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Father, husband @mrskrgray & SNP MP for Airdrie & Shotts. SNP’s Work & Pensions and Inclusion & Wellbeing lead.
4 Feb 20
Tory Ministers must *MUST* be cringing & upset at BBC2’s #universalcredit documentary #InsideTheWelfareState. Does not paint system in a good light, but highlights the poverty & anxiety it currently causes. It could be fixed if UKGov wanted to. #fiveweekstoolong #scraptwochildcap
Work should absolutely be the best route out of poverty, but IN-WORK poverty is on the rise, as is the number of people with jobs who are using foodbanks. Over a third of UC recipients are IN-WORK.
#universalcredit #InsideTheWelfareState
But little evidence current incarnation of UC is leading to people finding work - National Audit Office said so too.
The social security safety net, like NHS when we are ill, should be there to pick us up & help when any of us need it
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5 Dec 18
The #Brexit legal advice blown massive hole in PM’s so called deal.
❗️GB would be a “third country according to NI”.
❗️NI would have full SM access, putting Scotland at competitive disadvantage
❗️UK might become subject to protracted & repeated rounds of negotiations 1/3
2/3 Here is the letter in full across two tweets. It shows a complete failure of May’s negotiation, because she backed herself into an impossible position as she drew so many conflicting red lines.
The PM is now in an even more desperate and precarious position.
3/3 there is no way this will be accepted by UK Parliament next week. It is due to be rejected by Holyrood later too. There are different paths available to us, we don’t have to accept this nonsense.
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