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4 Jun
1) Permitting delays, a recent phenomenon, are likely temporary (but should be fixed).

2) High labor and materials costs are annoying but also temporary and out of the City's control.
The article just barely touches on the remaining factor: "land costs", lack of construction sites and NIMBY-ism which are interrelated and definitely largely within the City's control.
Dallas' residential land is zoned for about 85% detached single family homes. Another 10% allows only low-rise moderate density housing. We don't even really allow ADUs!
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3 Jun
After a brief break to gather some public comment, ZOAC is BACK to discuss Reforming our costly parking mandates!
We have a new ZOAC member joining us today, Jennifer Rangel of the @ICPDallas!
Today is a recap of the public engagement comments.

By my own count, we had about 2/3 comments in favor of dropping parking requirements while about 1/3 were "concerns". Image
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22 May
I'm so pumped about removing costly parking mandates in Dallas because it'll be a huge deal to remove this impediment to quality of life. Funny enough, it'll also be a really small and subtle change. L
Like, it's not like we'll suddenly see high rises on every corner with no parking. It'll just result in a very subtle downward trend in parking spaces built, most people won't even notice.
They might notice a few lots or buildings, previously undevelopable, get built on or renovated, but most won't know why.
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20 May
Second public engagement meeting starts at 8:30am this morning! Join in and support cleaner air, a stronger economy, and a better transportation system! No sign-up needed, just join here:
About 1/2 the number of attendees as yesterday and I see some returning names.
Attendee list is going. I see members of the MEDIA and some industry groups in attendance. Good thing, this needs attention as the most impactful land use change in Dallas in 50 years!
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19 May
First public engagement meeting for Parking reform has started! Thanks to the many supporters who have logged on to advocate for this reform!
They pose 3 questions to the attendees:

1) What do you think about the amount of parking Dallas?
2) Does parking availability determine your choice of destination?
3) What's more important to you? (walkability, transit options, parking etc.)

Disappointing, no talk of tradeoffs!
First comment! She lives 6 minute walk from DART station, but she takes her car everywhere. Says opponents think we should make decisions based on status quo, but disagrees and we should plan for the city we WANT to have. We can always adjust later.

Wow good comment!
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6 May
zoac zoac zoac ZOAC ZOAC ZOAC! It's happening right now! We are back to talk parking!
A reminder of where we are: Image
I've looked over the materials for the meeting today and it looks great, we're looking at Lower Greenville as a specific example of what things might look like under the framework being considered.

Below reference of "lower greenville" areas. Image
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24 Apr
All right, I finally watched the video and here are my thoughts:
Mill Creek (applicant) wanted to create a Planned Development (PD) to build an 80ft mixed-use project with 305 units. Current zoning allows mixed-use but only up to 54 feet due to a pre-existing deed restriction.
Mill Creek (applicant) held 45 public and private meetings, including one where they brought a lift to showing what 80ft of height looks like. They also consulted the variety of (largely useless) comprehensive, area, and trasnport. plans covering this stretch of East Dallas.
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23 Apr
Disappointing to here CPC denied the proposed project at the 3G intersection. I'll post more thoughts after watching the video, but it sounds like it got veto'd by neighborhood pastoralists again.… Image
So glad we get to keep this streetscape a while longer instead of 10' sidewalks and 15 affordable units. ImageImage
Ahhhh, we might see the roof from the lake or something! Image
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22 Apr
It's Earth Day and what better way to celebrate Earth Day than a trip to the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee to discuss eliminating costly parking mandates, perhaps one of the greatest contributors to environmental destruction in US cities?
Today features Eric A Johnson Chief of Economic Development & Neighborhood Services to talk parking economics!
Today's committee meeting is going to be more of a Q&A session.
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16 Apr
On our Panel today @DanKeshet mentioned the development bonuses in Austin available under the "Affordability Unlocked" program. Dallas also has an affordable development bonus program: the "​Mixed Income Housing Development Bonus" program. Sadly, it has some flaws:
1) It requires more parking for studios and 1BR apartments than the base code. (Minimum 1.25 space per unit vs 1 per bedroom under standard zoning, Austin also waives all non-accessible parking requirements.)

2) You also have to provide a passenger loading zone for some reason?
3) No relief from Residential Proximity Slope or setbacks

Dallas does give bigger height bonuses and has lower affordability thresholds to get the bonuses (as low as 5% vs 50% of units in Austin).
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15 Apr
Good morning! Why is it good? Because we are back at the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee (ZOAC) to talk about Minimum Parking Requirements (MPRs)!
Last time the residents around some of the more popular nightlife districts showed up in force to oppose a change to the status quo. Since then, the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association has also sent a letter of opposition to change. ☹️
However! Hope springs eternal and I, for one, and optimistic that we can aspire to better outcomes for everyone, including neighbors, than our minimum acceptable policy we have now.
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1 Apr
Dallas ZOAC returns today at 8:30am for more PARKING discussion!
The air is tense as I have had heard rumors that high level staffers are trying to sabotage the ambitious parking reform efforts being discussed.
We may have gotten a hint of this last time when a staffer suggested we were moving too fast. This despite holding public meetings for a year.
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11 Mar
The Best Thing in Dallas Urban Policy returns today: ZOAC meetings on Parking Reform!
Not been following along with rapt attention and bated breath? Here's a refresher on where we've been the past 9 months: Image
One fun thing on the agenda today: Parking Benefit Districts (PBDs). PBDs make charges for parking palatable by making motorists paying guests instead of burdensome interlopers competing for scarce space. Image
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26 Feb
Wowza parking. Image
Love those rents though! Image
Current commenter is complaining the rents are too low.
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25 Feb
We're back at ZOAC today after being delayed by last week's winter storm.
We're talking parking ratios. The planner wants to focus on what are the City's goals and how do parking reqs prevent us from reaching these goals. Image
In case you have forgotten where we've been: Image
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4 Feb
It's been awhile folks, but I'm back for more ZOAC live-tweeting about Parking!
Where we are: We are talking about "Parking Ratios Table Options" ooooo Image
I rate the proposal a solid "B-" in parking reform. Highlights:

No parking reqs in any districts except in or within 330ft of a SF, Duplex, or Townhouse district.

No parking reqs for first 5,000SF regardless of district.

No reqs-Historic buildings (pre-1965) exempt
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3 Dec 20
Wow, has it been 2 weeks already? That means it's time for more ZOAC discussions on PARKING!
This week is a continuation of the last 2 sessions in which we have been hearing from Staff about the negative effects of parking requirements (well documented, i'd be happy to inundate you with materials). Last week there was a lot of good discussion among the ZOAC members.
First up: Peer Chacko Director of Planning & Urban Design. He says they got 3 questions broadly:
1) Should parking mins be eliminated?
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19 Nov 20
Hurray, it's Thursday and that means ZOAC is discussing PARKING!
Last time on ZOAC LIVE! Dallas City Staff engineered a major coup by organizing a host of City department heads to tell the ZOAC members that parking requirements make their jobs harder.
In other handy context, Transfers Magazine just released a study on the effect of reduced parking requirements on what actually got built in Seattle.…
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