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Mom of 2 little girls. Married to @cnagele, running @wildbit together.
23 Jun
After spending >$3M and ~5 years, we will no longer be working on @conveyor. Nobody was fired. Nobody got a pay cut. Nobody failed to raise a Series B. Instead, we set out on a journey together that was made possible by bootstrapping profitably and putting people first. A thread:
Before I dive in, you can read @cnagele’s post on making tough decisions and the lessons learned on the Wildbit blog:…
First and foremost, I want to thank all the teams that supported us on this wild ride. You gifted us your time, your energy, and your feedback. We learned so much from you all. ❤️
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3 Sep 19
Best advice I'd give someone just starting out - pick a product where you can charge enough to build the type of business you want. ARPU influences a lot. In B2B, a seemingly small difference of $25/m vs. $50/m can produce a radically different business, especially as you grow.
Queue the obvious: Lower ARPU means you need more customers to hit desired revenue targets. It's not exponentially harder to find someone to pay $50/m than $25/m, but exponentially harder to acquire double the number of paying customers.
An example - a $1 million SAAS product.
$25/m - ~3,300 paying customers
$50/m - ~1,670 paying customers
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