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I am a “kook-spook...making lists of people," says Stepan Bandera’s grandson, and a "blogger hammering away on Twitter," according to @thenation.
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8 Sep
#Thread Meet Michael Ratushnyy, head of the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council (UWCC). As you can imagine, with such a title, he gets around. Ratushnyy was first elected to the position in 2011 by the 5th World Forum of Ukrainians & re-elected in 2016. Buckle up, as they say... ImageImageImage
The UWCC was set up in accordance with the 1st World Forum of Ukrainians, which took place in Kyiv in 1992. Former Rukh leader Ivan Drach was the first head of the UWCC. It sounds like the UWCC was intended to be a Kyiv-based/oriented counterpart to the diaspora-led @UWCongress.
Ratushnyy was one of a few members of the OUN-B's Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists elected to Ukraine's parliament in 1994 & in 1998. Not sure if/when he left the Banderite political party. In 2000 & 2001 he spoke at the first Center for US-Ukrainian Relations conferences in DC Image
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24 Aug
#Thread re: Erin O'Toole, the new leader of 🇨🇦's Conservative Party, and the Banderites, as in members and fellow travelers of Stepan Bandera (1909-59)'s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which collaborated with the Nazis during WW2 and collaborates with 🇺🇦 neo-Nazis today.
This article I wrote for the Grayzone earlier this year was originally going to be focused on O'Toole until I realized the Banderites' ties to the Conservative Party went way beyond him. Since then I've learned significantly more about the OUN in Canada.…
Erin O'Toole's ties to the Banderites may have begun here, and in particular his "terrific" friendship with Ihor Kozak, a fellow graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada and in fact the first immigrant from the former Soviet Union to do so.
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20 Jul
#Thread debunking @ukrcancongress' ridiculous letter to @OttawaCitizen re: @davidpugliese's article ("Graffiti on monument commemorating Nazi SS division being investigated as a hate crime by police") which became the #1 trending topic on Twitter in Canada…
The letter was written by Ihor Michalchyshyn, CEO of @ukrcancongress (UCC). As @mariedanielles wrote in this 2017 article, "Michalchyshyn rejects outright ... any insinuation that Ukrainians collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Second World War."…
The UCC's letter to @OttawaCitizen starts by accusing @davidpugliese of propagating "the narrative...that Ukrainians in general...are 'fascists' & 'Nazis.'" Obviously he did no such thing. But what about those insisting vandalism of a Waffen-SS memorial is an anti-🇺🇦 hate crime?
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3 Jul
#Thread of Ukrainian diaspora nationalist monuments and memorials glorifying Nazi collaborators, most of them built on behalf of the fascistic Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Bandera (OUN-B)
Let's start with 🇨🇦. Many Canadians were bewildered and outraged when I posted this that there could be a monument in their country glorifying Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. Well, there's more where that came from...
In the same Oakville cemetery, there's a monument to Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) veterans. The ostensibly "anti-Nazi" UPA ethnic cleansed tens of thousands of Poles, & according to Ivan Katchanovski, a majority of UPA leaders were Nazi collaborators. (…)
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22 May
#Thread re: an anti-Semitic 🇺🇦 nationalist troll @oz_uke, who in fact is named Simon Bojko, a member of the Ass'n of Ukrainians in South Australia & likely a member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Bandera (OUN-B). Below are "oz_uke" comments to @ZelenskyyUa & me: /1
The first 2 screenshots are some of oz_uke's hateful comments to Eduard Dolinsky, the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, including calling him a "filthy жид" ("yid"). 3rd photo is a FB comment by Simon Bojko about Dolinsky. As shall be seen, they're the same person. /2
Some of the things that made me realize they're the same person: this FB comment by Bojko that I blocked him on Twitter; I've only blocked a handful of people. They both posted this image & similar caption the same day. Oh & "simon.bojko@b******.com" is oz_uke's email address. /3
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19 Apr
Thread about friends of Ukrainian fascists featured in the new Hulu show, "Mrs. America," about anti-feminist Cold Warrior Phyllis Schlafly. For starters, Phyllis & Fred Schlafly both spoke at the 1973 conference of the Ukrainian-led fascist Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN). Image
The opening scene of "Mrs. America" introduces us to U.S. Rep. Phil Crane (played by "Teddy Flood" from Westworld), who was particularly supportive of Yaroslav Stetsko, the leader of the ABN and OUN-B, also a fascist war criminal, Nazi collaborator, and vicious anti-Semite. ImageImage
In 1974, J. Fred Schlafly became president of the World Anti-Communist League and its original U.S. chapter, the American Council for World Freedom, both tied to Ukrainian fascists. In 1974-76 he had articles published in the ABN Correspondence, edited by Slava Stetsko in Munich. Image
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1 Nov 19
Turns out there is yet another UPA monument in the US, at the Saints Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery in Parma, Ohio. From the November 28, 1982 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly:
This article about a "UPA conference" appeared above the above-mentioned article about the UPA memorial unveiling in Ohio. Two of the speakers were Nazi turned CIA collaborators buried at the site of the most important UPA memorial in the US in New Jersey.
