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21 Jul
@CosmicSkeptic @CapturingChrist @RFupdates 1\ This argument actually does not hold any weight, because it completely fails to recognize what the 1st premise actually *means*. I'll illustrate this with a few examples. (This is a thread)
@CosmicSkeptic @CapturingChrist @RFupdates 2\ There is a difference between theoretical categories, and categories of observed instances. The latter are grouping observed objects by similar properties, so there must be two or more objects in a category. The former doesn't even need one instance to be discussed.
@CosmicSkeptic @CapturingChrist @RFupdates 3\ Theoretical categories are prescriptive, while observed categories are descriptive. Arguments about the latter can be inductive, based on observed properties, but the former only admits deductive arguments, based on the properties defined for it, and all they entail.
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