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Aug 6, 2019 10 tweets 3 min read
I had a chance to look at the IOT compromise mentioned in @dangoodin001 's article here: arstechnica.com/information-te… It opens an encrypted reverse shell to the IP mentioned, and forwards a shell to them. Pretty clever, not novel.

There is however an interesting wrinkle, there is a bug in the script. See if you can find it, or continue on for ...
Jun 7, 2019 14 tweets 5 min read
The title of this should be "Want folks to lie to you about personal stuff? Offer them a free donut."

I ROUTINELY lie when asked these questions.

Want someone's personal data? Give them a free donut bit.ly/2Z6CZOW Q: "Hey, what's your dog's name?"
A: "Oh, her name was Jebiesz jeze, but JJ for short. We loved her so much, she was just a tiny little angel of a sparkled wolf terrier. Such a neat breed, they quiver all the time until they spy a small rodent then <insert 15 minutes of drivel>