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27 Aug
Interesting analysis by @cfmmuk of articles about the sentencing of the Christchurch terrorist:

1. Only 9% had "terrorist" in the headline
2. Most did use "terrorist" in the article itself, but mainly when quoting someone else
3. 1 in 5 articles didn't use "terrorist" at all
Not one of the main broadcasters used "terrorist" in the headline, and in the main article, some used "terrorism" or "terrorist" when referring to the specific charge, or quoting the judge for example.

None used it as a descriptor.
The Mirror, Metro and Independent used terror / terrorist in the main headline; and the Guardian used terrorist in the sub-headline.

Important to see
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9 Aug
How to prove the Conservative Party's "inquiry" into racism is a sham & designed to fail

✅ Awful Terms of Reference
✅ Spiked columnist chosen as Chair
✅ (NEW) even more delays

Yet few even acknowledge how blatant this betrayal of Muslim communities is independent.co.uk/news/uk/politi…
A reminder:

At the top of the Terms of Reference for their complaints assessment into discrimination, the Conservatives put Islamophobia in inverted commas.

Yes, seriously.

Can we please be honest and call out the Conservative Party's "independent investigation" for what it is: a complaints assessment.

You cannot assess the institutional racism in the Party through a complaints assessment.

But I guess that's the point.

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16 Jul
Dr Tony Sewell, who the government has chosen to lead the race disparities review, wrote a piece in 2008 entitled:

"Racism is not the problem: Warwick University's accusation of institutional racism in schools undermines teachers..."

Dr Tony Sewell: Disparities based on race are not necessarily caused by racism

Dr Tony Sewell has denied that the removal of statues and television programmes amid anti-racism protests will make a difference to the lives of black people.

Tony Sewell: My mate Rod Liddle is right — absent fathers fuel the killing

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12 Jul
NEW: Tory MP Bob Blackman was exposed sharing a platform with Katie Hopkins & David Vance

ICYMI he has a long history linked to Islamophobia inc RTing Tommy Robinson

@Conservatives claim a "zero tolerance" policy: we know what that really means (thread)
History of Bob Blackman MP:

1. RTed Tommy Robinson
2. Hosted anti-Muslim extremist in Parliament
3. Shared fake news from anti-Muslim site
4. Shared an anti-Muslim Facebook post
5. Was part of anti-Muslim Facebook groups
6. Shared platform with Hopkins & Vance

*No action taken*
Here, Blackman claims he didn't know he was sharing a platform with Hopkins & Vance despite being on the agenda

- He chose not to say anything even when he apparently did find out
- Even now he chose not to apologise

Given his history, this is all the more unacceptable
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15 May
Yesterday, 3 Conservative MPs (@NadineDorries, @lucyallan & @mariacaufield) shared a post from a man with a history of far-right Islamophobia. They have not apologised

They are not the only sitting Conservative MPs with serious issues when it comes to Islamophobia.

Karl McCartney (@karlmccartney) *repeatedly* promoted tweets by far right Islamophobic activists like Katie Hopkins & Tommy Robinson

No action has been taken

Bob Blackman (@BobBlackman) RTed an anti-Muslim post by Tommy Robinson but also:
- Hosted anti-Muslim extremist in Parliament (Tapan Ghosh)
- Shared Islamophobic story on FB
- Was part of Islamophobic FB groups

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14 May
3 Conservative MPs Nadine Dorries, Maria Caulfield and Lucy Allan today shared a doctored video from this Islamophobic far-right account

ICYMI: Dorries has a history sharing from the far-right & propagating Islamophobia (see thread)

Will action be taken this time?

ht @hughster
Here is Nadine Dorries sharing from the far right Islamophobe "Tommy Robinson"

The tweet is still up and she hasn't apologised.

(Note: contents not available as Twitter deleted Tommy Robinson's account)

She shared this misleading tweet from a supporter of the far-right anti-Islam party For Britain

(before deleting without apology).

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13 May
It's interesting to see how pieces from people attacking the @MuslimCouncil, are full of vacuous statements or outright misleading nonsense.

The latest attack is from the Henry Jackson Society in Spiked - let's break this piece down.

