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6 Apr
Sonnie Badu's Fake Degrees: A long thread

People are wondering why I'm on his case and why I'm calling him out. The case be simple. He's an academic scam and not a victim of a scam.

How did it all start? I chanced on a video where dude had earned a Professorial Cert
Like for real? A Certificate of Professorship? How on earth!!!😂😂 So as academic and curious as I am, go to Google Scholar (an academic search engine for anything academia) and type his name to see his publications... Unfortunately none. You can try that and see
Why? In the British system, Professorship is a rank attained as a result of your contribution to knowledge. In the American system it is a term for anyone who teaches at the University level so let's assume it's not British but American.

Dude still faulted.
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