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10 Aug
MbS going full-on.

Saudi Crown princess
was issued summons by
D.C. US District Court
4 lawsuit by fmr top
Saudi intel agent,
Saad al-Jabri,
accusing Princess Mohammed bin Salman
of sending hit squad 2 Canada
2 try + kill him.

ht @ShijeSings…
"Few places hold more
sensitive, humiliating + damning info
about bin-Salman
than mind + memory of Dr. Saad;
except perhaps recordings
made in anticipation of his killing."

His close ties w USIC
+ deep knowl of prince's activities
had made him a *target.… Image
which named 12 people👈🔥
in addition 2
Princess Mohammed, added:
"If u fail 2 respond,
judgment by default
will be entered against u
4 relief demanded in the complaint".

2 of al-Jabri's children being held by MbS.
Used as *bait.…
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2 Jul
Rdy? Set. Cray!

Middleton Media Grp
John Powers Middleton
Roy Lee
Marty Singer
Leotardo DiCrapio
John S. Middleton
Mark Cuban
Brett Ratner
James Packer
Warner Bros.
Right-Wing Activist
RNC's Young Eagles progam
Roger Stone
John Powers Middleton,
36-yo scion of tobacco magnate,
sues former bus partner
Roy Lee,
claiming Lee removed his credits
on film database
4 >2 doz projects.
*act of retaliation

Seeks $7M damages
+ *restoration of credits on IMDB👈🤣…
Substance abuse

Main Line Middleton
comments thru
Marty Singer, legal
Sallie Hofmeister, PR
Sitrick and Co.

Son of John S. Middleton
tobacco scion +
now, part Phillies owner.

"Fact of matter is,
I'm being sued bc
I didn't want 2 cont wrkg w
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12 Jun
@arapaho415 Don't mind me.

Just doing some cleaning.

Michael Riconosciuto

@arapaho415 As if Paulie was
*Under Siege

Hiya Fuqq-face Nichols.

U still hiding and playing dead?

U can't make up this sh¡t.

🤣🤣🤣😏 Image
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12 Jun
Did Cabazon open up their discount mall yet?

Hmmm. Gotta see if CA has allowed them to open.

So many discounts one can chose from.


Wat dis?

Jimmy Hughes.

Jimmy Hughes Ministries.

How a henchman became an asset
+ assassin...

PROMIS 2 not B too ambiguous...
Octopus Murders?

Sounds like there are many tentacles...

But what about
Jimmy Hughes Ministries
I mean, they are all about helping *children.

I'm gonna get siqq now.
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10 Jun
Oh Dear.

How did Paulie miss *uproar
over J.K. Rowling's transphobia.
Is she just like her alt-right, nationalist friend
Louise Mensch?

Gahd she was an ugly saqq.
Even her plastic surgery
can't hide her bigotry.

How many parents
let kids read her sh¡t?…
We gonna sling some


So J.K. Rowling fight back.
Plays *victim as they do.

"reveals she was sexually assaulted
in her 20s + tells of scars of 'domestic violence'"

Does Warner distribute her films?

Went into *selfish-publishing.…
Warned ya.

flying in ur face.

Eddie Redmayne,
Louise Mensch's BIL,
has this:
"Fantastic Beasts star Eddie Redmayne hits out at J.K. Rowling + says 'respect 4 transgender people remains cultural imperative'"

It's what they don't say…
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9 Jun
4 20 yrs, Cohn exchanged X-mas gifts
w FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.
Bernard Baruch testified as character witness
at Cohn's 1st trial.
Gossip columnists
Walter Winchell + Leonard Lyons,
showered Cohn w praise,
as did George Sokolsky.…
deviated sharply from ideological tenets
of Acheson-Lilienthal plan
4 intl control of atomic energy.
Going against sentiments of
Robert Oppenheimer
+ scientific community,
Baruch instead advocated 2 UN
4 American monopoly on atomic energy."…
"Plan, devised w assist
of some of Baruch's Wall Street assocs,
was vetoed by USSR.
As Cold War intensified
+ nuclear weapons
swiftly proliferated around world,
Oppenheimer + others
roundly criticized Baruch's presentation
2 UNAEC."…
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9 Jun
Anyone watching
"Penny Dreadful
City of Angels"?

Paulie got piqued over

"By Blood + Fire,
Judea will Rise"

How many actors does Israel shield?

Y do Jews kill other Jews?

Y do Jews hate U.K.?

Y do Jews stay Jewish
knowing the State|Religion
is highly corrupt?

And save any anti-semite crap 4
a White Nationalist.

Paulie is half Jew.

"In Blood and Fire Shall Judea Rise"

Is Israel just a terrorist org?

Let's explore some info u may not be aware of.

