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Crypto investor, analyst and DeFi addict. I post fundamental and technical analysis (not financial advice). $FTM $LUNA - $SPIRIT $LQDR $AR
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Jan 22 24 tweets 9 min read
🧵: A thread on how to generate insane yield on stables, using 4 of my favourite stablecoin staking strategies.

Stablecoin farming is an essential strategy to help you earn yield during market volatility. It increases your buying power so you can fully take advantage of dips. 2/ In this thread I'll cover:

1. @Spirit_Swap stablecoin LPs
2. Earning UST on @anchor_protocol
3. UST degenbox strategy on abracadabra
4. @iearnfinance stablecoin staking
Jan 17 21 tweets 9 min read
🧵: A thread on how to generate insane yields in the Terra $LUNA ecosystem.

I'll cover:
- Borrowing and earning on @anchor_protocol
- UST Strategy (20% APR)
- Osmosis (70-94% APR)
- @mars_protocol and @astroport_fi
- Two 10x gems with insane yield (3000%+)

Let's dive in 👇 1/ Anchor Protocol allows you to collateralise your $LUNA to borrow UST. Here's how:

1. Bond your $LUNA for bLUNA using Terra Station wallet
2. Deposit bLUNA as collateral
3. Borrow against your bLUNA (up to 60% LTV)

(I recommend an LTV of max 30% to avoid liquidation)
Jan 14 19 tweets 7 min read
The ultimate $FTM beginners buying guide:

🧵: A thread on how to buy, stake and bridge on Fantom. 👇

Share this thread to anyone new to $FTM or crypto to help them get started, and take advantage of one of the biggest opportunities in crypto right now. 🚀

1/19 2/ With $FTM exploding in popularity, it's attracting a wealth of prospective buyers.

This thread aims to assist new buyers in purchasing $FTM to get started in DeFi and take advantage of the massive opportunities in the Fantom ecosystem right now.
Jan 13 15 tweets 5 min read
Liquid Driver is changing the game, and is home to some of the most lucrative yields on $FTM right now.

🧵: A thread on my favourite $LQDR staking strategies to help you earn 300%+ APY and take advantage of the massive opportunity in Fantom DeFi right now. 👇

1/15 2/ Before we dive into the specific strategies, here's a little bit of background on @LiquidDriver, and why I think it's one of the best plays in the $FTM ecosystem.

Liquid Driver allows you to become a yield hunter via its farms, vault strategy, xLQDR and revenue sharing vault.
Jan 11 4 tweets 2 min read
If you can set aside 20 minutes today to take it all in, @crypto_klay's threads on the "Spirit Wars" are brilliant and well worth reading.

Packed with info, and once it clicks you start to truly realise the power of $LQDR, $SPIRIT and the $FTM ecosystem.

Part 2:

Jan 9 14 tweets 4 min read
Crypto is the craziest and most volatile market in the world. From massive pumps to massive crashes, it can be a very difficult space to navigate.

🧵: A thread on 3 major crypto lessons that I've learnt throughout my journey to help you succeed in this crazy game. 👇

1/14 2/ Lesson 1: Buy dips, not pumps.

This is the hardest philosophy to adhere to, as we are creatures driven by emotion and it becomes very difficult to remove emotional bias.

However, it's also the most important lesson - as getting good entries significantly increases returns.
Jan 7 18 tweets 7 min read
The way to make life changing gains in $FTM isn't by directly investing in Fantom itself, but by taking advantage of the massive opportunities in its DeFi ecosystem.

🧵: A thread covering some of my favourite projects on $FTM, and why they could net you insane profits in 2022 👇 2/ If you have the belief that $FTM can 5-10x+ this year, where do you think those gains will derive from? I'll tell you: The DeFi projects that comprise Fantom's flourishing ecosystem.

