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27 Jul
this is horrible and also I have bad news about all women's bodies
if the state gets to decide whether your body has to make and keep other bodies in it

that ain't your body, friend
*and all pregnable bodies for that matter
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26 Jul
last week in the intro program!


- excuse to bust out my Trample the Patriarchy sparklepony t-shirt

- met genderqueer senior instructor person; got to tell them seeing their trans flag binder & sparkle nail polish was one of the reasons I felt okay about the dojo
- practiced a bunch of hip throws; getting gradually more comfortable about kneeling on people's necks and torsos

- got a sincere-sounding "nice t-shirt, dude" from one of the sweaty bros I haven't met yet
overall class is still kicking my ass and whatever I pulled is better but still not right

BUT the space feels good and the people have been lovely and this seems, like, sustainable (as long as delta doesn't force us to go full quarantine again)

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10 Jun
NTTs don't *have* to do research

unless they want to, you know, use the skills they spent a decade cultivating and were taught were the only real way to be a scholar and are the only way other scholars will see them as doing scholarship
I want to say again that I fully know have good I have it (and *have* had it)

I have never been a 4/4, commuting to multiple campuses to make ends meet prof

(though I will have utterly failed as a scholar and a human if I ever see their struggles as separate from mine)
my biggest teaching load ever was a 3/3 and my classes tend to be smaller and bc I've mostly done VAPs at "good" schools, I've been well resourced even when not well regarded

I've mostly been able to opt into my service commitments (even if I maybe overcommitted)
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10 Jun
hi friends


are you a tenured or TT faculty member interested in the expertise of someone who shares your qualifications and training but not your good fortune on the curséd job market?

would you, in short, like to "pick" a NTT expert's "brains?"

okay good let's talk
before we begin:

1) this can but doesn't necessarily apply to other contingent folks

[you can skip the rest of the thread if you promise never to ask to "pick" the "brains" of fellow contingent scholars ever again; let's find a better way ask for help and keep trucking]
[you might not know this but folks in privileged positions LOVE to "pick" the "brains" of marginalized folks, within and beyond the academy

and what that means is "use the hard-won experiences of folks who lack my privilege to further myself w/o boosting that brain's owner]
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9 Jun
while I'm waiting for this freaking PPT to convert to mp4 *again* so I can hurry up and wait for it to upload to Vimeo

hey folks who narrate slideshows

what's your favorite way of doing that?

bc PPT to mp4 used to be my fave but it is currently
the reason I have historically done this on PPT is that it lets you record audio for each individual slide, instead of just talking over a PPT like on Panopto

because trying to do a single take recording for a 45-slide presentation is a goddamn nightmare
and sure, it takes fucking forever to convert to mp4, but it *used* to work just fine

it no longer does

so I am officially looking for better options
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8 Jun
okay, let's pull this piece out

bc a of all: yes, teachers aren't special

this is 2021

we all get perceived, like it or not

but also, and I say this as a scholar of abuse: please note that this douche thinks folks shouldn't talk about profs' behavior publicly
bc you know what makes abuse possible?

lack of public accountability

please for the love of christ, students: talk about your teachers

tell us what happens in your classrooms
unless you're complaining about critical race theory or like, learning that Muslims are people

you can keep that shit to yourself
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8 Jun
imagine saying this ableist BS about students AND thinking you're going to bat for professors OR that you know what grading is or should be

you cannot sit with us, sir screenshot bad tweets
I know I said I was going to stop responding to bad takes but I think we all knew I was lying
I cannot speak for my colleagues, but I fucking LIVE for students who push back and demand more of me

not the douches who think they know all the answers and don't do the readings

but the ones who genuinely don't get it and WANT to
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8 Jun
damn it I just talked myself out of buying that t-shirt
I bought this one instead but obviously the answer was both…
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24 Mar
tell me no women were on your design team without telling me no women were on your design team
one of the more upsetting revelations whilst so many of us are working from home was reading responses to Toobin's behavior

and seeing how many dudes on Ada Lovelace's internet think wanking at work is fine as long as no one catches you at it

why, why would you do this
women are not at a loss for places to receive unsolicited dick pics

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23 Mar
absolutely thrilled to share that @AMBankstw and @mjcressler have won a Wilbur award for their "Beyond the Most Segregated Hour" series, sponsored by @Sacred_Writes for media partner @RNS
The Wilbur Award "recognize[s] excellence in the communication of religious issues, values, and themes in public secular media"

we're delighted our @RNS media partnership and the insightful work of @AMBankstw & @mjcressler is being so honored
guess who else has won Wilbur awards
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23 Mar
confession: I definitely assigned #NUcults a new-to-me article on the demographics of Jonestown for today

and I *definitely* should have read it first

it's numbers, I thought

it's probably dry but this will help humanize the PT community, I thought
me on here everyday: it's impossible to present information neutrally

me doing syllabus design: it's just numbers, what could go wrong

me reading that piece yesterday: FUCKING YIKES
I miss being in the classroom so much for so many reasons

but holy crap, I really wish we could talk about this article in person, because this did NOT do the theoretical work I wanted to do re: humanizing residents of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project screenshot
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23 Mar
I'm like two years late on this but Always Be My Maybe was so freaking cute
also I now desperately need dumplings
In this month of TwelfthMarch, I'm so grateful for any new-to-me media that can actually hold my attention

and I feel like I need to rewatch this again, like, tomorrow

also I totally should have seen the ending coming but I didn't and I WEPT
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22 Mar
it's a mistake to understand TST as trolls or as a church

they're fierce advocates for disestablishment and free exercise, and doing some of the most important and interesting religio-political work in the US rn

they deserve to be taken seriously
and #NUwitches talked about invented religions, including TST, at length last year

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22 Mar
very this

I know I do a lot of yelling about accessible writing, and I stand by those shouts

but academic writing is experts talking to experts -- jargon there serves both as shibboleth and shorthand

it shows you've done the homework and know where you fit in the conversation
my students read some hardcore theory

(and @prof_gabriele is right: assuming they can't is dragging them, not us)

and I always explain that theory is a different language

it might *look* like english, but it absolutely is not

you learn that language by reading it
it's frustrating as fuck! it's exhausting and often feels impenetrable! but it's also specific and exacting in ways more accessible language just doesn't make room for
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