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18 Apr
Since last year, the world is in deep trouble due to Covid-19

No medicine is fully effective against it

When this is the case, why can't we follow a ritual thought by our ancestors?

This ritual has already created miracles!

Today let us know more about this miracle! (1/19)
Have you heard of Agnihotra?

It is a very meaningful ritual mentioned in Atharvaveda

We know that there is scientific reasons behind every Hindu ritual

Similarly, Agnihotra is one such magical ritual that can surprise science! (2/19)
We all are aware of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy

This gas leak incident had taken place on the night of 2-3 December 1984

Over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas

Over 15,000 innocent Indians were killed due to this tragedy! (3/19)
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16 Apr
Why the second wave of a pandemic is always dangerous?

Why more lives are lost during this period?

To know this, let us travel 100 years back

At least after reading this, Indians might behave responsibly! (1/9)
The world was hit with Spanish flu in the year 1918

It was also known as the 1918 influenza pandemic

It first appeared in February/March 1918 and ended in April 1920

Within no time, Spanish flu succeeded in spreading across the world! (2/9)
What was the damage done by the Spanish flu?

* The flu had infected around 500 million (50 crore) people

* It is estimated that 20 million to 50 million people had died

* Few reports even claim that nearly 100 million people died

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15 Apr
Did you know this?

Bollywood films released prior to 1989 were easily collecting over Rs 1000 crore at the box office

Prior to the entry of Khans & D-gang, the SWAG of Bollywood was at next level

Surprised? Unable to believe? Let me prove it with stats! (1/12)
Yes, actors like Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna were global super stars

The world was waiting on its toe to watch Bollywood films

Global audience were ready to watch Indian films even if the tickets were priced very high! (2/12)
Here is a list of few films and their box office collection:

(The box office collection is adjusted for inflation)

Awaara (1951 film)
* Directed by Raj Kapoor
* Tickets sold worldwide: 217.1 million
* Collection: Rs 1480 crore

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23 Feb
Why most of the Indian Media houses are against PM Modi?

Here is a quick postmortem!

NDTV: Founded by Radhika Roy & her husband Prannoy Roy

Radhika Roy is the sister of Brinda Karat.

Brinda Karat is the queen of Communist Party of India (1/5)
Hindustan Times:

Currently Shobhana Bhartia is the chairperson of HT Media.

She belongs to the Congress party.

Her father KK Birla was a Member of Parliament for 3 terms from 1984 till 2002 from the Congress party. (2/5)
India Today:

India Today comes under the India Today Group.

The founder of India Today Group is Aroon Purie.

We all know about Purie's political affiliations. (3/5)
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21 Feb
India's biggest SCAM done by Congress with the help of a Pakistani

In 1992,
popular US company Enron made an agreement with Indian Govt & Maharashtra Govt to open a power project in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri district's Dhabol. (1/9)
But this project was dumped because of the strong opposition from the locals.

Angered with this, Enron filed a case against Indian Govt in International Court of Justice to pay the losses it incurred! (2/9)
The then BJP govt led by Vajpayee Ji appointed popular Advocate Harish Salve to lead India at ICJ.

But what was surprising is that P Chidambaram, who was an Indian citizen and a lawyer by profession, agreed to fight against India by joining hands with Enron. (3/9)
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31 Dec 20
American company Coca-Cola is acquiring one after another Indian cool drink brands

But no one is opposing this!

American company Amazon is attacking local businesses & is acquiring one after another Indian businesses

But no one is opposing this! (1/7)
Courier companies like German DHL & American FedEx have captured Indian markets!

Chinese and Korean smartphone companies are hammering Indian brands!

Japanese Honda & South Korean Hyundai have captured Indian two-wheeler sector!

But no one is opposing this! (2/7)
But why all are opposing when India's Ambani and Adani enter into agro business?

None of the company or person can forcefully grab the farm produce of farmers!

So what's the point in this so-called farmers' protest?

What is the agenda behind this protest? (3/7)
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11 May 20
Today, there was a power packed argument in Supreme Court,

Between senior advocate Harish Salve (who represented Arnab Goswami) & Kapil Sibal (who represented Antonia Maino's Congress)

At the end, Kapil was clean bowled! (1/10)
Congress said Arnab was spreading communal hatred

But Mr Salve played out excerpts from Arnab's debate & proved that Arnab never tried to create communal disharmony!

Funny thing was that Sibal was clearly pushed on backfoot & he couldn't justify Congress party's lie (2/10)
Kapil Sibal acted as if he had consumed fevicol when Supreme Court asked

"Why all FIRs look like duplicate of each other"!

Forget defending Congress, Sibal went on to say that if FIRs are 'word to word' same, then they must be quashed!🤣

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