Does terrorism work?…
"Provocative ?
w which Bruce Hoffman begins his book.
Although politicians such as
Ian Smith
Ronald Reagan
Margaret Thatcher
scholars Thomas Schelling
Caleb Carr
Max Abrahms
tend 2 answer in neg,
such widespread belief in its ineffectiveness
is not shared by terrorists.
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8 Jun
"UCLA handling of sexual misconduct allegations against physicians ‘inadequate’.

US Regents
must remove
Janet Napolitano

Wonder how close she is w Wetsy?

sexual harassment + sexual misconduct
5 physicians employed by UCLA


"UCLA Report and Recommendations 2 Protect Patients"…
Chancellor Gene Block
should crawl back into his
Psychobiology hole.

His response 2 latest.

I would never send a kid to UCLA.

3 DECADES they sat on information.
They defended the doctors.
They tossed aside victims.…
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30 Apr
Trade-based Money Laundering

is process by which criminals use
legitimate trade 2
disguise their criminal proceeds
from their unscrupulous sources.

Crime involves # of schemes
in order 2 complicate documentation
of legit trade trans.

Dirty money
piling up in L.A.
as coronavirus cripples
intl money laundering.

Last 3 wks,
federal agents made 3 seizures
that each netted > $1M
in suspected drug proceeds.

Makes ya wonder about
these billionaires
wanting folks 2 go back 2 wrk…

Drug trafficking groups
need 2 convert dollars 2 pesos,
which is expensive 2 do legitimately,
+ they need 2 move money
from U.S. 2 Mexico,
which is risky 2 transport in cash.

2 accomplish this,
broker pays pesos 4 drug traffickers’ dollars.
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2 Apr
COVID-19 Pandemic

"At its root,
story of 2 deeply flawed leaders,
Xi Jinping
who 4 too long
minimized coronavirus threat;

+ who,
bc of enormous,
lrgly unaccountable power they wield,
must share responsibility
4 its global scale."
We have a problem.

"How Trump + Xi
set stage 4
coronavirus pandemic"

"Defying the brute nationalist logic of border closure, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has spread as an unseen stealth agent among us, causing illness + death."

Excellent Read!…
Chinese propaganda campaign
denying any pending pandemic
in full swing.

tRUmp would later tout
politicized tactic of
keeping passengers quarantined
on cruise line 2 make his own
coronavirus numbers look good."…
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1 Apr
Potential security issues
Zoom’s facing R myriad.
Already, numerous reports
of threat actors
hijacking Zoom meetings
+ upending them w
hate speech, threats of sexual harassment,
[wait fer it]
pornographic images.

Some attacks
have threatened those attending
w physical harm.
“While Zoom has remediated
specific reported security vulnerabilities,
we would like 2 understand whether Zoom
has undertaken a broader review
of its security practices.”
~NYAG Leticia James

Almost 600,000 people
downloaded Zoom app
on March 15
"Since start of 2020,
> 1,700 new fake Zoom domains
were registered –
+ 25% of them
were registered in past week."

Zoom saw US downloads surge
by 252% to 4.2M
during wk of March 16
+ increased by another 66%
following wk 2 reach 7M downloads…
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27 Mar
Projection of Denial

🎯RW Fox Uses Fauci Foyle🎯

“The president was right,
and frankly Fauci was wrong,”
Lou Dobbs said Monday
on his show on
Fox Business Network,
referring 2 use of
experimental medicine.

Fauci = Deep State [?] 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️…
“These attacks
do seem 2 get attention
from hosts at Fox.”

Aggregated from
cesspool yellow journalists of
right-wing news sites
pulled from the fringes
i.e. Drudge Report
feed Fox News
News Corporation
Rupert Murdoch
"Attempt 2 discredit Fauci
draws on a resource
4 which Trump has professed his “love”;

Among emails hacked by
Russian agents + released by
the anti-secrecy organization in 2016
was msg Fauci sent in 2013
2 one of HRC’s top aides
praising HRC.
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24 Mar

Let's look at numbers.

1st, California. <3

Feel blessed we have a solid
@GavinNewsom leading
a solid task force.

As of 4:25pm PST
2,133 *Confirmed Cases
40 Deaths 😢
- 9 Women
- 12 Men
- 19 No Gender Disclosed…

United States

43,449 Cases
9,883 New Cases Today
545 Deaths
- 132 Deaths Today

This is way different than influenza.

Don't listen 2
Agent Orange.…

World Info

378,394 Cases
16,491 Deaths
101,584 Recovered
260,319 Infected Patients
-12,211 Critical Condition…
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22 Mar

Iranian, Chinese + Russian
Overt Media


Iran, China + Russia
have attempted 2
influence discourse about
thru their resp
state-sponsored media outlets
since start of pandemic,
albeit thru varying frames + narratives.…
2 days ago
Mike Pompeo
attacks China, Russia, Iran
over COVID-19

"I know President Xi.
He loves China.
He respects the United States
+ I have to say
I respect China greatly
and I respect President XI."
~Agent Orange
[Fox News via MSN]…
3 days ago

Defense Secretary Esper
on China's handling of
coronavirus outbreak:
'They need to be more transparent'

"accusation of U.S. military
involvement in spreading
the virus in China
is "absurd."

