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"If one does not expect it, one will not find out the unexpected; It is not to be tracked down and no path leads us to it." //
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7 Jul
The study of obesity is the study of mysteries.…
The first mystery is the epidemic itself. For most of history, the obesity rate was about 1%, even for people who had all the food they wanted. Today, many countries are 40% obese or more. Even in lean countries like Italy, France, and Sweden, the obesity rate is around 20%. Image
The second mystery is how quickly the shift occurred. In 1975, there wasn’t a single country in the world with an obesity rate higher than 15%. In most countries, obesity was steady at about 10% until around 1980, when it suddenly began rising. Image
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26 Jun
A thread rating the root systems of various plants: Image
Carum carvi (Caraway)
- good depth for little plant
- slightly thin
5/10 Image
Salicornia europaea (Glasswort)
- impressive coverage for small plant
- scraggly, needs combing
- no pizazz
6/10 Image
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