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Founder & CEO of @ThereHQ. Computer Scientist, Remote Work Advocate, 👨‍💻 Out of HS to work on my own startup
15 Sep 19
Interesting founders/makers in this thread:
1. @AverySchrader is building
A super nice guy and founder, tweeting about different strategies he experiments with.
2. @dqmonn working on
Inspiring work and experiments with different projects and hobbies
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11 Jul 18
— "Hi! Can you mentor me?"
— ☠️ No answer

— Hey! I'm Mo, I do X.
Quick Question: How do I learn this Y thing correctly?
A short sentence can do, I know you're busy :)

— "Hey Mo! You can do it this way ..."

✅ Gets an answer the same day!
I don't use "mentor" often...

Despite getting advice from many (friends) and giving advice to people reaching out.

Just do:
— A quick intro related to your question
— Your question, written short and specific, with a clear call to action
— A nice word
— A warm emoji sometimes
... And they'll answer your question when they had time.

Be careful if you want to follow-up, don't be anything less than polite, nice, and like someone who truly wants to learn.

Anyone cares about his/her life. They do not have to answer you, if they do, be extra nice. 💌
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