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6 Jul 20
Prediction: Digital Content (ebooks, online courses, high converting funnels) will evolve into a rapidly growing asset class that you can invest in and receive solid returns.

Let's examine this opportunity.

Pic credit: WallStreetMojo
Digital Content is a multi-billion dollar industry.
Royalties, Private Label Rights, and Digital Content Licensing Agreements are surefire ways to generate wealth within this world.

What is lacking is a marketplace.... a place to buy fractional shares for high value content.
What if you could buy shares in Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula?
What if you could own shares of the Dot Com Secrets funnel that Russel Brunson used to launch ClickFunnels?

Kindle Cash Flow generated at least $15 million dollars since 2008..
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2 Jul 20
The opportunity that you give is far more valuable than the opportunity that you wait for.

This may seem like a riddle, so let's explore how to use what you already have access to in order to level up using opportunities.

Is Opportunity about reaching 'the next level'?
The next level is a myth. Success is stepping into a deeper level of *awareness* not graduating to a "new level". The pieces of your puzzle were already there.

Read: The Alchemist to understand this:
How do I give more opportunities vs. waiting for them?

Help people make their dreams come true.
πŸ’‘Understand that each person needs a team of people in order to make a big idea come to life.
99% of people don't realize this. They believe they can do it on their own.

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19 Jun 20
My life's mission is dedicated to rebuilding communities through the ownership mentality.

I'm *often* asked: how can I support your work or the causes that you believe in?

Here's a story of a man in Baltimore who is doing the work along with a link to help him reach a goal.
Darren is a leader, father, and husband who was called to provide an environment for at-risk Black boys to have access to male mentorship and support.
That calling is known as I AM MENtality.

One thing you must know: If I support a cause, I must know where the money is going. No exceptions.

Darren's organization is super solid.
We've done an event series together for Black boys. It's powerful work he was called to do.
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11 Jun 20
Success is not a solo sport.
It is very important for you to get out of your shell and connect with people who are winning on levels that you desire to reach.

When I was younger, my wins came from my talent.
Today my wins are sustained from my connections.

Today, my friend shared his blueprint on how he generated $2.4 million in 18 months for one of his brands.
I witnessed the whole thing in real-time but his transparency was so helpful.
His success came thru events & partnerships.
He's always traveling so I appreciate the time
*This* remarkable woman gave me an education on 7 & 8 figure Philanthropy and how to leverage influence to make lasting impact.
What I appreciate about her is the amount of *invite-only resources* that she shared with me.
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10 Jun 20
The ripple effect of making a difference in 3 Tweets.

Every yr, my partners & I give scholarships to young adults from our community. In addition to scholarships, there is an ongoing mentorship program before our scholars go to school & throughout their college career. (thread)
Mr. Davis was a scholar who was awarded a scholarship 7 years ago. He shared in tonight's meeting how we helped him in his transition from boy to young man.
You work hard but don't often stop to realize the impact of what you do. When our scholars come back, it's very touching.
Mr. Davis has started on his entrepreneur journey and has announced tonight that he will be *hiring alumni from our scholarship program*.

The cycle of giving is powerful.
Don't wait for a grant or handout. Bloom where you're planted and make it happen in your community.
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6 Jun 20
Symbolic gestures are a placebo when you don't understand the true history of US economics and politics.

Did you know that Virginia, *in 2020*, has over 100 laws on its books that were written during the time it was considered the Capital of the Confederacy?
During the Reconstruction Period, The US enacted the Black Codes aka Black Laws designed to restrict the freedom, wage equality, property ownership, and behavior of free Black people.
They started in the South but extended to railways if you traveled to the North.
One of the key enforcements of the Black Codes was a vague 'vagrancy law'. This allowed law enforcement to arrest free Black people for minor infractions and make them do involuntary labor

Northern states banned slavery but adopted Black Codes to reduce free Black presence
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3 Jun 20
Being rich is not enough.

A large amount of Generational Wealth seekers work their entire life to see their kids squander their hard work and wealth.

What you need along with the hard work is:
A rock solid set of core values
A family identity
What they don't tell you in the music videos you watch is:

The pursuit of money and riches is only one part of the equation.

If you work your life away and your family and kids are not on the same sheet of music, your wealth will not transfer to benefit them.
My family did not come from Wealth but you better believe that we were raised with a strong code of ethics.

When I say "Family is the first business", it's because my long work days started before I could ride a bike.