The headline is related to misrepresentation of a 14 year old poll cited in the piece.

Whilst MCB only claims to represent our affiliates, here are 2 recent polls, where the MCB's approval rating exceeds all political parties.

The beginning of the article tries to attack the MCB for its critique of Phillips.

What's so interesting is there is literally nothing substantive & no evidence laid out against our critique. For those interested, see my thread outlining concerns here.

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1 May
An appalling leader in The Times today managing to encapsulate why so many see its coverage of Muslim-related issues as misleading, insulting & not trustworthy.

Rather than judge issues on their merits, ideological convenience takes precedence

thetimes.co.uk/article/the-ti… ImageImage
16 BAME groups represent (tens of?) 1000s of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Sudanese, Egyptian, Afghani, Syrian & other doctors & health professionals dying disproportionately on the front line.

The Times dismisses their voice.


news.sky.com/story/coronavi… Image
The Times then blames @MuslimCouncil (as it's ideologically convenient to say it's the Muslims' fault) ignoring widespread concern.

Do @OpBlackVote, @RunnymedeTrust, @afuahirsch, @Influenchers, @SayeedaWarsi etc. (plus the frontline workers) not matter?
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15 Apr
The front of the BBC website currently is a group of Muslim women wearing a niqab as the story is concerning Trump defunding the World Health Organisation
Some previous front pages on the BBC website
And some more

See thread here for dates and details
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11 Mar
Outrageous does not even begin what the BBC are doing tonight.

@BBCRadio4's #MoralMaze has Melanie Phillips on, to discuss Islamophobia.

The same Phillips who writes vile pieces and uses far-right Islamophobic tropes about Muslims.

ICYMI: Here's Melanie Phillips on the "fiction" of Islamophobia - annotated for ease

Here is Melanie Phillips alongside Katie Hopkins & Robert Spencer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC)

ICYMI: Spencer is so extreme that he was banned from entering UK & DHFC published pieces defending Robinson, and has even lobbied for him to address US politicians
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9 Mar
On @BBCr4today at 8:30am, I discussed Trevor Phillips' ongoing unfounded claims about Muslims that not only align with far-right Islamophobes but are used by far-right Islamophobes to justify their divisive hatefulness and targeting of Muslims.
Trevor Phillips publicly states that the placing of a Christian girl into Muslim foster care is "akin to child abuse".

He has not apologised for this article.

I wrote an article about his divisiveness after he fronted a documentary entitled: "What British Muslims *really* think" (because what we say, is not believable(?))

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26 Feb
Many Muslims raised serious concerns with the way @Emmabarnett framed Taj Hargey as a saviour of British Muslims on @bbc5live

This is because his assumptions are wrong, his ideas sometimes echo narratives of the far-right & he says things that are just plainly untrue

@Emmabarnett @bbc5live For example, he propagates the far-right idea that Muslims might take over unless action is taken - and that there might be an "Islamic Republic of Britain".

@Emmabarnett @bbc5live For example, he considers Pizza Express admitting its chicken is halal, is "covert religious extremism and creeping Islamic fundamentalism making its way into Britain by the back door."

Just because he does believe meat needs to be Halal, shouldn't result in such statements
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15 Feb
Chief Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Dominic Cummings has a new advisor Andrew Sabisky

Here is Sabisky:
1 Openly advocating eugenics schoolsweek.co.uk/andrew-sabisky…
2 Speaking at a white nationalist eugenics conference, later shut down by UCL rationalwiki.org/wiki/London_Co…

H/t @dmk1793
Two key screenshots from @dmk1793
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14 Feb
This week, an individual tried to frame me & damage my reputation by falsely claiming I leaked a message from a private group of Muslim activists

An individual has admitted his phone was responsible for the fake imagery, but claims his phone was "hacked" or "cloned".
As a Muslim in the public space, I expect strong challenge and unfortunately regularly receive hateful bigotry on Twitter from far-right trolls.

However, an attempt at doctoring an image to try and frame me for something I didn't do - I had not foreseen such underhand tactics
Why the individual chose to target me in this way, I cannot know, nor can I know whether the individual was working *with* others, or at the behest of others.