If $FTM 10xs, some of these projects can 25x or 50x. Higher upside, higher downside.
Jan 6 4 tweets 2 min read
The truth is, if you want to make life changing gains in $FTM, the way to do it is through the ecosystem.

Some of these projects could 25x or 50x over the next year or so.

In an HOUR I’ll be releasing a new video with @Prof_Crypto_B on our favourite Fantom ecosystem plays 👀 We’ll also go over some yield farming strategies on @LiquidDriver, @Spirit_Swap and @beethoven_x so you can put your tokens to work and earn passive income.
Jan 4 16 tweets 6 min read
A thread on my favourite $FTM staking strategies in 2022. 🧵

I'll cover:
- How you can earn anywhere from 5-1000% APY in the Fantom ecosystem
- Different strategies for varying risk tolerances
- My personal staking strategy (Not FA)

Let's dive in 👇

1/16 2/ Want to know how to generate insane yield in the $FTM ecosystem? Well, you've come to the right place.

I'll cover 5 strategies:
1. @FantomFDN staking (5-14%)
2. @iearnfinance Vault (10.96%) Abracadabra (200%+)
3. Yield Farming
4. @tombfinance (1000%)
5. @LiquidDriver (120%)
Dec 28, 2021 27 tweets 9 min read
A thread on why I think $FTM can 5-10x in 2022🧵.

I'll cover:

- Why Fantom is one of the most undervalued projects in crypto
- How it can 5-10x in 2022 (fundamental analysis and upcoming catalysts)

Let's dive in 👇

1/25 $FTM was 2021's 4th best performer, increasing a massive 14,474%.

Yet, it still finds itself lagging behind other L1s like $AVAX, $SOL and $ADA, despite possessing the qualities to command a top 10 ranking (currently 36).

Let's dive into what makes $FTM special 👇

Nov 26, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
THREAD🧵: Why $FTM is the most undervalued L1 in crypto (TVL analysis).

Out of the top 10 chains by TVL, $FTM has the lowest Mkt Cap/TVL Ratio. This means by TVL metrics, $FTM is the most undervalued chain in the top 10.

1/5 When we compare $FTM's ratio of 1.15 to projects like $SOL (4.35), and $AVAX (1.9), we can start to see how undervalued $FTM truly is.

According to TVL, $FTM is:

- 3.8x undervalued compared to Solana
- 1.7x undervalued compared to Avalanche

Nov 25, 2021 11 tweets 4 min read
THREAD🧵: Why accumulating $SPELL now could be a path to riches this cycle.

@danielesesta is building a DeFi revolution, and if you're not already on board - now is the time to strongly consider joining or accumulating more. 🐸

Abracadabra is a revolutionary borrowing/lending platform lead by @danielesesta. It allows users to borrow MIM via providing interest bearing assets as collateral. Its basically yield farming on steroids.

$SPELL is the governance token of Abracadabra.

Nov 24, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
I really like what I'm seeing from the $FTM daily transactions chart. Consolidation for a few weeks around 700k, and poised for breakout to the upside. The fact FTM maintained a higher transaction count than $AVAX despite suffering a -40% correction is extremely bullish imo. Image Even during a downturn $FTM was one of the most used chains. What happens to daily transactions during a price rally/price discovery? Hint: It goes parabolic. That will only fuel more aggressive price moves to the upside.
Nov 23, 2021 11 tweets 2 min read
THREAD🧵: Why rotating out of $AVAX into $FTM could be the most lucrative crypto play of the year (Avalanche vs Fantom comparison).

Let's dive into why rotating out of $AVAX into $FTM could be a path to riches this cycle👇.

1/11. $AVAX currently has a valuation of $30b v $FTM's $5b despite being compatible/inferior on most metrics.

AVAX has a TVL of 12.6b v FTM's 4.7b. However, FTM has a mkt cap/TVL ratio of 1.11 compared to AVAX's 2.35.

Meaning in TVL terms, FTM is undervalued by 53% vs AVAX.