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6 Apr
$FONT: A thread

You see them every single day. Movie posters, books, online, on the subway, in album art.

They've become so prevalent that they are one with everything. A mesh of characters and glyphs that dance on paper and exist in harmony with their surroundings.

Fonts can define brands, communicate ideas, and influence cultural change in organisations. Fonts are everywhere.

But only recently have they come into the NFT space.

@FontCommunity is a $5.8m mc NFT project that aims to bring buyers and creators of fonts together. It's a pretty novel use case for NFTs, as you can fully own fonts, earn royalties, or license them out.

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4 Apr
$BONK: A mini thread

@BonkToken was one of the first NFT projects to grace the crypto space in 2020.

After adding more functionality throughout the year, such as a 1-click NFT minter, and partnering with YFL, Bonk started to lose its momentum price-wise.

This is bc the 1% transfer fee sent to stakers encouraged holding Bonk, but discouraged trading & providing liquidity.

Bonk is now migrating to v2 to leave behind this fee. It will help v2 have more functionality with new dapps and other use cases.…

When migration is over on April 8th, I expect Bonk to find its legs again.

It’s still a microcap at $1.2m MC and the supply of tokens is low at 4 million. Fair launch and no presale.

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