I observe how you operate. You're smart but have no code.
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3 Jun 20
I have built a digital content library of over 1,000 hours of livestream content on small business training.

June 2020's project: Convert the livestream content into books, whitepapers, and checklists.

Let's explore the possibilities of content libraries.
Mindset shift #1:
Everyone with a smartphone and social media is a Content Creator.
Some of you see the vision and become Content Providers.
The people who create Generational Wealth are those building the Content Networks.

Which one are you?
Mindset shift #2:
Build stages that *you own* for talent to make their dreams come true.

Remember this: Opportunity that you give will make your richer than the ones you receive.

Don't just focus on content. Build a platform for Creators to distribute their talent/content.
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19 May 20
I advise that you make at least 3 friends who are millionaires if you want to succeed in business
Your biggest problem isn't that you suck at business... it's that you share your dreams with people who don't know what they're talking about.
Millionaires see the world differently
One of the most rewarding experiences of my life in business was forming a new venture w/ a man who generated 80 million dollars in catering.
He taught me there is nothing you can't accomplish if you simply shut up and think, find the right people, and work like you mean it.
You'd be amazed at how many people build an entire brand around a topic and still don't know what they're talking about.
This is why it's important to have friends who have succeeded at a high level.
Real success isn't some secret club. Easily verifiable in the real world.
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27 Apr 20
Got the workweek kicked off with a rainy day 3.5 mile run.

The toughest run of the week is Monday.

After running the high mileage on the weekend, its easy to trick yourself into taking a day off.

The counter starts at Zero. New week. Time to climb the mountain again.
The fact that it was raining was bittersweet.

On one hand, I knew that the morning runners would let a little water falling from the sky give them an excuse to sleep in.

On the other hand, running on bad weather morning callouses my spirit and sharpens my resolve.
The greatest lesson that completing 6 full marathons well after my running prime has taught me:

Marathon training is designed to make you quit. Its the people who show up and do their best no matter the circumstances that will cross that finish line on race day.
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18 Apr 20
Writing is an elite tier high income skill that can leveraged in many ways.
Below are a few ideas on how you can help small businesses grow through
delivering writing services.
Your favorite Personal Brands and Influencers suffer from time deficit disorder.
Always a step behind and struggle w/ finding the time to create the projects that define their legacy.

Solution: Pitch Ghostwriting services to them.
Ghostwriting Prospecting Exercise:
Open one browser tab for Instagram.
Do a search for the top 100 accounts in your niche.
Open a tab for Amazon.
Anyone who isn't published on Amazon, pitch them.

"I'll write + publish your story in your own voice"
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4 Apr 20
A go-getter in their twenties is like a tree that is being planted. If you water your mind, body, and spirit, it will lead to the development of strong roots.

This will result in powerful momentum as you grow older.

Here's a few ideas:
Advice for Younger Go-Getters:

Get Therapy.
Form an ongoing relationship with a Therapist.
Adults are nothing more than children replaying a tape of their childhood experiences.
You *need* to understand why you are how you are and
*who made you that way*.
Advice for Younger Go-Getters:
Form a relationship with your Mom and Dad.
You can choose your friends but you cannot choose your parents. They are the keys to understanding who you are.

It will be easy and in some cases, you have to be "the adult" but it's necessary for growth
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31 Mar 20
As a Business Owner, maybe you feel it's unethical to profit during this time.
If that's the case, use this time to work *on* your business.

Here's a few ideas:

Idea #1: Build your automated email nurture sequence.

Social media is the worst location to build a long term audience.
Why? You don't own the ground its built upon.
Twitter can shut the lights off anytime you express an idea that is against their rules. (1 of 2)
Create a weekly automated email series for 1 year.
Use your autoresponder which will send your emails out for you.

Why is this valuable?
You will nurture your audience on a platform that you have greater control over.
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3 Mar 20
How can you create and monetize a new Digital Asset based on content that you've already published?
Strap on your seatbelts as I share with you my Lost Tapes strategy.

There's this guy named Nas from a land called Queensbridge. You may have heard of him.
Before the internet was used to consume music, he had one of the most anticipated album releases of his era, his 3rd studio album called "I AM: The Autobiography"

Keep reading.. Image
What many don't know is that I AM was recorded as a Double album. Anticipation was high and the bootleggers got their hands on the album and leaked it to hungry music consumers.