ICYMI, I wrote something about the CIA & the UPA memorial in NJ where Mykola Lebed & other UPA vets were buried. Ironically, it was researching the people buried here that led me to realize the OUN-B network (rivaled by Lebed & CIA) is still going strong.…
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24 Oct 19
The "Ukrainian Australian Fake News Agency" is upset that @compartycanada RT'd me, so I'm just dropping this here:
@compartycanada Note OUN-B leader @stefanromaniw sitting front & center at this 2017 convention of the League of Ukrainian Canadians, and the Bandera portrait next to the stage. I'm certain Romaniw has something to do with the "Ukrainian Australian Fake News Agency," which is obsessed with me.
To come full circle, longtime far-right leader of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America Lev Dobriansky co-founded the US Victims of Communism Memorial, met Stepan Bandera, and helped him get his first visa to the US, but the KGB killed Bandera before he could make the trip.
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17 Oct 19
With Canada's federal election on Monday, here is a better late than never thread about the 🇨🇦Conservative Party's ties to the present-day int'l Ukrainian Nationalist (OUN-B) network/lobby/cult that arose in the early years of the Cold War under the leadership of Stepan Bandera. Image
First some necessary background info, the basics of which I'll cover below but you can read about more in-depth here:… Also this thread may be of interest regarding the OUN-B's foothold in Ukraine today:
.@ICSUkraine, HQ'd today in 🇨🇦, is the🌎coord.comm. of OUN-B affiliated NGOs, including the int'l Ukr. Youth Assoc. (SUM), 'Center for Study of the Liberation Mvmt' (TsDVR) & 'Free People' in 🇺🇦, ODFFU in 🇺🇸, Assoc. of Ukr. in 🇬🇧, the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC), & more.
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5 Oct 19
Some obscure news: the US sister group of the OUN-B, the Organization for Defense of Four Freedoms of Ukraine (ODFFU), founded in 1946, seems to be in crisis because of an apparent power struggle between the national executive in New York City and the international OUN-B network.
Last Saturday an "Extraordinary Convention" of the ODFFU met in Bloomingdale, Illinois to elect a new Board of Directors on the basis of a 2 year delay to do so. A couple leaders from @ICSUkraine, a worldwide coord.comm. of OUN-B affiliated orgs, were named to the new Board.
The "Extraordinary Convention" apparently received the blessings of the leaders of the @UkrCongComAm, the Ukrainian American Youth Association, and the present-day OUN-B (@stefanromaniw), among others.
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21 Aug 19
Thread on some stuff that went unmentioned in this profile of @sbandera by @SamuelSokol for @JTAnews
Let's start with this tweet referenced in @SamuelSokol's article. For years, Supruns have been members of ODFFU, the US sister group of the OUN-B established in 1946, which for decades has led annual events in upstate NY glorifying the OUN-UPA.…
.@sbandera and Supruns have been friends for years, and the ODFFU spearheaded the creation of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUR), which has organized dozens of high-profile roundtables in DC since 2001. (Will do another thread about that soon.)
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9 Aug 19
Thread: earlier this week, 8 of the biggest youth orgs in Ukraine formed the National Ukrainian Youth Association (NUMO), including the OUN-B affiliated Youth Nationalist Congress (MNK) and Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM). The Nat'l Plast Education Center hosted the meeting.
