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mom/defender/agitator/new yorker. she/her. senior attorney with @bklyndefender but opinions are mine. record the police. #Bernie2020🌹🌱
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31 Mar
I have gotten more calls today from people currently incarcerated at Rikers and their families. A hunger strike is starting among those housed at OBCC, a facility there, & I am sharing their experiences & demands at their request. They’re on lockdown, waiting to get sick. THREAD/
A man who was COVID+ was sick in the dorms until he was removed by staff in the middle of the night on Sat. Ppl woke up to see his bed stripped. A guard later confirmed he had the virus. 50 people are sleeping 18 inches apart but none who had contact with him have been tested. 2/
They had to hold a sit-in in their dining hall to demand toilet paper on Friday. They had run out. Now they are out again, and the guards can’t say when it will be replenished. 3/
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29 Mar
Someone at Rikers gave my cell # to others & for a couple of days I’ve been getting calls from people whose loved ones are there. They’ve all said some variation of the same thing — the people there need us to hear what is happening to them. They have asked me to share. THREAD/
The accounts are all very similar. People are sleeping in dorms of 40-50 people, less than 2 feet apart. At the center, they try to sleep head to toe. 2/
In one facility the word “shit” is spelled out on the wall in big letters — written in actual feces. It has been there for days and was mentioned by several callers. 3/
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15 May 19
1/ Larry Stutts, an Alabama lawmaker who voted for the total ban, is an OBGYN who missed a basic pregnancy complication that killed Rose Church when he refused to run a $5 test. Her husband wrote Rose’s Law to ensure coverage for women like his late wife. al.com/opinion/2015/0…
2/ The bill passed unanimously and became law. Mr. Church, suddenly a single father, filed a lawsuit against Stutts for Rose’s death. As a freshman lawmaker, Stutts sponsored a bill to repeal Rose’s Law, named after his dead patient & precipitated by his failure to care for her.
3/ Stutts called Rose’s Law “emotional legislation that wouldn’t improve care” and used his status as a “women’s healthcare provider” to convince his colleagues to support the repeal.
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