But, tRUmp loves XI?…
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22 Mar
It's unclear
whether people
who recover from
will be immune 2 reinfection
from coronavirus
and, if so,
how long that immunity will last.

"Most respiratory viruses
only give u
period of relative protection.
I'm talking about yr or 2."
Most people likely develop
at least short-term immunity
2 coronavirus COVID-19.

u would still be susceptible
2 different coronavirus infection.

Or, this particular virus
could mutate,
just like the influenza virus does each year.…
"Woman in her 40s in Osaka,
tested positive 4 Covid-19
4 2nd time.👉👉

1st diagnosed w virus
in late Jan,
discharged from hospital
on 1 Feb,
[7 days +-]
but has since been reinfected,"

never fully recovered
or relapsed👈

Careful of wat u rd…
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21 Mar
COVID-19 Data

What's up with that?

Under state-run media,
China tends 2 keep
things on DL.

Hence, while protestors
went 2 streets in Hong Kong,
tRUmp was impeached
by Congress.

Oct, Nov, Dec + even Jan
@WHO didn't have data
on this coronavirus.

Hence, √ ur timeline
Media is misleading.

Statistics only begin on

What's up with that?


287,456 Cases
11,897 Deaths
93,617 Recovered

181,942 Active Cases
- 8,117 Serious Cases
- 173,825 Mild Cases

What happened 2 Oct, Nov, Dec #'s?
🤔 ImageImage
So, let's take a looks at what we got reported.


"China's Plague Outbreak"
It's not the disease that's worisome;
it's the Chinese government's response to it.

😱… Image
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20 Mar
1 Term Governor w
Bad Messaging

DeSantis must Go!

Florida won’t close its beaches.

Ron DeSantis, governor (R-FL)
"These are our neighbors
who may need to go out there,
clear their head.
Because a lot of people
are on edge right now."

432 Total COVID-19 Cases

+15 new cases
9 Deaths
423 Active Cases

All Gulf states need
2 shut down.

Ever heard of Italy?

Ever heard of Spain?

Does @RonDeSantisFL
really think he is god?…
@CatsChocolates ^^^

Good link.
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20 Mar

Yep. The CPAC Attack.

A New Jersey doctor.

Doctor spent 3 days
in a Maryland suburb
of the nation’s capital,
from Feb. 26 - 29,
where he paid 4
*exclusive access 2 VIPs
at annual
Conservative Political Action Conference.

No one warned.…
Handling of
*potential exposure at CPAC,
where Trump’s then-chief of staff
played down the threat of virus,
is a powerful example of
lack of urgency +
poor coordination among agencies
that has characterized
early tRUmp response.

LearnLocally COVID-19
On Tues,
D.C. officials announced
another man who had attended conference,
23-year-old District resident,
had also tested positive.

In addition,
Spanish politician
who attended CPAC
tested positive,
although he may have contracted virus
after leaving.
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20 Mar
Oh Dear.

A plea deal

Justin Jangwoo Kim, 53,
*political fundraiser
will admit 2
a count of federal program bribery
+ agreed to cooperate w
👉ongoing investigation👈
into corruption at City Hall.

Anyone seen Huizar?
They bagged Englander last wk…
🤦‍♂️Real estate appraiser
+ *consultant🤦‍♂️,
Justin Jangwoo Kim
was a top fundraiser 4
member of LA City Council
whom federal prosecutors
referred 2 as
“Councilmember A”
"Bribery scheme
began in the summer of 2016,
when a labor organization👈🔥
filed appeal [CEQA]
claiming proposed residential devel
in Councilmember A’s district
violated state environmental law"

i.e. no planning + land use commission approval.
i.e. no City Council approval
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19 Mar

If ur looking 4
a film 4 freakfest2020,
try Todd Haynes'
w/ Julianne Moore.

An interview w/
Todd and Julianne
filming 'Safe',

This was independent filmmaking.

They don't do this anymore.

And, tawk about how relevant today...


Watch this now.

The Karen Carpenter Story

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19 Mar


*may be walking away from
part of its bailout of
by not completing its
$3 billion tender offer
4 the office space startup

Chap 11.


Same TeamGrift.…
SoftBank Group Corp.
backing away from
part of its planned bailout of

people familiar w matter said,

privately citing
several regulatory investigations 👈
of the office-sharing company.…

"Notice sent 2 WeWork shareholders
Tuesday said
believes regulatory probes
into startup’s business,
including from
Securities and Exchange Commission
Justice Department,
give it an out on *deal."
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