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Filling in for my little brother as the voice actor of Lie Ren. =) Thank you everyone for your support! 弟の代わりにライ・レンの声優しています。 =) 皆さんがサポートしてくれて、有難うございます!
19 Sep
Finished some stuff earlier than expected. For those who (civilly) asked for info and proof about hero hei, here you go.

While searching, in addition to Crunchyroll, Funimation and Rooster Teeth, I found additional evidence about another topic hero hei lied about. (Thread)
First, short one about Rooster Teeth, the lies I am talking about were lies of omission. These screenshots show the titles of some of his videos. Titles and screenshots are what drives viewers when deciding what videos to watch. In the titles, he used
"Rooster Teeth Vice President". Using "Rooster Teeth Vice President" evokes the image of the second highest ranking person at Rooster Teeth. However, he used "Vice President of Product and Engineering" in the video description, so he knew what the person's full rank was but
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13 Sep
Did it occur to you that I often block people for reasons not related to RWBY?  Even if someone has valid criticism of RWBY, if that person also openly supports someone spreading false information or being homophobic or supports someone who openly /1
admitted to assault, etc., I block that person too. For example, I never interacted with hero hei but after watching a few of his videos and checking sources, I confirmed that he deliberately lied and spread false information about Rooster Teeth, funimation, and Crunchyroll. /2
Therefore, I blocked hero hei and those who openly supported him and spread the false information he put in his videos. The people in these screenshots may have had valid criticisms of RWBY. /3
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