What I can know, however, is who weaponised this lie against me, and who is (again) trying to lie and demonise me.
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30 Jan
The Telegraph has been forced to admit it lied about Mr Hussain & that he does not support or promote terrorism, or been anti-Semitic. It paid an undisclosed sum in damages

This is not the first such outrageous lie in the Telegraph about Muslims (thread)
Here are 4 more examples of false slurs on Muslims that the Telegraph apologised for.

Granted, these were Andrew Gilligan, who has a history in this space but that's not an excuse.

ICYMI: Gilligan is a special advisor to the Prime Minister
Let's not forget The Telegraph falsely claiming 2 Muslims were responsible for a "Trojan Horse" plot in Oldham. Another apology

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3 Jan
The Jewish Chronicle continues in its anti-Muslim positioning, now praising Colonel Richard Kemp & claiming "no comments made by Colonel Kemp could reasonably be interpreted as “Islamophobic”"

It's not difficult to show why they are wrong.
As this collation by @TomNwainwright shows, it's not only his own words. He also propagates hateful articles about Muslims:

1. From Gatestone Institute
2. Defending Tommy Robinson and an article written by Geert Wilders
3. From Brietbart

@TomNwainwright Let's not forget Richard Kemp targeted the most senior British Muslim woman in public life, Baroness Warsi, wrongly libelling her by falsely claiming she had sought to excuse the actions of Daesh terrorists.

Jewish News had to print a front page apology

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16 Dec 19
The Jewish Chronicle's editors know Muslims are fearful, as many in the Islamophobic far right feel emboldened.

Yet they choose now to publish this vile piece from the awful Melanie Phillips - as Islamophobia is on the rise.

We should not be surprised by the Jewish Chroncile - it's not the first time.

When many Muslims were reeling after the massacre in Christchurch, they published a similar hate-filled piece by Melanie Phillips

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26 Nov 19
In response to the concerns of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party raised by @MuslimCouncil, Mr Boris Johnson said: "...if anybody is done for Islamophobia or any other prejudice or discrimination in the Conservative Party they are out first bounce"

Let's test that, shall we?
Karl McCartney has repeatedly retweeted "far-right propaganda" from the Islamophobic bigots Tommy Robinson & Katie Hopkins as uncovered by @hopenothate

He is the Party candidate in Lincoln.

Is he out "first bounce"?

What about Anjana Patel, the Conservative candidate in Brent North?

The Tories Knew About This Candidate's Anti-Muslim Tweet, But Let Her Stand Anyway.

Is she going to be out "first bounce"?
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13 Nov 19
Conservative candidate Bob Blackman said on @Channel4News that him endorsing Islamophobia was "absolutely untrue". He seemed worried about "going into details" after being asked about sharing a post by Tommy Robinson

Let's see the evidence of his consistent stream of "mistakes"
Here is the tweet he shared by the far-right Tommy Robinson which just happened to appear on his newsfeed.

He implied he was okay with the content but somehow missed the author of the tweet
He was so apologetic that for a long time even after the media caught him out, he didn't even bother undoing his RT. He has now!

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5 Sep 19
Boris Johnson claims that the Party has a zero tolerance policy towards Islamophobia.

Q1: What happened to Bob Blackman, who RTed an anti Muslim tweet from Tommy Robinson, hosted an anti-Muslim bigot in Parliament & shared an anti-Muslim post on Facebook?
Q2: What has been done about Zac Goldsmith, who ran a disgusting racist campaign for Mayor of London?

ICYMI: Goldsmith was promoted to Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment and International Development under Boris Johnson.

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28 Jul 19
The Prime Minister has made a number of troubling appointments to his team, starting with Chloe Westley as an aide to Number 10, who called a far-right anti-Muslim bigot a "hero"

This is not okay.

Details: theguardian.com/politics/2019/…
Zac Goldsmith who ran an entire campaign for Mayor of London, using disgusting racism, bigotry & an Islamophobic strategy, has been rewarded by a government position in Defra.

Icymi: he has never apologised

Nadine Dorries who has RTed Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) amongst a long list of Islamophobic actions () is now a minister in health

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