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19 Feb
1h:10m before questions
First up, Utica's WUKR-TV
Second, WNBC's @andrewsiff4NY
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19 Feb
So, they're arguing lots of things that no one is arguing:
1) No one said the memo was the sole driver or the principal driver. They said it was a contributor and the data shows it might have increased the already high death toll by 1,000 people --…
2) They're arguing that patients had nowhere else to go, even though they had largely empty temporary hospitals and the hospital ship that could have taken the transfers.
There were requests for such transfers that were ignored.
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19 Feb
"There's a race for mayor in New York City and many people have been speaking to me about it," says Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as the clock moves from 'change-the-subject' o'clock to 'twist-the-knife-in-Bill-de-Blasio' o'clock
"NYCHA is an ongoing tragedy"
Also, remember that Gov. Cuomo promised NYCHA $550m, but:
- Barred $100m from going to structural uses
- Then took years to okay the allocation of the remaining $450m
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19 Feb
Newspapers are good! No one screams at you. The important stuff goes in, the unimportant doesn't. They come in several sizes that allow you to choose from august layouts with passive-voiced headlines and more compact sizes with funny headlines!
I highly recommend!
(Also, if you're the person who keeps snagging my tabloids, I'm about to go Liam Neeson on you)
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19 Feb
Mayor Bill de Blasio is up next on Brian Lehrer!
"A lot of kids have been through nothing short of trauma," says Hizzoner about impact of COVID. To which, I say, you could probably say this about the whole city at this point.
"This is something that has not gotten the attention it deserves," says Hizzoner, about his NYC Care card, the rollout of which City Hall repeatedly botched.
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19 Feb
SCOOP: The state's controversial March 25 order to nursing homes to accept hospital patients could have led to 1,000 additional deaths, a new analysis found --…
"The report concludes that the March 25 directive 'was not the sole or primary cause of the heavy death toll in nursing homes.' But [it] 'clearly did make some difference and it made a bad situation worse,'" said @NYHammond --…
Upstate nursing homes that accepted COVID patients transferred from hospitals saw 9.3 more deaths on average than nursing homes that didn't. There was no statistically significant difference downstate, the Empire Center data analysis found. --…
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18 Feb
I mean, there's state law demanding a substantively equivalent education for starters
Here's a link to the tape --
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18 Feb
$10 says Ch. 13 is gonna have a chopper over Intercontinental for Ted's return and he gets the car chase treatment as he drives into town.
(or that's what 13 would have done back in the old days, for sure)
It's hard to explain just how dominate KTRK is/was in Houston. Like, the ratings went up for the local news after Monday Night Football levels of dominate. The crazy consumer affairs reporter, Marvin Zindler (yes, that guy) turned 'Slime in the Ice Machine' into a city mantra
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18 Feb
Hizzoner's daily press conference is underway at 10am for the second day in a row β€” for the first time I can remember.
Anyways, 3-4 inches of snow.
- Curbside dining to close, sidewalk and indoor dining remain open
- Alternate side of the street parking suspended through Saturday
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17 Feb
Mayor Bill de Blasio's press briefing is underway as of a startlingly ontime 10:02am.
Hizzoner says the city is again on the verge of running out of first doses of coronavirus vaccine. "The supply is not growing the way we need it to."
De Blasio says the city is holding off on scheduling 30-35k appointments for first doses will be delayed because of winter storms playing havoc with deliveries
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16 Feb
Hizzoner is up on NY1 for his weekly appearance.
"This was a horrible horrible crime. Thank god the NYPD caught the assailant."
"He did not have contact with mental health service providers," "We don't see any indication of mental health issues having manifested in way that led him to those services," Hizzoner adds.

We put these questions to DHS this afternoon and were told to beat it.
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15 Feb
POST ANALYSIS: Cuomo's refusal to provide hospital death data meant that nursing home-linked COVID fatalities in NYC were under counted by 50-plus percent, an examination of new state data reveals --…
- Nearly all of the 162 city nursing homes that reported COVID-19 deaths inside their walls β€” 152 β€” had residents die after being sent to hospitals for treatment.
- Hospital data caused COVID death toll at one facility to jump 1000%…
That home β€” Park Terrace Care Center in Corona, reported only three residents were actually killed by the virus at the facility.

"But another 31 residents died at hospitals, pushing the true death toll there to 34 β€” a staggering, 1,033 percent increase."…
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15 Feb
"There is a toxic political environment and everything gets politicized," says Andrew Cuomo, about @bern_hogan's reporting, deriding it without disputing a single thing.
@bern_hogan What Cuomo is saying about the DOJ request is not what Melissa DeRosa is caught on tape saying about the DOJ request.
@bern_hogan "The New York State DOH has always fully and completely reported" nursing home deaths, claims Cuomo, which is decidedly not the case.
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15 Feb
Today is a day the governor runs the Metropolitan Transportation Authority!
As Pat Foye demands the city provide more housing and social services to the homeless and mentally ill, it's important to remember --…
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24 Jan
it is time!
more cholesterol!!!
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22 Jan
"I respect the question, but"
aberrant reality!
Lehrer's question: You accepted the DOI report but the special response group -- accused of repeatedly roughing up protestors sans cause -- keeps responding to protestors. Why?

Blas: it was an "aberrant reality"
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13 Jan
Mayor de Blasio's daily press conference is underway. Starting with Trump, repeating what he said on Morning Joe.

"He will no longer profit from his relationship with New York City. We will no longer allow it.
Mayor de Blasio also confirms our reporting/Star-Ledger's reporting from last night that the Yankees will offer Yankee Stadium as a jab center.
De Blasio again pressing state/feds/manufacturers for more COVID vaccine doses.

So far: City has gotten 794,000 doses, administered 268k doses.
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13 Jan
Mayor Bill de Blasio is beginning his day on Morning Joe to talk about President Trump, it sounds like, per the intro.
"City of New York is severing all contracts with the Trump Organization," says de Blasio, citing a clause on 'criminal activity.'

Says Trump siccing a mob on Capitol Hill qualifies.
Re: Ferry Point, in The Bronx, Blas also cites the PGA decision to yank its business from Trump, too.
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13 Jan
The municipal political news equivalent of a nuclear bomb drop β€”…
Great scoop by @Jill_Jorgensen
This caught by eye. As Mayor de Blasio campaigned for president (remember?), his panel commissioned to rethink G&T recommended with doing away the whole shebang, further outraging a lot of the parent groups already outraged by proposals to scrap the SHSAT.
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12 Jan
Mayor Bill de Blasio's briefing is underway -- and Mets owner Steve Cohen is there via zoom!
Mayor de Blasio says 26k jabs yesterday -- that's counting first and second doses.
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12 Jan
Mayor de Blasio is up on Inside City Hall for his weekly appearance.
Topic A: The expansion of the vaccination program to cover Group 1B, which is basically all front line employees and anyone 75 or older.

Hizzoner talks it up as a 'hopeful day' for the city.

The rollout was rather rocky:…
Errol: Why can't/won't you order city employees to take the jabs
Blas: Voluntary is better.

"You get a couple of more months into this thing," the uptake will improve he says.
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