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Anyone who says you can't change the way things are is probably either afraid you will or ashamed they didn't try. @cbc @cbcnewsbc @macleans @ns_advocate
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20 May
Senior resident in psychiatry calling in to oppose the motion. Has published papers on Housing First strategy.


Says mixed use housing doesn't work well for people who she sees struggling with homelessness so won't address problem.
If they don't fit in the neighbourhood it will cause them stress. 🤔

Shorter shrink: 'I don't want my patients in my neighbourhood.'
"For example Kitsilano..."

I didn't even need her to name which neighbourhood she thought people shouldn't move into.

Kitsilano must be one of the most uttered words in Vancouver council chambers.
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20 May
I'm blocked by the account that Spring is replying to. What an ignorant man tho.
Wtaf is this nonsense?
I have never before wanted someone to unblock me but I really want to fight this man.
How fcking dare he?! @sdpate: How can someone use a wheelchair if they can’t tr
This REALLY pisses me off because he's active around disability community.

What an abusive pos.
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19 May
"supportive housing" is doing all the dog whistle work in these people's mouths.
they aren't anti-poor they just want the 'deserving' non-disabled (or least stigmatized disabled), white poors who feel really, really bad for being poor and will remember their place and say sir when spoken to.
this person would never survive poor crip life if they get this heated about this motion
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19 May
How long until we have the Hansen housing?

I mean the Fraser Institute is a non-profit. It’s complicated relationship between wealth and NP and they can and are used in various ways to secure access and build power and influence.
This actually sounds like a good recommendation imo
Yeah that really is not the point and Boyle is missing the issue here.
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19 May
Listening as City discusses @christineeboyle's non-profit housing motion.
I'm basically neutral on it. I don't think it's useful to oppose but I also don't support the ongoing refusal to look critically at the non-profit model from a tenant perspective.
Responding to every criticism & scandal that manages to surface in spite of the lack of transparency & accountability that is endemic to NP model & in spite of the degree of disempowerment of tenants while elevating providers to saint status, with "exception" is wilful ignorance.
I honestly think a substantial amount of this is wrapped up in the assumption that "non-profit" = good/all bad removed.

Money is still present and power is VERY present.
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19 May

"Accessibility Empathy Lab"

Modelled on Facebook'a Accessibility Empathy Lab.

How are there so many of these?!?!?!?

Simulations are bad.
The use of the word "empathy" makes it worse.
Here is one of @EbThen's many great threads about empathy.
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18 May
When I was on City of Vancouver's active transportation advisory council I suggested something like this except I suggested one that would also be accessible also to wheelchair users & include charging station. I had never seen one of these & not sure they existed did at the time
It makes me sad to see an inaccessible version of something I dreamed up in my mind to make city more accessible to everyone.
This is a good example of the big difference between cycling "activism" and what disabled people like myself (not all disabled people have the same lens especially the orgs). But as opposed to making it accessible to *me* - I worked to make it more accessible to everyone.
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16 May
NEW Statistics Canada Report

Hey Disability Twitter, what's another word for pre-existing comorbidity?

www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quoti… Almost 90% of people who died of COVID-19 in 2020 had a leas



I'll just be over here in a permanent state of rage remembering all the ways this municipal, provincial and federal governments talked about just about every other possible demographic BUT disabled people.
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15 May
I know what I am about to say is not the most significant issue here but I question the accuracy of suggesting you can have 'targeted strikes' thus implying the damage done is 'isolated' to building that is hit.
What about the structural integrity of surrounding buildings?
Not to mention humans in the area who do not immediately die or are injured. That concentration and intensity of a burst of energy surely must radiate out.

Again, I realize not the most significant area but I think it's important to consider ongoing impacts.
I found a relevant short document about this.

article36.org/wp-content/upl… In a densely built-up area, the blast wave can be reflected
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15 May
Since I see a version of this headline often, can media to please read this aloud & then explain. Are you saying the person was left on scene? The cars crashed, someone brought wheelchair & left her?

"Woman left in wheelchair following [accident/crash/incident of some kind]"
What does "left in wheelchair" mean?

It sounds like you're describing someone who is no longer living - "woman left in wheelchair" - because if she was alive she would not be left, she'd have transferred into one - or if ambulatory, sat down in one.
I really can't get that phrase out of my head now "left in a wheelchair." What is "left in a wheelchair" supposed to indicate? That once you are in a wheelchair you are abandoned? I mean politically yes but the person still has agency - so unless they are literally "bound" 🙄
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15 May
This study is out of Scotland but omg these numbers. It's particularly striking to think about when you consider how often people advocating on domestic violence and/or prison abolition or reform, ignore disability.

