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22 Aug
8,000 people evacuated in last 24 hours without any US casualty. ~30,000 since July but data like that is too boring for war mongering American corporate media to cover.
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24 Apr
Looks like @nbcsnl learned nothing after helping mainstream a fascist authoritarian billionaire few years ago. Back at it again.
Except for activists in the immigration reform community- progressives were generally silent when @nbcsnl mainstreamed Trump 5+ years ago. Hope they don’t make same mistake with Musk who is even more dangerous version of Trump.
Musk’s antipathy for the labor movement is well chronicled at this point. SNL’s disregard for showing any solidarity w workers is disconcerting. And also troubling lifting someone up who appeared to use his platform to undermine efforts to combat #COVID19. Shame on @nbcsnl
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10 Jan
Makes no sense to give Pence 24 hours to waste when he has made it clear he has no desire to remove an insurrectionist traitor out of the WH.

Pelosi just keeps fiddling while democracy burns ↘️
Precisely. But Pelosi is all zoom (calls) no action
This sums up Pelosi’s plan perfectly
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22 Nov 20
Chuck Todd is a center-right Republican, fascism enabler masquerading as a serious journalist. He is an embarrassment to @NBCPolitics
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21 Nov 20
#UCLA getting humiliated in Eugene early in a game that Bruins should have never agreed to play and now #MUFC goal-less against the worst team in PL. This is all going as well as Joe Biden’s transition.
Thankfully @peacock_adds at least enables me to watch @mehdirhasan instead of just having to get annoyed over Ole’s drab lineups at OT. #MUFC
Lucky for #UCLA - Oregon’s D is just about as effective as Pelosi’s oversight of Trump’s regime
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9 Nov 20
Dem/progressive establishment appeared to be making same mistakes out of the gate circa Nov-Dec 2008. Basking in win, following up flowering language of mandate, good governance, while McConnell is setting up for the KILL. (1/4)
It's astounding that after all these years Biden and centrists are still delusionally talking up bipartisanship, while McConnnell is enabling pathetic attempts of a soft coup and stoking QAnonesque hostility to keep base ginned up in Georgia. (2/4)
Biden and Schumer will do Democrats and progressives a massive disservice if they stupidly talk up bipartisanship which is not gonna help turnout in a base special election in Georgia. (3/4)
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7 Nov 20
Translation: @NBCNews is scared of Trump and is deferring to the wishes of the rightwing Fox propaganda network ↘️
.@NBCNews is now making excuses for not calling the race for #PresidentElectBiden. It’s weak sauce as they know damn well Trump has no path to 270. Pathetic.
.@SteveKornacki is trying to explain the chicken shittery of @NBCNews “decision desk” and for the first time in days didn’t sound convincing. This is just cowardly BS on the part of these networks.
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5 Nov 20
Georgia margin now just down to ~37k LFG.
Looks like Biden just gained ~15k in Georgia. Guessing there are about 43k votes left. Biden - I am estimating is down by ~17k
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4 Nov 20
Progressive champions in the House - now would be the time to rise up and flex your muscle. You've got at least 100+ members supposedly in your caucus. Use that power. Don't let the centrists outflank you over and over again.
Tiresome to hear from progressive champions in Congress to talk about bold, structural changes - except when it comes to fighting to attain power and leveraging the power they have. The BlueDogs have never had issues w/ challenging Pelosi publicly. Where the hell is the Left?
I don't care about fancy tweets, twitches or instagram lives or whatever the hot social media tactical flavor of the week or month. We need progressives/lefties to shoot for the top. Switching out Pelosi w/ Jeffries is worse than shifting around broken chairs on a drowning boat.
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4 Nov 20
If Democrats want to build a party of sustaining majority - they need new leadership in Congress.

#FirePelosi #FireSchumer
Those of you clamoring for Warren for Treasury Secretary. Just stop. Get a hold of yourself. Do you really think McConnell is going to allow that? He is not a coward without convictions like Chuck Schumer. #FireSchumer
The House Democratic Leadership needs to resign. If we lived in a sane Democracy, they'd resign for their incompetence and face a credible/robust challenge from the Left.
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31 Oct 20
Feeling pretty zen and good about things on this #Halloween2020 full moon weekend. Here is why and how I see things will play out next few days starting on Tuesday. 🧵🧵🧵🧵(1/10) ↘️
Trump will most likely get up early on Tuesday night based on numbers from folks voting on Election Day and will/may try to declare victory immediately. But, reality will have other plans. (2/10)
It's a good bet based on projections from early vote, vbm, the projections will come into focus around 8:30/9:00 pm pst. Right now numbers don't lie and they won't either on Tue night. F**k that NYT dial. (3/10)
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14 Oct 20
.@SenFeinstein has been an embarrassment to the majority of my fellow Californians she is supposed to represent.