The executive director of the newly formed National Ukrainian Youth Association (NUMO) is Elana Podobed-Frankivsk, coordinator of "Euromaidan Public Sector," who is married to this guy:
The Youth Nat'l Congress (MNK) & Nat'l Alliance, founded by a former MNK leader in 2005, are the most intense members of the newly formed NUMO. 2 reps (1-MNK,1-NA) at the 8/5 NUMO meeting expressed interest in C14-tied "Educational Assembly." cc:@kooleksiy
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15 Jul 19
Thread of some videos I took at today’s Captive Nations Week Summit—starting with a “Video Welcome by Sen. Ted Cruz”
It may take a while to upload these so bear with me
“Welcome by Marion Smith, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Executive Director”
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15 Jul 19
My main man Lev Dobriansky, inventor of Captive Nations Week, co-founded the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in 1994 with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Lee Edwards, who eulogized Dobriansky in 2008 as “a hero of the Cold War.”
The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation is hosting today’s “Captive Nations Week Summit” on Capitol Hill, featuring Senator Ted Cruz, Venezuelan “ambassador” Carlos Vecchio, and Lev’s neocon daughter Paula Dobriansky, among others.…
Should be starting soon
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14 Jul 19
Boring service... idk what I expected
Here we go
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11 Jul 19
Pretty intense rhetoric from this diaspora nationalist analyst—I wonder what she thinks of the far-right activists leading the “stop revanche” movement? (The Free People and Youth Nationalist Congress are affiliated with the present-day OUN-B.)
“Bandera didn't work for the Nazis, but used them as allies to liberate Ukraine”—seems more like the Nazis used the OUN to enslave Ukraine and kill Jews and others, but we can agree to disagree
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10 Jul 19
Just got off the phone with someone from Right Sector USA who confirmed the organization is no longer active. "What happened? Did you lose touch with Right Sector?" I asked. "You could say that." I didn't pry for a better explanation but hope to follow up.
According to this spreadsheet posted on the now-defunct Right Sector USA website (, RS-USA raised about $30,000 from 2014-2016.…
It appears that one of the last things Right Sector USA did was to partner with the Brooklyn-based Ukrainian "Social Development Institute" (SDI) to sponsor the "psychological rehabilitation" of Ukrainian children of soldiers killed in the Donbas.
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6 Jul 19
#Thread: Inspired by the CBP Facebook revelations, I decided to take a look at the OUN-B affiliated U.S. Organization for Defense of Four Freedoms of Ukraine (ODFFU) Facebook group, which includes 610 people. In no particular order, here are some profiles that stuck out to me:
Dmytro Zhmailo, spokesman/executive director of Free People, member of Youth Nationalist Congress (MNK), and senior staff for Ukrainian MP Oleh Medunytsia, who himself chaired MNK 2002-2006. Among others, Zhmailo is FB friends with CUN leader S.Bratsiun.
Pavlo Podobied, head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance's Department for the Preservation of Places of Memory, according to Newsweek, has "accused Jews of being the main perpetrators of Soviet crimes against Ukrainians in the 1920s and 1930s." (1/2)
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6 Jul 19
Ummm... good news is I don't think this exists anymore...
During the summer of 2014, Right Sector's Borislav Bereza attended a meeting of "Right Sector USA" in San Francisco.
Later in 2014 the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (@UkrCongComAm) hosted a meeting of "Right Sector USA" in New York City
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14 Jun 19
Well, well, well: the OUN(b)-affiliated Org. for the Defense of Four Freedoms of Ukraine (ODFFU), founded over 70 years ago in NYC, just deleted the leadership page of its website, which hadn't been updated in 4-5 years. Good thing for the Wayback Machine:…
Stepan Kaczurak, chair/president of the ODFFU, is the principal organizer of the annual "Heroes' Holiday" honoring the OUN-UPA at the Ukrainian American Youth Association (SUMA) camp in Ellenville, New York. Here he is with @viatrovych at the 2015 event.
Oles Striltschuk, 2nd deputy chair of ODFFU and former prez of @UkrCongComAm-Illinois, was (& probably remains) the head of the present-day OUN(b) in the United States, at least as of 2016. Pictured below with @SenatorDurbin in 2012, @viatrovych in 2015, and @USAmbPyatt in 2016.
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