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17 Mar
Recirculating my piece on self-care and we-care for my Asian siblings hurting from the escalating Anti-Asian racism and violence. Love to you all. #StopAsianHate…
Here is a Chinese translation of my article on self-care in the midst of anti-Asian racism. #StopAsianHate…
Self-care tips in the midst of anti-Asian racism:
1) Identify habits that make you feel safe, and do them at least weekly if possible. I find hiking and clearing my mind in nature a soothing practice and try to do this at least four times a week.
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15 Mar
Youn Yuh-jung nominated for Best Supporting Actress #OscarNoms
Minari nominated for Best Score and Best Original Screenplay!!! #OscarNoms
#Nomadland nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay #OscarNoms
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14 Mar
Love this! Inclusive hiking groups in Southern California and around the nation want to remove barriers in experiencing a connection with nature.…
I love hiking but it is definitely not an inclusive activity. On a recent hike at Temescal Canyon, a white woman walked past me & said to her companions, “Whenever I see Asians...” and though I didn’t hear the rest, her comment put a damper on my birthday hike. 🥲
And since the pandemic, I always wear masks on hikes when a lot of folks won’t. I have regularly experienced people grabbing their kids and walking the other way upon seeing me.
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20 Jan
#Inauguration2021 looks as Boba, a thread

VP Kamala Harris
FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden
Queen Michelle Obama
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20 Jan
Feels like I'm watching a royal wedding. #Inauguration2021
Love this! VP Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama #Inauguration2021
Who's the Asian brother behind POTUS Joe Biden? #Inauguration2021
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3 Nov 20
To fortify ourselves on election day, here is a thread of Michelle Yeoh wielding swords.
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9 Sep 20
Life pretty much sucks so I'm going to do a thread of gorgeous Asians. Feel free to reply with images of the same so we celebrate some beauty today. (Will add more as the day goes on.)
Dev Patel 🔥
Kelly Marie Tran 🥰
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22 Aug 20
I doubt they confused the Jackie Chan (成龍) for Bruce Lee (李小龍) because they share the same character, 龍 (Dragon), in their Chinese names.
In my quick edit, didn't mean to put "the" in front of Jackie Chan, lol. Both are great, but Bruce Lee's Asian American identity makes him more THE Bruce Lee for me.
Though I actually grew up watching Jackie Chan in Taiwan. Besides as a martial artist and comedic actor, I knew him as a singer and a dramatic actor too. Those identities of 成龍 don't even exist in the U.S.
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18 Mar 20
The defense for calling coronavirus “Chinese” by claiming it blames the Chinese government, not Chinese Americans, ignores the racism that marks Asian Americans as foreign threats no matter their citizenship or generation.
I am in self-quarantine primarily for public health. A secondary reason? Protecting my mental and physical health from heightened anti-Asian racism.
Absolutely—the fact that non-Chinese Asian Americans (alongside Chinese Americans) are getting targeted by hate proves that racism has no discernment.
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30 Jul 19
I saw #OnceUponATimeinHollywood in a strange city & felt like everyone was laughing at me when they laughed at Bruce Lee. I can only imagine how it was for Shannon Lee, who said, “It was really uncomfortable to...listen to people laugh at my father.”…
I had a meta moment of feeling like Bruce Lee watching ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ in the film ‘Dragon’ where everyone else was laughing but him. (Spoiler Alert) I also said, out loud, in the theater, “That’s not possible!” when Bruce was taken down by Cliff (played by Brad Pitt).
The problem is that the very few PoCs in #OnceUponATimeInHollywood are all stereotypes. I critiqued the lack of diversity back when the film’s cast was first announced.
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12 Jun 19
Looking up the legendary women who played the mothers in The Joy Luck Club and their photos from their youth are 🔥! Here is France Nuyen.
Here is the young Tsai Chin.
The young Lisa Lu.
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23 Mar 19
At #Empower2019 @Kollaboration. Follow this thread for knowledge dropped by Asian Americans navigating creative industries like Hollywood!
Things that matter for inclusive writer’s rooms:
* Showrunner who is open to suggestions
* Being a senior level writer
* If you are a lower level writer, have a senior level writer ally
@chinoiskai @Hanhonymous @shindotB
Networking is key for writers, even if you have an agent. “People have to hear your name 3 or 4 times from different people for you to get hired.” -@shindotB
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29 Jul 18
“Six Chinese guys made it off the Titanic alive, and 24 hours later were written out of the story. That wasn’t an accident. That was deliberate.” The documentary, “The Six” reclaims this untold story.…
Too often, when I advocate for casting PoC in films, the naysayers rant about historical accuracy—that PoC didn’t exist in such and such event, time or place. But how many PoC stories, like six Chinese survivors of the Titanic, have been erased or untold?
And which stories *get* told in Hollywood? I am still waiting for feature films on the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans and the murder of Vincent Chin.
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26 May 18
This is what self-representation looks like. Hong Kong as a backdrop of beauty, not exoticism. A gorgeous mixture of modern of traditional elements. And Asian bodies centered as artists & citizens of their own land!
And the fact that food is in 2 of these whimsical HK ballet vignettes: that’s authenticity! I wonder what kind of delectable soup or porridge is in that thermos. And menu items in the restaurant vignette: crab meat soup noodle? So hungry.
PSA: we don’t put chopsticks in our hair. We eat with them. We sometimes cook with them. My grandma even used chopsticks to pick up a dead spider once (and threw the chopsticks away with it).
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