13 songs from the album was scrapped, parts were re-corded and released as a solo LP. Image
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29 Feb 20
The day that you embrace digital products such as
Pdf tutorials

as income producing Assets, will be the day that you can begin to liberate yourself from the time for money exchange.

Package your Brain and sell it.
We live in an On-Demand society. When an idea interests us, we search for it.

When you have Digital Assets available online, whenever you share content that's valuable, you will boost your sales.

Your audience will want to know more about your high value ideas.
Dont know where to start creating Digital Assets?

Publish those college term papers as an ebook
Publish your blog posts as an ebook
Publish your favorite Tweets as an ebook
Read your favorite quotes and your reactions. Publish as an audiobook
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21 Feb 20
If you're a business owner that has grown your Twitter account over 5,000 followers, time management becomes a huge factor.
Are you still creating your own content?

Let's examine why implementing Analytics is the most important business decision for 2020.
Why should you listen to my insights on Analytics for your small business?

I have designed, implemented, and managed the analytics campaigns for two US states and several state & local political campaigns.
At this level, a decision based on feelings is a 6 figure mistake.
Why are Analytics important for a business owner?

Analytics provide the insight necessary to make smarter decisions.

The biggest mistake:

Building a feelings based business vs. an Analytics based business.

What decisions can Analytics influence?

Keep reading...
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13 Feb 20
From the DMs:
Is (guru name here) legit?

My response:
If a Twitter guru generated the results & numbers that we see in their screenshots, their name would ring bells across the web & most definitely in talk w/ other winners in high level masterminds

You can't outrun reputation
Business Twitter works like this:

The majority are teaching you from classic books & courses w/ some re-wording. Do it enough times & congratulations, you've got an audience.

A few are ultra successful.

It's important to know the difference.
I don't blame you if you don't know the difference between a Twitter guru who is an Amateur vs. The Real Deal.

The magic of Twitter is that every Tweet builds an impression...establishes a relationship.

Tell the same lie 1,000 times.... it becomes the truth.
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11 Feb 20
Where are the hidden gaps in your business?

My business audits are responsible for identifying millions of dollars of inefficiencies.
Let's briefly walkthrough a common email marketing inefficiency that impacts serious business owners.

Why is email Open Rate important?

It's the starting point of the relationship w/ your prospects & customers.
There is no Click Thru Rate or Conversion Rate without first compelling your customers to open your emails.

What insight can Open Rates reveal?
Open Rates reveal:
1.) The state of our relationship w/ our brand & our audience.
2.)The potency of our message.
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1 Feb 20
One of my 2020 targets Access to 1,000 certified millionaires in my cell phone contacts. I'm currently sitting at 275.

An easy way to build rapport w/ successful & busy people is through interviewing them.

I'll share a few reasons why:

Interviewing successful people is ranked #3 on my top 3 ways to "Win over & Influence High Status People".

What they dont tell you in school is anytime you have a convo where you share memories & emotions, it "bonds" you with that person.

I'll give an example or two.
There are 2 top tier Entrepreneurs that broke down in deep tears when recalling their journey during one of my interviews.

They both have watched their own interviews dozens of times because it reminded them of parts of themselves that *they forgot* in their rise to the top.
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26 Jan 20
Being that Kobe is one year older than me, I literally grew up watching him come of age & take over the league.

I'll share my insight on this the best way I can.
Bean is the son of Jellybean Bryant, a former pro ball player. The thing about Kobe is that he was always supposed to have an easy path because of his father, but it never turned out that way.
He never really fit in & that's what drove his work ethic.
I have two family members who happen to be 2 of the greatest basketball players Philadelphia ever produced.
The gym wars that produce top talent at the high school & AAU level are legendary.
Bean was from outside of Philly, so he was labeled as 'soft'/suburban.....
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24 Jan 20
I spent the last year of my life unlocking the mystery behind Instagram for Business.

I *paid* the top Instagram mind that I know to educate me on how it all works.

Here's my field report of what I've learned in 4 tweets or less

If you're a *dealmaker*, the speed at which IG moves is perfect for you.

A closer look reveals that IG's business community is mostly solopreneurs, so there's a quicker window for closing deals.

LinkedIn deals move slower due to multiple people involved in a corporate deal.
Instagram in itself is
an economy
a network
an industry

It's mind boggling how deep the rabbit hole goes w/ the Instagram service industry.

Since IG is the perfect cross section of pop culture/politics/and high society, you can find yourself acting in movies thru IG alone.
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