78% of female prisoners had a history of severe head injury, most of which occurred in the context of domestic violence. 66% of prisoners experienced repeated head injuries spanning several years.
Of the 78% of women prisoners who had a history of significant head injury, 40% of those who participated in the study also had an associated disability.
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14 May
I’ve gotten similar though for me it’s slightly different. My dx destroys muscles and it’s not all at once or across the board. So I could still move my leg side to side but not stand. Human bodies are way more complex than parts that work/don’t work at all.
...as the only options.
Theoretically my condition doesn't even cause loss of sensation - just loss of function. However I also have peripheral vascular disease and some other issues that damaged nerves plus contractures so the end result is that most of my legs are mixtures of numb or PAINful.
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13 May
Read this thread Vancouver and think about what was not done here.
Adding that Montreal was city I pointed out allowed disabled people to book appointments online for early priority access to vaccine. No proof of dx required.
"The province put together a list of people included in this next phase of the campaign — ranging from those undergoing cancer treatment to those with mobility issues — but is not requiring them to bring proof of their conditions to appointments."

“The role of our vaccinators, of our evaluators, is not to be police officers,” Dubé said.

Major contrast to the ableist bullshit Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix and John Horgan orchestrated here.
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13 May
Isobel Mackenzie, BC Seniors advocate was shocked when she learned of Vancouver Coastal Health policy so she went to the BC Ministry to raise the alarm.

"The response was a nonplussed “oh yeah, I think we heard something about that”, Mackenzie said."

#bcpoli #COVIDPolicy
From January:
"Health authorities do not offer a nationwide breakdown, but a running tally by freelance journalist @NoLore suggests that about 75 per cent of all Covid-19 deaths in Canada have occurred among people in care facilities.
So much important work will be built off that original research and it is important that it be credited to the person who did it - good journalism understands and respects this.
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13 May
Not sure when the videos I worked on for this will be released but my part finally done. There are 5. What is ableism? / Nothing About Us Without Us (research methodologies)/ Language / Where to Find Us / Models of Disability (include critiques)
I would also Ike to mention and thank @qjusttheletter for reviewing the scripts and providing feedback and suggestions.

Deepest gratitude to @IvaCheung who invited me to be part of this projected and supported and mentored me through it.
I learned a great deal about myself and refined my perspectives. In fact if I were to start again I would end up with different videos - not fundamentally different, these are still my views but I would likely organize topics differently. I think this is sign of success all round
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9 May
The metaphor here is that most people don’t realize what’s wrong with Canadian healthcare until they need it. They only see facade & lobby. Clinics and acute care. They don’t notice what’s been gutted by neoliberalism & what was never built bc eugenics.
It actually really bugs the rich in this country that we can get some of the same care as they do tho. I’ve heard discussions. So I’m always mindful of how these conversations can be weaponized to dismantle not build further healthcare
I’ve seen some Canadian disabled people argue that they’d be better with us version or that ours is no better and I swear tf I will block or fight anyone who leans into that level binary and hyperbolic.
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9 May
You have glanced inside the entry to a mammoth building and decided you can attest to the structural integrity, wiring, plumbing and interior condition of the entire thing. No one should regard this as informed opinion or base decisions on it.
At onset of my condition and the repeated life/death moments my then BF who had spent part of his life in US, kept saying “if we were in US you’d be dead and I’d be homeless.” It’s quite true but at some point we have to not make that the bar.
Also we both were broke by time he left me. Canadian healthcare will mostly get you out of hospital parking lot alive - mostly but not always and less often if poor, racialized, disabled. It’s utter shite at chronic illness, meds, equipment, physio, mental health, eye, ear...
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9 May
honestly we need more covered areas for many accessibility reasons. Separate issue is electric wheelchairs should be [insert as many swear words as you know] designed to go out in rain and waterproof.
If we have diving cameras and watches I am sure we can do this.
So I have some pretty strong feelings about this because I live in a city built in a literal rain forest and I had the govt send me a letter once telling me they were going to stop repairing my wheelchair bc I was misusing it - by GOING OUTSIDE when it rains in Vancouver.
I shit you not. I still have the letter. I covered the joystick though sometimes water still got in but the issue was the motor/battery beneath. The part they put next to the ground but don't encase in waterproof way - that part. So the thing is the real problem was puddles...
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9 May
Hi there @CityofVancouver, this is just me being proactive. Do NOT ever do this. Do NOT ever bring these benches to this city.

'Everyone stop trying to use accessibility to commit acts of harm and perpetrate injustice against other disabled and marginalized people' challenge.
all of this thread plus the fact that in most places the majority of people who are homeless - which this architecture is actively trying to prevent the presence of reclining - are disabled people.
This is also why:
1) Govt needs to listen to specific disabled people with specific analysis - and not the neoliberal supercrips - because I promise you some of them would not only approve this but pose for the ribbon cutting of it.
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9 May
Someone told me today a lot a privileged white non-disabled man and self-proclaimed voice for the disabled who said ‘people need to work within the system, it’s the only way’ and I am not getting less pissed off as time passes.
Anyway the person who told me is not familiar with disability politics so not sure they were ready for profanity laden stream that followed.
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9 May
is there any way - any possible way at all - we could not fight this piecemeal? crumb by crumb?
could we not fight for race based data while ignoring disability and income or any combo of those?
could we possible - just once in my lifetime - demand all of what is needed united?
the big takeaway from yesterday is 'THIS ONE THING WHILE WE IGNORE ALL THE OTHER THINGS'

i am so tired.
all the think pieces coming out about need for race-based data - or workplaces - but totally everyone together united in their ableist ignoring of disability.
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