As a Dem its wort noting both @SenSchumer + DiFi share the blame was this disgraceful performance by @JudiciaryDems to legitimize an illegitimate scotus nomination.
This perfectly encapsulates the dysfunctional state of @SenateDems - the Democratic party - and the current political system. We have no other option but to vote for Democrats because the other choice is fascism - but this is just repulsive crap from @dscc
Golly gee whiz - who could have predicted this?
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14 Oct 20
I can’t tell who looks more pathetic and desperate? The clowns at the Trump campaign or reporters who are looking to make something out of nothing my pouncing on disinfo like flies on ...
Well of course - it is in MAGA Haberman's POLITICO DNA to cut and paste tired, stale right-wing smears either in newsletters or in tweets
Simple roadmap of propagation of base-less far-right wing smear of Democrats from the sewers of right-wing media outlets to traditional media ones courtesy of POLITICO trained gossip-mongerers posing as serious reporters
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13 Oct 20
We desperately need to find a viable progressive challenger in California to retire West Coast's Susan Collins ↘️
Pretty clear @SenSchumer was also lying all along when he mentioned that all options would be on the table to resist Trump's #SCOTUSNomination. He had no intentions to. If he did - his caucus led by DiFi wouldn't put on the disgraceful, inept show they have put on so far at SJC.
If @SenSchumer has any shred of self-respect as a leader of the opposition party in the US Senate he'd remove is inept, disinterested, Republican-lite ranking member leading @JudiciaryDems
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6 Oct 20
Looks like Trump was the ultimate strategic biological WMD Putin targeted America with 👀
Not an unreasonable question to ask about a man who owes nearly half a billon dollar in loan to someone else: Is Trump under orders from someone to walk around America's top defense officials without a mask putting our military in danger?
America's adversaries - say someone like Putin - can only dream of scenario like this - impaired leadership of America's top military commanders 👀
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5 Oct 20
Glad I am not watching a shitshow he clearly aimed for 6:30 pm est news shows. Don't give this lying clown any more media oxygen. Don't really given an F which door he uses to go back into a diseased riddled infected White House.
The question for American TV - both regular and cable TV news networks - why do they keep broadcasting Trump's "Mussolini moment(s)" or North Korea-esque PR for the sake of ratings? Why give him that attention?
When even @katiecouric gets what’s happening here and yet the networks fall for Trump’s media stunt of propaganda filled with lies and misinformation 👀
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30 Sep 20
The moderation of this #debate is a sham - everyone knew Trump would come in to be a bully - yet this Fox News stooge posing as a credible journalist had no plan to get this bully under control. Beyond ridiculous and absurd. #debates
Wallace is enjoying the humiliation by his network’s master. This is most likely by design
Fox’s Chris Wallace “moderating” this #debate to enable to get Trump his clean shots with lies in without any interruption or fact check - while discussing topics on right wing frame. Biden’s campaign was negligent to even agree to this setting as the first of three #debates
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28 Sep 20
If Sen. Dem leaders center their #SCOTUS strategy around the hopes of 1 of their marquee Senators scoring some viral video clips during SJC hearings while helping 2 legitimize an #IllegitimateSCOTUSNominee - they are even bigger bunch of losers than we previously thought of.
Any Senate Democrat who has any modicum of pride or reverence for our democracy wouldn't consider meeting an #IllegitimateSCOTUSNominee appointed by tax-cheat, crook who has been openly pointing at this nomination to cement his hold on power. Show some sense of pride & life Dems.
Why would any Senate Democrat w/ any sense of self-respect and concern for our dying democracy even consider sitting down with an #IllegitimateSCOTUSNominee who is most likely heading to SCOTUS to rubber stamp Trump's dictatorial aspiration? In what world is that justifiable?
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28 Sep 20
Who does Trump owe $400 million to? We are talking half a billion. Is he paying off his debt by offering geopolitical favors to American adversary like Putin compromising the lives of our generals and soldiers he attacks as losers and suckers?
The size of Trump’s debt which’s be significant portions of budgets of states like MT, ME, NH etc is beyond mind boggling. How in the world anyone from Cong. treat anything (ie a scotus nomination) from this #IllegitimatePresident (a national security liability) as legitimate?
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27 Sep 20
This is why we need someone like @SenWarren function as the moral leader of the Democratic party. No one else can take on the unprecedented corruption & grift that defines Trump’s regime & the GOP b/c no else can burn Trump & his cronies w/ her strategic plans & moral clarity.
The fact that Trump is most likely a tax cheat shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention for last 5 years. It’s why Warren anchored her candidacy in plans that featured going straight after Trump’s corruption…
It’s why we so desperately need leadership like Warren’s - who is the only Democrat who has shown the tenacity and urgency to go after who is most likely the most corrupt occupant of the White House our country has ever seen…
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26 Sep 20
If we had just 5 more Elizabeth Warren in the Senate Caucus with half her tenacity and 🔥 we’d have unstoppable momentum for Dems to mount all out fight to #blockbarrett
Thankfully @EdMarkey is one of those @SenateDems who can match @SenWarren’s 🔥 - it’d be nice if others stepped like this to indicate they will match their words w action to #blockbarrett
Would be nice if members of @SenateDems caucus & MoC's followed the lead of @SenWarren - call out Trump's #SCOTUSnominee for what she is - an "illegitimate Supreme Court nominee"

Sen. Dems simply cannot treat this farce of a process as business as usual.
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