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6 Apr
18 years ago, Scott Drew took the most challenging job in college basketball

No exaggeration

He overcame scandal, probation, recruiting penalties, and even murder to win Baylor’s first national title

Here’s the crazy story you probably haven’t heard:
1/ *insane* backstory

•In ‘03, Carlton Dotson murdered Baylor teammate Patrick Dennehy

•Dave Bliss, the head coach, was paying multiple players’ tuitions

•Bliss blamed Dennehy, who’d been killed by a teammate, for everything

Bliss was fired, and punishments poured in...
2/ punishments

•reduced scholarships
•reduced official recruiting visits
•1 season non-conference ban
•10 season probation
•10 year show cause penalty on Bliss for “despicable behavior”

Scott Drew walked into this situation expecting to win a title
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