatives (file-drawer effect) & those instances occurring within papers.

But the notion of a discrete “method” entirely divorced from consensus of practitioners- is false.
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7 Jan 20
Now hold on a sec. This Sun article praises Finnish policy of a 4-day week & notes that similar moves elsewhere have been shown to increase productivity.

Search “4-day week Sun” & you’ll see several Sun articles praising it - and Sun articles ridiculing Labour for advocating it.
I’d also like to point out that:

1) Productivity is the UK’s achilles heel. We need to employ all measures that can boost that.

2) In the NHS, staff are over-burdened, exhausted and demoralised. Such a measure could help retention, productivity & patient safety.
As someone pointed out in replies below... the Sun’s keen praise for this is made even more ironic by it being fake news, apparently:

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2 Jan 20
Can we zoom in on that phrase:

“When we work together”?

And then consider the “working together” of Europe that you have undermined since 2016.

Brexit sets back our capacity to work together on protecting the planet. You even *want* to disalign from environmental standards.
Note to some people (given comments):

I did not say “removes” our capacity - we can of course still work with EU27 - I said “sets back” because: 1) Brexit has an opportunity cost of time, energy & finances 2) undermining environmental protections is the wrong direction.
Furthermore, it’s sending all the wrong signals that we’d do a trade deal with US when they say UK/global climate targets cannot be mentioned in such a deal (see article)

+ we’d contemplate deals with Aus/NZ to increase shipping cargo 1/2 way round world.
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23 Dec 19
Dear @GC_Rail - sort yourselves out.

My partner & 11-mo baby couldn’t get on their train to York to visit family for Xmas *despite having reserved seats*.

The train was jammed with people. Overbooked. No staff helping. Saw disabled person & pregnant woman with same problem.
So frustrating. People piled up in aisles on all carriages. Crowds at the carriage doors trying to push on.

We arrived in plenty of time. Scrum as soon as platform called.

Luckily I’d come to the platform to see them off. Could take care of baby while partner looked for help.
One member of staff on platform swamped by people with reservations asking what’s going on. No helpful answers.

Couldn’t get on. Went back to info desk. Kneeling on ground feeding baby in info desk queue. Finally got taken to a waiting room to wait for another train.
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16 Dec 19
I was just on @lbc talking to @NickFerrariLBC.

As I see it, the big battle of 2020 will be the US trade deal vs the EU trade deal.

Are we European Brits or American Brits (colonial style)?

You can’t subscribe deeply to two different sets of rules.

We’ll be forced to chose.
Or rather - our Conservative Government have already chosen the latter

(it’s clear in their eagerness for EU crash-out)...

... but the question is whether they can sell this Thatcherism 2.0 (trashing traditional industries and being US’s data & AI subordinate) to the public.
So adding to the complexity of doing any trade deal...

...is simultaneously negotiating two trade deals that fundamentally clash in vision about regulation of UK food, health, chemicals & data/privacy.

That is monstrously complex.
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12 Dec 19
Fuck this.

I’m starting the Rejoin Campaign at 22:25 on 12/12/2019.

Who’s with me? 🥃
First thing to do is just know we have huge community of local pro-EU groups on social media.

Find your local group on Twitter:

And also on FB (>600,000 followers):

Follow them.

The UK has the largest pro-EU community in Europe.
Also note that the majority of people will have voted for pro-PV parties.

Brexit may have a parliamentary majority now...

...but it has a popular minority.

Poll after poll shows a popular preference for Remain. That’s a huge community to work with.
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11 Dec 19
I am Labour ✊ 🌹

I am from WIMBLEDON.

And in Wimbledon we must vote LIB DEM.

I will be voting LIB DEM.

Tactical voting sites agree that’s the best anti-Tory & pro-PV vote (below). And it’s therefore also in the best interests of Labour.

See: votesmart2019.com
And I’ll have no sniping below either from Lib Dems taking a pop at Corbyn... or Labour colleagues moaning about 2017.

I know Wimbledon. This is what must be done here.

And I’m encouraging you all to do the same in your constituencies - do the right thing & vote tactically.
I’m encouraging Lib Dems to back Labour where Labour have the best bet of winning.

And encouraging Labour voters to, like me, back Lib Dems openly where LD have the best shot of deposing the Tory.

If you’re not in that position yourself -then do actively support others who are.
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