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Journalist and kitten aficionado. Priors: media co-founder; @WSJ; @GuardianUS biz editor; NY bureau chief for @marketplace, @financialnews. She/her. Hi.
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6 Jul 20
Continually amazed that people are shocked that humans, artists and art are imperfect and flawed. Yes. No human is everything. No art is complete. We should see that as the baseline. Purity and perfection are impossible and compassion is built on knowing we all have flaws.
Rather than moving into this bizarre space of yelling "BETRAYAL!" every time a flaw is discovered in art or humans, why not take a step back and understand the nuance of balance, the good and bad together, the fascination of complexity. Perfection doesn't exist. It would bore us.
I admit to getting alarmed when people demand full purity in art or humans because it suggests that those people have never done the work to develop empathy and compassion. Those are difficult qualities to develop and require a lifetime of study. Magical thinking won't advance it
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4 Jul 20
I think the best thing I learned from studying attachment theory is that affirmations don't work. All those words? All those empty pep talks full of manifestation? Absolutely pointless for more than a few hours in the face of a traumatized subconscious.
You also recognize how many people are trying to disintermediate therapists and actual science: Various new-age hucksters, life coaches, advice-givers, what have you. They think that multiple thousand words of a pep talk is going to somehow change deeply ingrained programming.
It's nice, I suppose, that people get paid to bang on with absolutely no psychological qualifications when actual science is *right there*, but then you get the thing where people get exhausted bc affirmations don't work to turn around internal scripts that exist *for a reason.*
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14 Jun 20
A note to media folks: If your newspaper or outlet is no longer covering the *enormous* BLM protests because they're peaceful now, question why the news business fetishizes blood and violence and ignores racial justice movements otherwise.
I already know what (white, male) news editors will be saying this week: "We covered a lot of the protests already, it's time for other news." No. It's an ongoing movement with ever-larger protest and that IS the news.
Hmm. Unhelpful replies from some media folks about doing BLM stories but gee whiz, golly, readers just aren't clicking!

That's bc the BLM coverage is buried. Our job in news is *emphasis*. If it's not on the front pages, the homepages and the op-ed pages, it's invisible. Thx.
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